Super Social Media: Social Media Campaigns That Soar To Success!


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Presentation given to the Great Rivers Country and Land of Lincoln Regional Tourism Development Offices in Springfield, IL on May 27, 2014.

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  • Judged based on creativity so there were no firm rules but when we selected the finalists, we based them on the quantity of photos on their board, reach of their pinterest account (number of followers), types of pins (beach, city, swimming, etc - themes) and whether their profile was new (no avatar, no followers) or if they were a pinterest user before the contest.
  • 254 contest entries
    300 new Pinterest followers
    19.84% increase in Facebook fans
  • Wanting to steer clear of the common fall travel messages, the team instead focused on what sets
    the Myrtle Beach area apart as a destination: its expanse and variety across 60 miles of coastline. FM
    used the “60” as our linchpin, unearthing 60 “secrets” to showcase via various social media channels
    during these 60 days of the shoulder season. Thus the “60 Miles in 60 Days” campaign was created.
  • Increase “quick getaway” bookings/accommodation tax revenue in September and October
    - Increase web traffic to by 10 percent in September and October
    Work with 10 prominent bloggers to generate 10 feature posts reaching 500,000 consumers
    - Generate 500 tweets reaching 3 million followers
    Encourage 200 contest entrants via Pinterest and reach 10,000 consumers
    - Reach 20 million users on Facebook and engage 50,000 current page followers
    Grow MBACC’s following on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook by 5 percent per channel
    - Improve readership on the Visit Myrtle Beach blog and generate 100 contest entrants
  • Blogger FAM Trip: FM worked with influential travel and lifestyle bloggers on an exclusive 60-
    day-themed familiarization trip, encouraging social media activity and allowing time for daily
    Pin-to-Win Contest: all “secrets” were included within a Pinterest board on the MBACC page
    o Consumers could create a board of their own dream vacation using these pins; a winner
    o To kick off this contest, FM encouraged influential bloggers to create their own pinboard
    was selected weekly during the 60 days
    which was then shared with readers; bloggers were offered accommodations in market
    in exchange for their participation, which led to more posts; the blogger with the most
    re-pins from their board was able to gift a trip to a reader of their choice
    Trip Tuesday competition: ask consumers on Twitter and via the MBACC blog to identify a
    “secret” based on an image, with a winner chosen among the respondents each Tuesday
    Visit Myrtle Beach blog series: based the FM team’s experiences in market, the team authored
    more than 50 blog posts for the Visit Myrtle Beach blog, highlighting “secrets”
    Secrets revealed: each day the MBACC Facebook page and Twitter handle featured a new
    “secret”; Fans were encouraged to enter their own image, based on the week’s theme, on “Photo
    Friday” (a MBACC Facebook tradition)
    Campaign microsite: all “secrets” and corresponding 60-themed deals from MBACC members
    were available for viewing on a microsite,
  • Campaign generated more than 850 tweets, directly reaching more than 7.6 million followers
    Facebook posts on the MBACC page reached more than 38 million users and directly engaged more than 150,000 through comments, shares and likes
    During September and October, Twitter grew 7 percent, adding more than 500 new followers; Facebook grew 18 percent, adding more than 110,000 new followers; and Pinterest grew 88 percent, adding more than 1,000 new followers
  • Offline Media partnered with LiveWorkPlay because they have a strong following of people who love Downtown Raleigh. Help with their website and provide future site visitors with photos of people enjoying the things to do in their town. Ran May 1 – July 14, 2013.
  • Research shows that visitors want local information when planning their trips.
  • Shopping/lifestyle, Family, events, culinary, music, motorsports

  • Super Social Media: Social Media Campaigns That Soar To Success!

    1. 1. SUPER Social Media Social Media Campaigns That Soar to Success! May 27, 2014
    2. 2. Get these slides here::
    3. 3. CASE STUDY #1 Facebook Sweepstakes
    4. 4. WHY • Create awareness of Night In Old Fredericksburg event • Grow Facebook fanbase • Increase Facebook engagement
    5. 5. HOW • Used WooBox to create Facebook sweepstakes tab • Required page like • Offered VIP prize package • Promoted on Facebook (July 1-19, 2013) • Encouraged social sharing
    6. 6. RESULTS • Generated 198 entries • Shared 120 times on Facebook • Increased Facebook page likes by 32.5% • Weekly engaged users increased by 140%
    7. 7. CASE STUDY #2 Pinterest/Facebook Contest
    8. 8. WHY • Inspire travel to the Beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel • Increase Pinterest followers and Facebook fans • Increase PR about the destination in general
    9. 9. HOW • Created Facebook contest tab • Users created a Pinterest “Bucket List” board • Users posted their Pinterest board URL on contest tab to enter • Required page like • Entrants could also opt- in to a newsletter and share with friends • Promoted on all social channels & Facebook ads during June of 2012
    10. 10. RESULTS
    11. 11. CASE STUDY #3 60 Miles in 60 Days Campaign
    12. 12. WHY • Increase travel and bookings during “shoulder season” (Sept. – Oct.) • Increase web traffic on • Increase reach and fanbase on Facebook, Pinterest, & Twitter • Generate feature blog posts • Improve readership on Visit Myrtle Beach blog • Generate 200 contest entries
    13. 13. HOW • Blogger FAM trip • “Pin To Win” contest • “Trip Tuesday” competition on blog and Twitter • Visit Myrtle Beach blog series (50 posts on the “secrets”) • Secrets revealed daily on Facebook and Twitter • Microsite: “secrets” and deals at
    14. 14. RESULTS • Accommodations taxes increased in Sept/Oct 2012 over 2011 • Web traffic increased 25% over 2011 • 13 bloggers wrote 38 posts and reached 1 million readers • Reach and fanbase grew on all social media channels • Blog garnered 4k page reads during the 60 days • Generated 300 contest entries
    15. 15. CASE STUDY #4 Instagram / Facebook Photo Contest
    16. 16. WHY Encourage visitation to Tyler during the Azalea Trail season Promote the many ways to enjoy Tyler & the scenic beauty Build a repository of photos Increase @VisitTyler Instagram followers and fans on the Tyler Azalea Trail Facebook page
    17. 17. HOW Ran March 21 – April 21, 2014 Contest announced on Facebook & Instagram Photos must show people having fun at Tyler attractions or Azalea Trail scenery Must use #AzaleaPhotoContest Weekly winners Fan vote for grand prize 3 cash prizes ($200, $100, & $25)
    18. 18. Instagram Promotional Graphic
    19. 19. WINNER
    20. 20. RESULTS Facebook likes increased 12.5% Instagram fans increased 47% 251 contest entries
    21. 21. CASE STUDY #5 Downtown Raleigh Bucket List Contest – Instagram/Twitter
    22. 22. WHY • Help people discover experiences in their city • Challenge people to actually go do them
    23. 23. HOW • Users complete a bucket list item • Take a picture of the experience • Upload photo to Twitter and/or Instagram • Tag @DTRBucketList and use the #DTRBucketList hashtag • Prizes awarded for completing bucket list items
    24. 24. RESULTS • Over 1,000 photos submitted • 18 people finished the whole list • Offline Media trying to improve future contests • Working on improving the technology • Beginning to market this product in other cities
    25. 25. CASE STUDY #6 Visit Austin, Texas True Austin Ask a Local Campaign
    26. 26. WHY • Provide a local perspective for visitors on things to do • Using the experts/bloggers to spread Austin’s message through their own networks as ambassadors
    27. 27. HOW • ACVB chose 6 locals that represent Austin’s experience • Visitors ask questions via Facebook, E-mail, or Twitter (#trueaustin), • Experts answer based on their own personal experience
    28. 28. RESULTS • Austin visitors get great local recommendations • In March 2013: – 68 tweets – 11 Facebook posts – 32 E-mails • In July 2013: – 160 tweets – 8 Facebook posts – 18 E-mails
    29. 29. CASE STUDY #7 #IAmDowntown Campaign
    30. 30. WHY Promote the downtown business district in Calgary, Alberta CA Encourage young people and families to come downtown Brand downtown as a hip place where people want to be
    31. 31. HOW Developed micro-site: Set up Instagram photo frames for people to pose behind Tag Instagram photos with #IAmDowntown Weekly giveaways “Considerable” budget for digital signs and transit ads Held a summer block party with local musicians
    32. 32. RESULTS Received an overwhelming response Yielded over 1,000 photos in the summer of 2013 alone Campaign is still ongoing
    33. 33. CASE STUDY #8 March Social Media Awareness Month
    34. 34. WHY Solicit positive reviews for downtown businesses and restaurants Get the word out about what Danville has to offer residents and visitors
    35. 35. HOW Printed postcards and distributed them to downtown businesses and stores Postcard had instructions on how to write reviews on Yelp! and Urban Spoon Stores displayed them at register or on tables
    36. 36. RESULTS Got some reviews Didn’t promote the campaign very much Will revisit in 2014
    37. 37. CASE STUDY #9 Experience Columbus Year-round Instagram
    38. 38. WHY Showcase things to see and do in the destination Increase followers and engagement on @ExperienceColumbus account Encourage use of common hashtags like #ExpCols and #CbusFoodScene
    39. 39. HOW Post original content when possible Comment and like photos with Columbus hashtags Repost exceptional photos that use Columbus hashtags
    40. 40. RESULTS 95% of photos are reposted images Photos tagged with #expcols have increased 2,231% since Jan. 2013 Followers have increased 1,093% since Jan. 2013 Interactions have increased 6,802% since Jan. 2013
    41. 41. Can I Help? Call Me!
    42. 42. Follow Me @pagetx Sarah Page, Principal Sarah T. Page Consulting, LLC 512.914.8873
    43. 43. Thank You! Questions?