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The Golden Rule of Lead Nurturing


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Published in: Marketing
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The Golden Rule of Lead Nurturing

  1. 1. The Golden Rule of Lead Nurturing Allison Cuzzort Manager, Pardot Client Implementation Susan Spicknall Senior Implementation Specialist, Pardot
  2. 2. Perspectives and Objectives for our Discussion • The Golden Rule of Lead Nurturing Do to your Prospects what you would want done to you. ü Make Content relevant for Prospects. ü Type of Content ü Timing of Content (based on Stage in buying cycle) ü Make Content personal and easy to digest for Prospects. ü Subject Line ü Length of Content ü Body Content and CTA(s) Think like your Prospects to increase engagement!
  3. 3. Make Content Relevant Stage 1 • Unidentified Need • Make it about the Prospect • Types of Content: – Blog Articles – Emails – Webinars Casual vs. Research Stage 2 Stage 3 • Need is identified • Make it believable, use Social Proof • Types of Content – Case Studies – Videos – Interviews – Tweets! • BANT • Shortest length of sales cycle • Make it about you • Types of Content: – Buyer’s Guide – Comparison charts – Sales Sheets
  4. 4. Make Content Personal • Less is more • Rich text • Personalization
  5. 5. Make Content Personal • Subject Line • Length of Content • Body Content and CTA(s)
  6. 6. Pardot’s and YOUR success stories Time to discuss! " Post-event and webinar follow-up " Sales Enablement " Pardot Minute Clinic
  7. 7. Questions & Discussion