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Go Beyond the Sync: Elevate Your Salesforce + Pardot Campaigns


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Your biggest marketing campaign of the season is rapidly approaching, and it needs to run like a well-oiled machine. With Pardot and Salesforce, you’ve got the right tools; but how do you utilize both platforms to ensure you effectively deploy and track campaign success? Join us as we dive into how you can make Pardot and Salesforce work in harmony, increasing your marketing capabilities, and turning prospects into deals.

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Go Beyond the Sync: Elevate Your Salesforce + Pardot Campaigns

  1. 1. Go Beyond the Sync: Elevate Your Salesforce + Pardot Campaigns Drew Daniels Pardot Implementation Specialist
  2. 2. Drew Daniels Implementation Specialist, Pardot
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  4. 4. FOCUS: Pardot + Salesforce = Efficient Campaigns 1. Pardot Campaigns: Direct Source Model 2. Salesforce Campaigns: Create Custom Reports showing influence 3. Automation: Brings the two together!
  5. 5. PARDOT CAMPAIGNS: Questions we sometimes hear What is a Pardot Campaign? Are Pardot and Salesforce Campaigns related? If so, are Pardot Campaigns like that crazy uncle at last summers family reunion?
  6. 6. PARDOT CAMPAIGNS What is a Pardot Campaign? • Pardot Campaigns are associated to Pardot assets – Landing pages, forms, emails, Custom Redirects • Tracks a source touch point • Can create a Campaign on fly
  7. 7. PARDOT CAMPAIGNS – Best used to track top of funnel “I have a net-new name, how did they come in?” • Pardot Campaigns have a One-to-One relationship between the campaign and the prospect, creating a Direct Source Model.
  8. 8. PARDOT CAMPAIGNS – Best used to track top of funnel • Direct Source Model allows for closed loop reporting on Opportunities • Ask: “What marketing program actually brought that prospect into our database?”
  9. 9. PARDOT CAMPAIGNS – Tips and Tricks • Develop a repeatable naming convention • When deploying a marketing project, create a Pardot campaign first • Don’t be too specific
  10. 10. SALESFORCE CAMPAIGNS Great! You now have leads pouring through the top of your funnel. “Now what’s happening to them?”
  11. 11. SALESFORCE CAMPAIGNS What is a Salesforce Campaign? • Standard object in Salesforce • Associate with Leads/Contacts, linking marketing initiatives to your pipeline • One-to-Many Relationship
  12. 12. SALESFORCE CAMPAIGNS: Creating Custom Reports Building a Report • Create new Report >> Campaigns • Think through criteria: – Opportunity Open/Closed? – Time table: Week/Month? • Enter the applicable Salesforce Campaign names
  13. 13. SALESFORCE CAMPAIGNS: Creating Custom Reports Create a Dashboard • Create new Dashboard • Select a Source Report • Choose the Component View that best visually describes the data. – ie. Metric, Pie Chart, Gauge – Search Salesforce Success Community for Dashboard examples.
  14. 14. SALESFORCE CAMPAIGNS: Influence Reports • Add campaign influence related list to you Opportunity Page Layout(s) • Can be manually/automatically added to an Opportunity • Automatic campaign association will add that contact’s campaigns to the campaign influence related list on the opportunity.
  15. 15. AUTOMATE You know how to make dynamic reports, but doing things manually is so 1990’s Lets’ make this a well-oiled machine!
  16. 16. AUTOMATE: Let’s bring the two together “How to add a prospect to a Salesforce Campaign from Pardot” Completion Actions Drip Nurture Program Building a Ordered List report
  17. 17. AUTOMATE: Let’s bring the two together “How to add to Pardot from a Salesforce Campaign” Add to Pardot List Button Dynamic Lists Automation Rules Graph Building a View Ordered List report
  18. 18. RECAP 1. Pardot Campaigns are a Direct Source Model ü One-to-One relationship with Pardot Prospects 2. Salesforce Campaigns create influence reporting ü One-to-Many relationship with Leads/Contacts ü Build reports off of touch points to show influence 3. Automating touch points can bring the two campaigns together ü Use Pardot completion actions to add to Salesforce Campaigns ü Pardot can use Salesforce Campaign membership
  19. 19. Questions? Drew Daniels & Rochelle Lee