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CA technologies sales and marketing transformation - OGaraCo

Case study of SiriusDecisions award-winning sales and marketing transformation at CA technologies in partnership with OGaraCo

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CA technologies sales and marketing transformation - OGaraCo

  1. 1. © Copyright OGaraCo 2018 1 Sales & marketing transformation Adrian O’Gara | Consultant & Trainer | OGaraCo
  2. 2. © Copyright OGaraCo 2018 Why align sales & marketing with customers? Source: 10% per year (IDC) | 24% & 27% over 3 years (SiriusDecisons) | 36%, 38% & 208% per year (MarketingProfs) 24% faster revenue growth 27% faster profit growth 36% higher retention rates 38% higher win rates 208% more marketing sourced revenue 10% more revenue 10% revenue 2
  3. 3. © Copyright OGaraCo 2018 First Marketing Alignment then Stakeholder Alignment and Continuous Improvement 3
  4. 4. © Copyright OGaraCo 2018 Case Study 4
  5. 5. “ROI Award in the Sales and Marketing Alignment category, for a data-driven and efficient revenue engine aligned around key growth strategies.” Case Study
  6. 6. Interfacing with the global sales team we were able to deliver an additional €3.5M of marketing sourced revenue in our first year, a 50% YOY increase in Sales Accepted Leads to pipeline, while reducing overall spend by 20% vs the previous year. “ ” ◉ 100% YOY increase in marketing sourced revenue ◉ 50% YOY increase in Sales Accepted Leads ◉ 20% reduction in overall marketing spend: increasing ROI Craig Beddis former CMO Results More Revenue With Less Budget 6
  7. 7. © Copyright OGaraCo 2018 Transform customer facing teams to align & focus on growth PEOPLE Joined-up lead-to-revenue process mapped to the customer journey PLAYBOOKS Aligned Goals via CRM, Marketing Automation & BI PERFORMANCE 7
  8. 8. 8
  9. 9. ➊ PURPOSE & CULTURE ➋ CAPABILITY & ORG DESIGN ➍ REGIONAL REVENUE TEAMS ➎ REGULAR INTERLOCK ➌ DIGITAL DEMAND CENTRE ➏ LEAD MGT & NURTURE Transform Sales & Marketing to jointly partner & focus on growth PEOPLE Purpose | Culture Capabilities | Org Design Team & Company Alignment 9
  10. 10. O’Gara-Co came on board during a period of big and frequent change at CA. They were very supportive with everyone on the team which allowed them to quickly understand the challenges of the business and understand our unique skill sets, helping us reorganize into roles that matched our strengths. This resulted in teams that could meet the aggressive targets from leadership by focusing us on our respective areas, inbound, outbound, programs and operations. Patrick Bradshaw, Global Director, Inbound Marketing, CA Technologies “ ” Org Design
  11. 11. Joined-up lead-to-revenue process mapped to the customer journey PLAYBOOKS ➌ GO-TO- MARKET ➊ LEAD-TO- REVENUE ➋ PRODUCT/ MARKET FIT ➍ ENABLEMENT & LANGUAGE ➎ AGILE SCRUM ➏ INTEGRATE BACK OFFICE Customer Alignment | Strategy Go-to-Market | Campaigns | Enablement | Governance 11
  12. 12. O’Gara-Co tackled some pretty meaty projects around lead process. They were very pragmatic in approaching a project and dug into the details. They always provided context around stats and always comes up with innovative ways of looking at results, goals and issues that need solving. Rachel Teare, Senior Global Director, Digital Marketing, Automic CA Technologies “ ” 12 Lead-to-revenue process
  13. 13. Aligned Goals via CRM, Marketing Automation & BI PERFORMANCE ➌ MARKETING AUTOMATION ➊ KPIs MBOs / OKRs ➋ ADOPT CRM + INTEGRATION ➍ PROJECT PLATFORM ➎ REALTIME ANALYTICS ➏ BOARD REPORTING Insight & Knowledge Learning & Development Systems & Platforms 13
  14. 14. 14
  15. 15. Clear Value Drivers 15
  16. 16. Year 4 Results Marketing Driving 60% Pipeline Webinar Automic CA: Sales & Marketing Transformation with Dr Chris Boorman, CMO, CA Technologies “ ”Dr Chris Boorman CMO In the past four years, due to considered improvement initiatives, marketing contribution to creating pipeline has grown from 17% to over 60% marketing sourced opportunities. 16
  17. 17. © Copyright OGaraCo 2018 17 What we do 17 “OGaraCo transforms and aligns sales and marketing with customers to increase lifetime value. Strategy consulting, bespoke workshops and agile execution enable your people internally, while we source and integrate external agency and technology partners. All within the OGaraCo B2B Value Framework™ used by hundreds of companies worldwide to increase customer value.” Adrian O’Gara, Principal Consultant & Trainer, OGaraCo
  18. 18. © Copyright OGaraCo 2018 Purpose | Culture Capabilities | Org Design Team & Company Alignment Sales & Marketing Alignment PEOPLE Customer Alignment | Strategy Go-to-Market | Campaigns | Enablement | Governance Broad Based v.s Account Based Marketing PLAYBOOKS Insight & Knowledge Learning & Development Systems & Platforms Analytics as a Service PERFORMANCE What we do
  19. 19. © Copyright OGaraCo 2018 CONSULTING Purpose & Culture Capabilities & Org Design Team & Company Alignment Strategy & Planning Project Management Agency & Technology Sourcing AGILE EXECUTION 19 Exec Workshops Bespoke Training Coaching & Development WORKSHOPS See workshops & training courses How we do it
  20. 20. © Copyright OGaraCo 2018 LEAD GENERATION DEMAND GENERATION REVENUE GENERATION VALUE GENERATION ACTIVITY GENERATION Where are you on the Value Journey? © Copyright OGaraCo | B2B Value Journey™ 20
  21. 21. © Copyright OGaraCo 2018 GOALS & OBJECTIVES CATEGORY MEASURES & METRICS PROCESS & CHANNELS SKILLS & ORG DESIGN PLANNING & BUDGETING STRATEGY & TACTICS Quantity of leads ➊ Lead volume By tactics (budget cut risk) Throw & stick: volume based Number of opens, clicks & raw leads LEAD GENERATION Quality of leads ➋ Marketing performance measurement Based on reverse funnel metrics (justified budget) Global demand centre & regional field teams Multiple channel inbound & outbound Marketing Leads: Mktg Qualified; Sales Accepted; Sales Qualified DEMAND GENERATION Value of leads & opportunities ➌ Current/future pipeline & revenue estimates Global demand centre & regional revenue teams Multichannel inbound +outbound Marketing & Sales sourced/influence leads, opps & revenue REVENUE GENERATION Customer lifetime value➍ Business performance management Future predictive customer value Fully integrated marketing, sales, services CX teams Advanced optichannel with ABM & social selling Predictable multi-year lifetime value VALUE GENERATION Tactical activities ➊ Requestor led & reactive Ad hoc/reactive (budget cut risk) Limited skills & resources Sales support Number of emails/events/etc ACTIVITY GENERATION0 B2B VALUE MATRIX™ Map Your Priorities & Journey TODAY<<TOMORROW Revenue performance management Mixed skills: global or regional
  22. 22. How we do it consulting, workshops, execution & training ​Strategy & Execution Marketing Value Journey Matrix™ ◉ Org Structure & Design: Digi-centre & Rev-teams ◉ Skills Gap Analysis for Training/Hiring Plan Sales & Marketing Alignment Framework™ ◉ Go-to-Market & Campaign Strategy ◉ Lead Management & Spectrum Analysis ◉ Broad-based to ABM Framework™ Predictive Sales & Marketing Framework™ ◉ Product Demand Type Mapping ◉ Contact Database Healthcheck Funnel Intelligence Framework™ ◉ Channel & Budget Optimisation ◉ Content Audit & Gap Analysis Business Analytics as a Service Framework™ ◉ Objectives, KPIs, Reporting & Analytics best practice Agile Implementation Framework™ Requirements Gathering & Selection ◉ Stakeholder Interviews: Employees & Customers ◉ Agency Audit, RFI/RFP, Tendering, Selection & Management ◉ Marketing & Sales Platforms & Tools (MA/CRM) ◉ Reporting & Analytics Platforms & Tools (BI/Analytics) Workshops, Training & Coaching ◉ Driving Change as a Marketing Leader ◉ Marketing-Sales Alignment with SL2 Agreement™ ◉ ABM Strategy, Planning & Execution ◉ Lead Generation for Revenue & Lifetime Value ◉ Marketing Performance & Operations Strategy ◉ Lean Growth Hacking & Agile Campaign Management ◉ Social Selling for Inside Sales & Account Execs See workshops & training courses 22
  23. 23. © Copyright OGaraCo 2018 23 Adrian O'Gara has over 20 years experience in B2B sales, marketing and operations. His experience spans from niche start-ups and innovative fast-growth companies to global industry leaders including The Adecco Group, CA Technologies, GE Healthcare, Sitecore, ThoughtWorks and UBM, to name a few. Adrian is a consultant, speaker, trainer and writer focused on sales and marketing alignment and transformation, demand generation, broad-based v.s account-based marketing, social selling, funnel management, predictive analytics and aligning internal teams with the buyer journey via sales and marketing automation. Adrian is also an advocate of the future-of-work movement and the gig economy. OGaraCo is built as a flexible firm through a trusted and vetted contractor network and strategic partnerships. Who we are Founding consultant & trainer Adrian O’Gara
  24. 24. OGaraCo powered by the gig economy OGaraCo has strategic partnerships with the world’s leading networked collectives - offering you access to build a project team from 1500+ independent business & tech consultants & freelancers -- to compete with any consultancy or agency Adrian O’Gara is a freelance Practice Leader for B2B Sales & Marketing at Hivemind - giving you access 1100+ freelance business & tech transformation experts Adrian O’Gara is a freelance Practice Leader for B2B Sales & Marketing at Hoxby - giving you access to 450+ marketing, digital and design freelancers Adrian O’Gara partners as a freelance Sales & Marketing consultant & trainer for the UK’s leading public & private training providers 24
  25. 25. © Copyright OGaraCo 2018 What they say ThoughtWorks I worked with Adrian at O'Gara while he was advising the leadership team at ThoughtWorks. As head of financial service for Europe, I needed the support of a senior sales and marketing expert to help build a new value proposition for retail banking under a target account strategy. Adrian managed to coordinate a large team of stakeholders and organise a centre of excellence to build and coordinate an account based marketing strategy - targeting the UK’s leading banks. He worked with our subject matter experts to craft new propositions to take to market. Historically, this would take over 12 months to plan and execute. Within 8 weeks, Adrian managed to help us create qualified opportunities with over 14 key accounts with many more in the pipeline. We expect to see £1m in revenue within 6 months from a modest £45k marketing investment. I would recommend Adrian to any technology company looking to move into a new market and be left with a template for future success. The Adecco Group Adrian O'Gara was introduced to me, by a marketing agency we work closely with, as a sales and marketing alignment consultant. They suggested Adrian because of his experience in transforming and optimising sales and marketing organisations, from a people and process point of view, to focus on our customer journey and prepare us for a marketing automation implementation. In a matter of weeks, Adrian managed to coordinate a group of strong-minded sales and marketing leaders, from across six brands, to agree on joint goals and objectives and define a jointly agreed lead scoring model and service level agreement that we can now implement and iterate further - as he left us with the knowledge and tools to make our own improvements going forward. We'll definitely be working with Adrian again in other areas of sales and marketing alignment to optimise our customer experience. Sitecore I worked with Adrian from OGaraCo while he was consulting at Sitecore. It was immediately clear that he had a solid grounding in both marketing and sales practices in B2B software companies. He has a way of cutting through the noise to get the the heart of issues, fast. As I am partner manager to companies such as Microsoft, Equator and Non Linear Creations it was essential I could trust the changes Adrian suggested for our sales and marketing interactions with the channel. I can say, without doubt, that Adrian made several key changes to our strategy that created a positive and measurable impact on our revenue and long-term success with partners. CA Technologies Adrian O’Gara was a key member of my executive management team. Initially he led my Global Demand Generation team & WW programs. Interfacing with the global sales team we were able to deliver €3.5M of marketing sourced revenue in our first year, a 50% YOY increase in SAL pipeline and reduce overall spend by 20% vs the previous year. Adrian is detail oriented with strong project management skills that enable him to combine a data driven & process orientated approach to optimise marketing and sales lead quantity, quality & qualification, funnel velocity & pipeline acceleration. He has first class knowledge of SFDC and pipeline funnel metrics. David Malkinson Chief Marketing Officer UK & Ireland The Adecco Group Isa Goksu Head of Financial Services EMEA ThoughtWorks Craig Beddis Chief Marketing Officer Global Automic, now CA Tech. Ben Mercer Vice President UK, Ireland & Nordics Sitecore 25 Sales & Marketing Alignment Demand Gen Strategy Performance Management Account Based Marketing
  26. 26. Find out more Webinar CA Technologies Sales & Marketing Transformation Webinar B2B Marketing Automation Guide B2B Marketing Automation Guide Account Based Marketing & Sales Worksheet Revenue Funnel Templates OGaraCo Blog Alignment, ABM, Automation 26
  27. 27. Adrian O’Gara | Consultant | Trainer

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Case study of SiriusDecisions award-winning sales and marketing transformation at CA technologies in partnership with OGaraCo


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