CRM and Marketing Automation 101 - Evaluation, Implementation and Optimization


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If you are in search of amarketing automation system, about to implement one, or even have an existing CRM/marketing automation system and want to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and adoption - this webinar is for you!

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CRM and Marketing Automation 101 - Evaluation, Implementation and Optimization

  1. 1. CRM and Marketing Automation 101
Evaluation, Implementation and Optimization!
Presenter: Kathryn Honderd, Client Services Manager"
  2. 2. A Little About Me" •  #10 employee at Pardot" •  I <heart> to-do lists" •  Ironman World Championship (Kona, HI)"
  3. 3. What will we talk about today?"•  Evaluation" –  Set goals" –  What to look for"•  Implementation" –  Where to start" –  Keys to success"•  Optimization" –  Revisit" –  Use your sales team"
  4. 4. So you’re looking for a Marketing Automation Tool…" Evaluation 101! !
  5. 5. The Players"•  Who needs to be involved? " –  Sales" –  Marketing" –  CRM Admin" –  IT" –  Client Services" –  Big Boss" –  Finance""
  6. 6. THE BIG QUESTION"•  What are your goals?"•  What are other stakeholders’ goals?"•  What are the company’s goals?"•  **Hint: rank them**! !
  7. 7. Just Say NO" Process"
  8. 8. Wants vs. Needs"Wants" Needs"•  100% accurate address info" •  First name, last name"•  Swanky interface" •  Working interface"•  Lead assignment happens •  Lead is assigned to correct exactly how you picture it" person"•  Mobile app" •  Alerts to reps"•  Instantaneous syncing" •  Speedy syncing"•  Every report" •  Certain reports" ""**Hint:  You  MUST  have  some  nego6ables!**  
  9. 9. Checklist: Know Thyself"q  When is a lead assigned & why?"q  What does the “handoff” look like?"q  How does sales follow up with leads?"q  What if they aren’t ready to buy?"q  What data are you collecting?"q  What data is mission critical?"q  How are your sales reps using the CRM?"q  Who else uses the CRM & how?"q  What are you reporting on?"q  What custom set ups or workflows do you use?"q  Other tools or integrations with your CRM?"
  10. 10. Checklist: Don’t Forget To Ask"q  What version/type/plan of CRM do you have?"q  What plan/package of Marketing Automation is needed? "q  Set up? "" q  How long?" q  Who helps?" q  Documentation? " q  Additional cost?"q  De-duplication?"q  What syncs? Modules, data, fields…"q  Screenshots, please!"
  11. 11. I bought it! Now what…?" Implementation 101!
  12. 12. Do it all on the first day..."      
  13. 13. First Things First"•  Who needs to be included?"•  What is the time frame?"•  What are you responsible for?"•  What is your vendor and/or implementer responsible for?"•  What are your goals? "
  14. 14. Consult Your Vendor" Hint:  They  are  usually  right!  
  15. 15. Map It Out"•  Overall lead flow including Marketing & Sales "•  CRM & Marketing Automation specific"•  **Hint: Get visual – whiteboard, Visio, napkin**"
  16. 16. Checklist: Just want to make sure…"q  Which system will be the master?"q  How does lead assignment and ownership work?"q  What fields and modules sync?"q  How do you configure or map the syncing?"q  What happens on the initial sync? "q  How will it work after that? "
  17. 17. “Go Live” "•  Do it in phases"•  Phase 1" –  Show value asap" –  Sales buy-in" –  Only 1 first impression"
  18. 18. I’m ready for awesome" Optimization 101!
  19. 19. Revisit Your Integration"•  Create a nurturing program…for yourself! "•  Or better yet, your stakeholders"•  Fresh eyes"•  Account audit"•  New features"
  20. 20. Why isn’t my sales team…?"•  Sales rep = world’s greatest efficiency test"•  Ask them why…"•  And then tweak the process. Or train them. "•  Or train one person…"•  Sales rep = world’s greatest evangelist"""
  21. 21. Questions"
  22. 22. Contact Info! Kathryn Honderd " Client Services Manager"   @PardotKathryn   " " " " "Pardot™, An ExactTarget® Company
950 East Paces Ferry Road, Suite 300, Atlanta, Georgia 30326"  404.492.6845 | 877.3B2B.ROI |"