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Dmai social photography (1)


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DMAI Social Photography Presentation by Caroline Bean - Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corp., Bill Karz - LA Tourism and Melissa Yao Hille - Visit Savannah

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Dmai social photography (1)

  1. 1. Social Photography:A Picture Is Worth MoreThan 140 Characters
  2. 2. Who are we?• Caroline Bean, Director of Social Media, Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corp. @VisitPhilly• Melissa Yao Hille, Chief Marketing Officer, Visit Savannah @MelissaYaoHille @VisitSavannah• Bill Karz, Director of Digital Marketing, Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board @discoverLA
  3. 3. Photos on Instagram
  4. 4. Photos on Foursquare
  5. 5. Photos on Facebook
  6. 6. Photos on Facebook822 Comments 3,488 Likes
  7. 7. Photos on Facebook3rd PartyPhotos 2,481 Likes
  8. 8. Social Photography
  9. 9. Social Photography OBJECTIVES1. Change Perceptions2. Drive Web Visitation3. Increase Engagement4. Build Asset Library5. Promote Members
  10. 10. Social Photography STRATEGYFlickr & Instagram Website Social • 25,000+ Images • 1,300+ Members • 200k+ Web Visits
  11. 11. Social Photography PROCESSCreate Set Invite Add Feature CreditGroup Rules Photos Contacts Photos Photos
  12. 12. Social Photography • Offline community outreach multimedia program. • Recruits photographers and filmmakers to act and serve as LA ambassadors. • Provides potential visitors with an insider perspective.
  13. 13. Social Photography • Free quarterly tours in exchange for non-exclusive rights • 50+ participants (Photo of the Day photographers, instagram community and influencers) • Guided by location scouts, historians and docents • Featuring members, cultural institutions and diverse neighborhoods
  14. 14. Social Photography
  15. 15. Social Photography • 7 photo tours • 10,000 Photos • Millions of Impressions
  16. 16. Social Photography
  17. 17. Social Photography• Instagram users tagged their photos #49HoursofSF• Up to 200 photos featured in SF ads running in LA• One grand prize winner received a Stay & Play package• 2,000+ photos were submitted
  18. 18. Eat, Drink & Go FoodSpotting
  19. 19. Foodspotting
  20. 20. Foodspotting
  21. 21. Who’s on Foodspotting?
  22. 22. Visit Philly on Foodspotting
  23. 23. Visit Philly on Foodspotting
  24. 24. Early Results“Our partnership with Visit Philly was one of the mostsuccessful launches we’ve seen on Foodspotting. And it’ssimply because Visit Philly understood the value of ourservice, was totally on board and put a significant pushbehind helping get the word out. We were so thrilled to seethe amount of attention the partnership got in the Phillyarea!” -Fiona Tang, head of outreach, Foodspotting
  25. 25. Spotting Food
  26. 26. Food PhotographyWorkshop for Bloggers
  27. 27. Tastykake Eat Up
  28. 28. What You Can Do1. Build a following. Create an account for your brand and start spotting foods and sharing dish recommendations. Build a following like you would on Twitter or Foursquare. Promote your Foodspotting feed via social media (Twitter, Instagram) and your blog.2. Build location-based guides. Upgrade to a branded channel to add your own banner and colors and be featured in Foodspotting’s featured guides list.3. Connect with your ambassadors. Your destination might already have a Foodspotting ambassador. Organize eat ups, energize your community.
  29. 29. I have NO idea!
  30. 30. Visit Savannah PinterestTheory of Why Pinterest Exploded: 1. Timing is Everything 2. Pictures are Worth 1000 Words 3. Content is King 4. Thinking Outside the Box 5. Making a Long Story Short 6. Seeing is Believing
  31. 31. Visit Savannah On Pinterest 14,584 Followers
  32. 32. Visit Savannah On PinterestSavannahIDo
  33. 33. Visit Savannah On PinterestSouthernisms
  34. 34. Visit Savannah On PinterestSweet Savannah Treats
  35. 35. Visit Savannah On Pinterest
  36. 36. From our Peers … “It hits my prime target demographic head-on(women 25-55) and helps us show the culture and vibe of Columbus rather than tell it.” -- Joe Vargo, Interactive Marketing Strategist, Experience Columbus
  37. 37. From our Peers … “In addition to inspiration, we are seeing usersplan their trips using Pinterest (a visual itinerary, if you will). It makes sense for DMOs to share good content/links for them to pin!” -- Katie Cook, Interactive Marketing Manager, Austin CVB
  38. 38. • 360 International and National DMO• 254 US DMO• Only 197 Actively Pinning• 6 DMO with 1000+ Pins• 5 DMO with 1000+ Followers Why aren’t there more DMOs on Pinterest?
  39. 39. Pinterest Contest
  40. 40. Future of Pinterest• Analytics – How Does this Impact Travel-Buying Decisions?• Create more niche boards – Experiential Tourism• Allow industry partners to Pin• Pinterest Contests• Surveys/Online Polls• Revenue Stream
  41. 41. Let’s Chat.