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Havmor Casestudy


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Ice cream can also trend on social media if it's mixed in equal proportions of sugar and sense. Havmor's latest friendship day campaign teaches how Ice cream lovers walk Ice cream and talk Ice cream.

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Havmor Casestudy

  1. 1. Havmor Funn this Friendship Day
  2. 2. Agenda • Situation Analysis – About brand Havmor – Target Audience • Key Insight • The Big Idea • Campaign Execution • Results
  3. 3. • One of the leading Indian Ice Cream brands known for innovative products • National presence spread across over 5 states and 43 cities • The brand name lends itself beautifully to the notion of ‘Having More’ and indulgence • Our objective was to re enforce Havmor’s presence and create Brand affinity on Social Media
  4. 4. Target Audience Havmor as a brand cuts across demographics According to Facebook India’s audience data, the most active age group there is 13-25 This young audience is very social by nature and likes to involve their friends in their daily life Fun is very important element for their time spent with friends and they believe in having more fun in whatever they do
  5. 5. Key Insight Young Indians want to have fun with friends, we want them to have more
  6. 6. The Big Idea • Friendship day is a popularly celebrated occasion amongst the youth of India • Dubsmash is the new rage after selfies all over the globe • As Friendship day was around the corner, we decided to leverage the appeal that Friendship day has with our audience by marrying Friendship day with Dubsmash • Thus was born “#HavmorFunnWithFriends” • We created a unique interactive property “#HavmorFunnWithFriends” across social media platforms that tied the two together
  7. 7. How did we do this?
  8. 8. Genre Identification • Our target audience leads a very fast paced lifestyle and likes to do more with their time • They like to indulge in varied lifestyle choices such as •Eating out •Movies •Sitcoms • Basis the above, we indentified and created content that the youth identify with • Famous movie dialogues • Tongue twisters • Timeless sitcom moments • We roped in professional voiceover artists to record sound bytes with our own personal twist
  9. 9. Brand Connect & Engagement 1. Driving engagement by deploying a contest • The users were asked to choose any soundboard from our Dubsmash channel ‘Have More Fun’ • The users then submitted their entry across our Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram 2. Tying in the brand to create affinity • With their entry submission the users were asked to use the unique hashtag which we created that would link it our brand. #HavmorFunnWithFriends 3. We created a micro site/Facebook tab where all the fun dubs resided together in a common gallery 4. Participation was encouraged through regular interaction and exciting prizes such as a chance to visit the ice cream factory, an entire month’s supply of Havmor Ice Cream, and cool gadgets
  10. 10. Driving Participation Build up to the contest: We started with the build-up for the contest by cross promoting the contest across all the platforms such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram Seeding the contest: We started promoting the contest redirecting them to the Facebook micro site across all the platforms
  11. 11. Influencer Outreach: We tied up with a group of influencers to create buzz about the campaign Amplification of the Contest Shout outs: We gave shouts out asking the users to participate in the contest
  12. 12. How did this translate for us?
  13. 13. Results – Overall Numbers across Social Media National Trend #2 in India 304 total entries Social Growth ~500k social impressions 203 unique entries 7,570 likes 479 Followers 128 Followers
  14. 14. Winners And finally concluded with announcing the most creative entries as winners who could continue having fun with a month supply of ice cream, a factory visit with their friend and cool gadgets. And created a little video collage for everyone who participated
  15. 15. Pseudo profiles/followers • While scanning through their followers we came across a lot of pseudo followers. • These are basically paid instagram followers who are inactive or pseudos. • Just used to increase the fan base.