Social Media & Marketing Presentation to Athletics - Nov 2011


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  • \nIt is not about the tools… it is about how you use them\n\n
  • It is about people having conversations online\nTwo way conversations\nPeople having conversations online... shared interests, information, debate, banter...\n
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  • Speaking with a human voice - remember you are speaking for the university \n Changing social strategy means asking leaders to change the way they work, become more transparent\n Embrace the chaos\n Letting go\n You will have to deal with the good and the bad; if it isn’t offensive, rude or derogatory, don’t remove it\n need to respond to negative comments, if you ignore it, it will get worse\n
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  • - Cost-effective \n- Does cost time and people, but the tools are free\n- magazines and newsletters require financial investment)\n- low barrier to entry \n- Measureable \n- printed newsletter can’t tell how many people read it\n- social media can measure links, followers, to evaluate your return\n- Portable and shareable\n- Easy for your message to be spread, easy to pass it on to friends\n- Social media is everywhere - top of mind, woven into a lot of aspects of our lives\n
  • Before you think that Facebook is the answer, connect with your audience (survey) is on these platforms, the audience that you want to connect with not may not be on social media. If you don’t put in the effort to find out first you may be wasting your time\n\n
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  • - Over the next few slides I will show some posts and interactions that have been successful for us under the main QU account on both FB and twitter\n- Pictures on Facebook are very positively received\n\n\n
  • Ask questions on Facebook to get some conversation going on your page\n
  • - SM is friendly and more personal that traditional media\n- Post content related to the time of year\n- To keep the engagement going tag/address people who have made a comment - when you do this the person will receive a notification if you don't they won't know that you have commented back unless they navigate back to the page\n
  • - Listen for people talking about you and respond back\n- Depending on the volume you may or may not be able to address everyone\n- SM is about being helpful when you can\n
  • Just like on Facebook pictures get a lot of response \n
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  • penn state - fired their coach\n
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  • Social Media & Marketing Presentation to Athletics - Nov 2011

    1. 1. Social Media & Marketing
    2. 2. Presentation Overview• Principles of Social Media• Queen’s & social media• Alumni Relations & social media• Promoting & marketing your team to your community
    3. 3. Principles of Social Media
    4. 4. What is Social Media?
    5. 5. Technology It is important to remember that it is not about the technology ... the tools may change but the underlying concepts of social media will remain the same
    6. 6. Principals of Social MediaSocial Media is not a megaphone ... It is a conversational medium• You can’t shout your promotional message• It is not about talking at people but engaging with them• It is a place you should offer value rather than simple promotion
    7. 7. Listening• Take the time to listen to what is being said – what are they interested in? – what is your audience talking about, it will not all be positive
    8. 8. Authenticity• Speaking with a human voice - remember you are speaking for the university or your club• Not just your voice - you need to share other people’s contentLetting go• You will have to deal with the good and the bad• You aren’t IN control but you HAVE some contro
    9. 9. Community• Great for building a sense of community• People who are no longer on campus can still join in on the conversationBeing present and responsive• Social media takes time!• It takes time to build good relationships• You need to consistently monitor the space• If you don’t know the answer you
    10. 10. Why should we care?Social media is here to stay!We want to represent our school & faculties, connect withstudents & alumni• Cost effective– Does cost time and people, but the tools are free• Measurable– Can measure links, followers• Shareable– Easy for your message to be spread, easy to pass it on to friends
    11. 11. Planning for Social Media Why are you doing this? • connect with alumni, communicate with students ... What are your goals? • engagement, recruitment... Who is your audience? • what do you want to tell them? • what do you want them to do? • what do they need/want?
    12. 12. Queen’s & Social Media
    13. 13.,200 Likes/Followers@queensu8,800 videos with over 140,000 views
    14. 14. ! !
    15. 15. ! !
    16. 16. !
    17. 17. Alumni Relations & Social Media
    18. 18. Alumni Relations & Social MediaUse what is already created: Queen’s University Alumni 2118 Likes/Followers (1847 active users) @queensalumni 1025 Followers Queen’s University Alumni 5091 Group Followers *Started by a Queen’s alumnus and supported by Alumni Relations
    19. 19. Using Social Media• Post photos to increase nostalgia (archival and current events)• Poll alumni on potential events and programming• Acknowledge successful/notable alumni• Promote alumni champions of Queen’s• Promote alumni businesses/employment opportunities• Build awareness about upcoming events• Career networking opportunities for alumni• Program promotion (benefits & services available to
    20. 20. Building Your Presence - Planning, Tips, Considerations
    21. 21. Facebook Options Pros: - Larger audience = larger reach to promote events/ fundraising/alumni/volunteeringCentral Queen’s - Increased exposure of other varsity teams and theirathletic team projectspage/groupwhere all teams Cons:administer and - Followers would have to read about topics/news notpost to one page related to varsity team - Page/group admin would need to agree on changes to site Pros: Separate - Followers of the page/group are the “more athletic engaged” team page or group Cons: - Fewer followers/likes would mean less reach - Pages can easily be neglected if admin users change constantly
    22. 22. Facebook Page vs. GroupFacebook Pages• Enable public figures, businesses, organizations to create public presence• Visible to everyone by default• Pages offer more opportunity for customization (tab/apps)Facebook Groups• Allow people to come together around a common cause, discuss issues, post photos and share related content• You can determine the visibility of your group (open, closed, hidden)• Ability to share documents
    23. 23. Facebook AdsWhy/when do I use an ad?• Build awareness: Reach a large audience with a widely targeted ad campaign• Drive sales: Offer special deals and giveaways in your ad campaign to bring people to your event• Grow you fan base: Encourage people to like your Page by offering valuable benefits for engaging
    24. 24. Facebook AdsWho/how can you target?• Location, Language, Education, and Work• Age, Gender, Birthday, and Relationship Status• Likes & Interests: Select Likes & Interests such as "hockey" or "engineering"• Friends of Connections or Connections
    25. 25. Facebook AdsWhat is our current reach?• Alumni Reach - Estimated 65,000 people identified as graduates of Queen’s (40% Male, 60% Female, 85% living in Canada)• Student Reach - 9,720 people identified as students at Queen’s (45% Male, 55% Female)
    26. 26. TwitterIt is only as good as you make it• Create a #hashtag for your varsity team (i.e. #queensfootball) and make sure that all members include it in tweets• Follow the right people/organizations that share your athletic interests and get them to follow you• Create a “list” of others that share an interest or participated in the same varsity sport. When you click to view a list, youll see a stream of Tweets from all the users included in that group
    27. 27. LinkedIn • Estimated 37,000 people identified as current students/graduates of Queen’s University • Search on where Queen’s alumni are working • Join Queen’s groups (and/or create a group) and post career related information (discussions, promotions, jobs)
    28. 28. Other Communications Tools• @Queen’s Monthly e-Newsletter• Alumni Review Magazine• Branch Bi-Weekly Updates to Alumni (45 branches)• Branch Facebook Pages• Mass Email for Booster Clubs/Fundraising Projects
    29. 29. Promoting & Marketing your
    30. 30. Website
    31. 31. WebsiteClub Page Admin• Each club should have a designated admin person to post results, update pictures and stories• Follow story style of other• First paragraph should include a recap of the whole event• Following paragraphs can include more details about the eventUses for the homepage:• Tryouts• Team meetings
    32. 32. Promote Your Team• Results Reporting • Email scores to within one hour of the end of the game. • Provide the name of your opponent and some brief details about the game (high scorers, overtime, upset, etc.) • These results will then be posted to• Build a fan base• Regular updates and results
    33. 33. Promote Your TeamWe are always looking for photos for: • Updated images on sport homepages • Colour awards program and video • Other department requirements
    34. 34. Gaels Communication Ways to communicate with Gaels fans: • Visit • Follow us on Facebook: queensgaels • Follow us on Twitter: • Contact Shawn MacDonald, Sports Information • Website training • Send photos • Social media inquiries
    35. 35. Questions?