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Top 12-e-mail-mistakes[1]

  1. 1. The Top 12 E-mail MistakesIf you want to impress all that you come intoe-mail contact with and build positivebusiness relationships, pay attention to youre-mail and avoid the following mistakes ...
  2. 2. The Top 12 E-mail Mistakesl Mistake # 1: Omitting the Subject Line q With the huge volume of e-mail that we send and receive everyday, the subject line is essential if you want your e-mail to be noticed and read.
  3. 3. The Top 12 E-mail Mistakesl Mistake # 2: Not Making Subject Line Meaningful q Your e-mail is going to have lots of competition and the reader is going to decide on the order in which he will read his e-mails based on who sent it and what it is about. q Your subject line should be related to your message and specific. Don’t just put “Hi”, “Hello” or something generic.
  4. 4. The Top 12 E-mail Mistakesl Mistake # 3: Failing to change the header to correspond with the subject q If the topic of your email changes when you reply, your subject line should also change. This makes it easier to refer back to in the future. q You can also choose to start a new message altogether.
  5. 5. The Top 12 E-mail Mistakesl Mistake # 4: Not personalizing your message to the recipient q E-mail, although less formal, still needs a greeting, especially if we are sending external e-mails to clients. q Begin with “Dear Mr/Mrs xxx”, “Dear Jane/John”, “Hello Jane/John”, or just “Jane/John”. q Failure to put in the person’s name could make you and your e-mail seem cold and impersonal.
  6. 6. The Top 12 E-mail Mistakesl Mistake # 5: Not accounting for tone of the message q Since there is no face-to-face or verbal contact, the recipient of your e-mail has no visual or vocal cues to gauge your reaction or your intention. q Choose your words carefully so that you are not misinterpreted. q Avoid sending jokes or sarcastic remarks because these might be taken the wrong way.
  7. 7. The Top 12 E-mail Mistakesl Mistake # 6: Forgetting to check spelling & grammar q Spell-checking functions will only catch misspelled words but not misused ones, so always proofread! q All communication, whether verbal or written, is a representation of you. If your e-mail is full of flaws, people will question the caliber of the other work that you do.
  8. 8. The Top 12 E-mail Mistakesl Mistake # 7: Writing too lengthy messages q E-mail is meant to be brief and concise. q Use only a few paragraphs and a few sentences per paragraph because the reader usually just skims through the message. q If you find yourself writing an overly long message, pick up the phone or call a meeting.
  9. 9. The Top 12 E-mail Mistakesl Mistake # 8: Forwarding e-mail without permission q If the message was sent only to you, why should you take the responsibility of passing it on? q Too often, confidential information has been leaked because of thoughtless forwarding of messages. q Unless you are asked to forward it or you have asked permission to do so, refrain from forwarding anything that was sent to you alone.
  10. 10. The Top 12 E-mail Mistakesl Mistake # 9: Thinking no one else will read your e-mail q Once your e-mail has left your mailbox, you don’t know who’s going to read it or where else it will end up. q Don’t send anything that can be used against you or embarrass you. q Use other means to communicate personal or sensitive information.
  11. 11. The Top 12 E-mail Mistakesl Mistake # 10: Leaving out your signature q Always close with your name and your position, even if it already appears at the top of the e-mail. q Also add contact information such as your phone, unit/branch, fax, address because the recipient may want to contact you or send you documents that cannot be e-mailed. q Avoid adding cute or inspirational messages to your business signature block.
  12. 12. The Top 12 E-mail Mistakesl Mistake # 11: Expecting an instant response q You don’t know when the recipient of your e-mail reads his messages so don’t post “action or else” messages. q If you need feedback right away, pick up the phone.
  13. 13. The Top 12 E-mail Mistakesl Mistake # 12: Completing the “To” line first q This should be the last item that you fill up. If you enter the recipient’s name first, a mere slip of your finger could send the message out before it’s time. q If you leave the “To” line blank, and inadvertently press “Send”, it will not go out of your mailbox. q Check the body of the message carefully first for correct grammar, punctuation, spelling and clarity. q Check for any attachments that you need to include.