Social Media Media 101: A Comprehensive Social Media Strategy Guide for University Academic Departments/Units


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By Brittany Deterding (Web Developer, ATLAS Web Services - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

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Social Media Media 101: A Comprehensive Social Media Strategy Guide for University Academic Departments/Units

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA 101[a comprehensive social media strategy guide for university academic departments/units] Q4 2011
  2. 2. “Social marketing eliminates themiddlemen, providing brands with theunique opportunity to have a directrelationship with their customers.” !!– Bryan Wiener, CEO of 360i!
  3. 3. Social media is just abuzzword until you come upwith a plan. Itʼs time to start that plan…!
  5. 5. [facebook fast facts]! The average user800 MILLION! 30 BILLION ! is connected to ! pieces of web content active users1! shared each month! 80 ! pages, groups, ! 2 BILLION POSTS! THE! and events1!“liked” or commented per day1! MOST ! 50% of active users ! log on to the website ! POPULAR! EVERY DAY1!350 MILLION USERS ! social networking ! access via mobile devices1! site on the web !
  6. 6. [facebook marketing benefits]!Users “like” brands, joingroups, and subscribe toevents each and every day! Many users are constantly connected to the site all day every day via PC, mobile or tablet!Users are constantly sharingactivities including: comments, Ability to provide relevantreviews, links, photos, and messaging to a targetedevents with their network! audience that has ! opted-in to your content!
  7. 7. [how to get started on facebook]!New to Facebook?! Already a Member? !-  Go to! -  Go to!-  Enter personal information to Sign Up! -  Enter email address and-  Create a personal profile! password to Log In!!!
  8. 8. [ways to engage your audience]!TWO OPTIONS:! 1 Facebook ! Page! ! 2 Facebook ! Group! !
  9. 9. [how to create a facebook page]!1.  Go to 1 create.php!2.  Select appropriate page category!3.  Enter required information into text fields of selected category, then click Get Started !4.  Follow Steps 1-3 in the next window (profile photo, get fans, basic info)!5.  Once these steps have been completed, the new page will appear!TIP: Reach 25 fans to create a uniqueURL for your page!
  10. 10. [facebook page benefits]!-  Gives your brand a voice and a way to join 1 the conversation with Facebook users!-  Share many types of content with users: news, photos, videos, links, etc.!-  Create a unique username and URL for your page for easy promotion!!-  Ability to advertise your page and drive new fans to engage with your brand!-  Use social plugins, such as: like box, like button, and comments on your brandʼs website to drive users back to Facebook page!
  11. 11. [how to build brand presence]! 1 1.  Tell a story! 2.  Share rich content! 3.  Create a dialogue with audience! 4.  Amplify impact! 5.  Measure and optimize page !
  12. 12. [how to create a facebook group]! 21.  Go to!2.  Click the Create Group button!3.  Enter the group name, members, and privacy setting, click Create!4.  Once steps have been completed, the Facebook group will appear!TIP: When adjusting privacy settings,be sure to create an Open Group tomaximize group membership !
  13. 13. [facebook group benefits]!-  A public space to share information 2 with a small, engaged audience!-  Space to share relevant updates, photos, documents, and events!-  Ability to connect with group offline using groupʼs shared email address!-  Ability to chat with all group members at once!-  Create docs and events that are exclusive to group members!-  Notifications are sent out to all group members when any updates are made!
  14. 14. [facebook best practices]! 1.  Create a consistent brand experience; share relevant content that your audience wants with a consistent tone-of-voice and frequent presence ! 2.  Connect with your fans on and use social plugins on your brandʼs website! 3.  Utilize Facebook Insights and frequently review impressions, how users are engage with posted content, and what content users share with their networks! 4.  Keep up with Facebookʼs new features and updates to ensure your brand is utilizing the space to its full advantage!
  15. 15. [facebook for departments/units]!So, how do you decide which option is best for your department/unit?!!-  Review all current social media efforts (if any) and evaluate how each has performed (is it time to try something new or re-engage current branding efforts?)!!-  A Facebook page is typically created for larger groups who expect to eventually gain a following of 100+ Facebook “fans” and has features built-in with a large audience in mind!-  A Facebook group, on the other hand, is typically created for smaller, more centralized groups that expect to gain a following of less than 100 members and includes features that promote a more personalized experience for members!-  Avoid creating both a Facebook fan page and a Facebook group ! -  This could cause confusion with your target audience and be the cause of less engagement and interactivity!!
  16. 16. [facebook for departments/units – page example]! Post relevant photos/imagesBranded profile photoLink to externalbranded content Promote department events100+ fans Student posts included in main news feed Pull information from affiliated sites “Like” relevant pages
  17. 17. [facebook for departments/units – group example]! Ability to choose ‘open’ or ‘closed’ Ability to share Ability to search group type photos and docs Post relevant content of group with members photos/images Less than 100 members All posts are made by members (including admins), no branded postingGroup and update notifications featured on leftpanel at all times
  18. 18. [twitter fast facts]! 100 MILLION! 52% OF USERS! post a tweet at least ! active users2! once per day3! 50 MILLION DAILY USERS! 200 MILLION TOTAL USERS! 1650 ! 24% OF !230 MILLION TWEETS! tweets posted ALL USERS ! hosted on the site per day2! ever second3! check the site several times per day3! 450,000 ! 67% OF USERS! are likely to recommend a NEW ACCOUNTS! brand they “follow” to others3! created every day3! (52 new accounts every second)!
  19. 19. [twitter marketing benefits]!Users follow brands and Re-tweet functionalitycompanies they care allows users to easilyabout on a daily basis! share content with their network with one click ! Ability to connect with other brands in your category that are willing Many users remain to promote your content! connected to the site constantly either via PC, mobile device, or tablet ! Provide relevant contentAbility to interact and receive feedback to a targeted audiencefrom customers in real-time using that has opted-in tosearchable trend hashtags ! receiving it!
  20. 20. [how to get started on twitter]!1.  Go to!2.  Enter full name, email and create a password to Sign Up!3.  A window will then appear asking you to verify your previous entries and create your unique username!4.  Once finished, click the Create My Account button!5.  You will then be guided through a Twitter tutorial on how to “Get started in less than 60 seconds”!6.  After completing the tutorial, the Twitter timeline will appear!7.  Itʼs as simple as that!!!!
  21. 21. [twitter best practices]!! Share. ! Share photos and behind the scenes about your business, including developing projects and events (users like to have the latest info)! ! Listen. ! Monitor comments about your brand using Twitterʼs search function! ! Ask. ! Ask your followers questions to gain insights about your brand and to prove you are listening ! ! Respond. ! Respond to any and all @replies to your account in real time, if possible!
  22. 22. [twitter best practices – continued]!! Reward. ! Provide your followers with exclusive information about your brand that they could not get anywhere else! ! Demonstrate know-how. ! Reference articles and links about your industry and affiliates! ! Champion your stakeholders. ! Re-tweet and reply publicly to excellent tweets posted by your followers! ! Establish the right voice. ! Users typically prefer a genuine, direct, likeable tone from your brand, but be sure to think about the voice of your tweet!
  23. 23. [twitter for departments/units]!-  Use Twitter account as a voice for your department/unit! -  If you could have a 30-second conversation with a student at that moment, what would you want them to know?!-  Try to update the account frequently (daily if possible)! -  There are news updates, speakers, activities, keynotes on a daily basis, be sure your most important audience knows about them!-  ALWAYS respond when asked a question or given feedback about anything regarding your department/unit (whether it be an event, faculty member, article, etc.) ! -  Students like to engage in 2-way conversations online, become a part of one they will remember!-  Be sure your voice has an opinion and personality, avoid solely posting headlines and hyperlinks to your website in every tweet ! -  Personable tweets are the ones that students will be inclined to engage with the most!!
  24. 24. [twitter for departments/units – profile page]!! Follow supporting partners & students Branded profile photo & thumbnail Include quick summary and Get placed on website URL followers’ lists Updates can be sent to mobile devices Link to your profile will be placed on all ‘similar’ profiles Post updates directingstudents to departmentwebsite (news, photos, events, etc.)
  25. 25. II. THE NEW GUY IN TOWN!
  26. 26. [google+ fast facts]! The website grew!43.4 MILLION! 20 MILLION!current users5! visitors in its first month7! 20X ! faster than any social networking3.4 BILLION PHOTOS! THE! website in history6! Uploaded while still in beta9! FASTEST! 68% of current GROWING! users are COST: $585 MILLION! social networking !500 employees working, to build10! website ever6! MALE8! GOOGLE+ BRAND PAGES DEBUTED ON ! NOVEMBER 7, 2011!
  27. 27. [google+ marketing benefits]! Helps businesses Fans can connect with recommend customers and you with a +1! fans who love you! Fans can spendFans can add you to a time with yourcircle to listen to your brandʼs team,updates long-term! face-to-face using hangouts! Google+ pages are included in Google search results and customers can Direct Connect with brands on Google with a simple [+]! !
  28. 28. [how to get started on google+]! 3 61.  If you havenʼt done so already, create a Google account for your brand at!2.  Once signed in, head to!3.  Next, enter your business name, select the appropriate categories that fit your business, and who can view your profile !4.  Then you will be asked for a 10-word tagline and profile photo!5.  You will then be asked if you would like to get the word out about your business page by telling your personal circles about it (this is an optional step)!6.  Thatʼs it! You should then see a welcome page that will walk you through all of the setup steps of posting, connecting with your website, circles, and more!!
  29. 29. [tips & tricks for better google+ brand pages]! 1.  How to Easily Access Your Brand Page! •  Access via your personal Google+ profile using the drop-down menu located below your name and profile photo! 2.  Add People to Circles! •  You cannot add a person to your brand pageʼs circles unless he has added your brand page to his circles (to see who has added your brand, go to the “Circles” tab and click on “Peopleʼs whoʼve added you”)! 3.  Your Brand Page Google+ URL! •  On your brandʼs home page, click on “Get Started” under your name and avatar to find your URL to share with the world! 4.  Remove Unwanted Tabs! •  You can remove extraneous tabs, such as photos and video, if they are not relevant to your brand by going to “Edit Profile”, click which tab you would like to remove, uncheck the check “Show this tab on your profile” box and “Save”!
  30. 30. [tips & tricks for better google+ brand pages]! 5.  Connect Your Site to Google+! •  To find the easy-to-use code and G+ link buttons, go to the “Get Started” link under your brandʼs name and profile photo! ! 6.  Lock Posts to Prevent Sharing! •  Before sharing a post, click the drop down arrow beneath the four icons on the right (camera, video, etc.) and select “Lock this post”! 7.  Hide Your Follower Count! •  On the home page, click “Change who is visible here” option and you can hide how many people have added you to circles! 8.  Add Useful Links! •  Add links to your “About” tab by clicking “Edit Profile” when on the tab and click “Recommended Links” to open editing options! 9.  Use Circles! •  To create new circles, go to the “Circles” page and group people however you please whether itʼs based on location, interests, etc. Circles allow you to provide a tailored and relevant messages to different audiences
  31. 31. [google+ for departments/units]! -  Use the social platform as another outlet to begin a relationship with your target audience, students! -  The fact that your department has a presence on such a new social platform will put you in a favorable light to your target audience! -  You should be updating this profile just as frequently as all other social networking pages, but be sure to provide unique content! -  Avoid posting the same information, photos, videos verbatim on all social media outlets! -  Watch your circle activity very closely and add every person who adds you to a circle, to one of your brandʼs circles! -  This step one of creating the interactive relationship! -  Keep in mind the “newness” of the platform and remember to keep up with all updates and new features that Google rolls out! -  Integrate these new features when interacting with your audience!
  32. 32. [google+ for departments/units – brand page example]! Can include department/ Customizable unit tagline profile photo Customizable “scrapbook” Users can Customizable photosinstantly like tabs that can your page be removed and share with their circles Post photos, links, text updates Can choose to show or hide brand followers Users can +1, comment or share posts
  34. 34. [what is foursquare?]!“Foursquare helps you explore the world around you.Meet up with friends, discover new places, and savemoney using your phone. Whether youʼre setting off ona trip around the world, coordinating a night out withfriends, or trying to pick the best dish at your localrestaurant, foursquare is the perfect companion.”! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !-!
  35. 35. [foursquare fast facts]! 10 MILLION! 3400%users worldwide13! MILLIONS OF GROWTH! CHECK-INS! In 2010 alone15! every day13! 381,576,305! OVER 1 BILLION CHECK-INS In 201014! TOTAL CHECK-INS13! 500,000+ BUSINESSES! using the Merchant Platform13!
  36. 36. [foursquare marketing benefits]! All check-ins shared with Users can userʼs friends can be pushed check in to other social networks! to specific events hosted by your brand! Ability to create unique badges and specials to Users can both friend incentivize and follow brands and check-ins at companies check-ins! your events!
  37. 37. [how to get started on foursquare]!1.  Visit and click the Join Now button!2.  Sign up with a branded email address !3.  Select a primary mobile device to associate with your account that will be responsible for all check-ins!4.  Install the foursquare application on the mobile device and sign in with account information!5.  You should be all set!!
  38. 38. [how to create a brand page on foursquare]!1.  First, you must have or setup a Twitter account to create a brand page!2.  Login to your foursquare account at!3.  Visit to sign in with your Twitter account to begin steps to create page!4.  You will then be asked to authorize the app via Twitter, select the Authorize app button!5.  Then complete all settings and steps to create brand page!6.  Thatʼs all there is to it!!
  39. 39. [foursquare best practices]!1.  Keep it simple & own all venues – keep all venue and event names simple and straightforward!2.  Create a conversation – leave tips at events and venues for your followers and acknowledge theirs!3.  Create deals that have value to your audience but also makes sense for your brand – different types of events should be supported by different incentives or badges!4.  Train your employees – make sure your primary foursquare manager understands the app!5.  Integrate foursquare events and check-ins with other social media efforts – tweet and share all on Facebook!6.  Remind your audience to check-in at relevant events and venues – either with signs, mentions in flyers, or announcements!7.  Use Foursquare dashboard – it is full of useful information about your audience, including demographics!
  40. 40. [foursquare for departments/units]!-  Departments should appoint and train one person who attends all events to be in charge of the foursquare account !-  Create a brand page for your department or unit to increase overall branding and enable students to follow your updates!-  In order to promote department events, there are 2 options:! 1)  check in to the campus building/venue at which the event is being held! 2)  create a unique foursquare check-in location for that event!-  No matter which option you choose, you should always push the check-ins to both your Facebook page and Twitter profile to share with follows!-  If you create a badge or special at a large event, be sure that the students are aware of it either by promoting with posters/banners or by announcing it!-  Leave tips at the buildings where most of your department/unitʼs courses and events are held to give your student follows some inside information and help build a relationship! -  If a student leaves a tip, be sure to acknowledge and respond!-  Be sure to check the foursquare dashboard frequently to view who has attended your events and popular department venues!
  41. 41. [foursquare for departments/units – brand page example]! Customizable brand page header All posted tips onvenues appear as a news feed Students can follow all your activity Include links to other social networking profiles, and your website
  42. 42. IV. WRAP-UP!
  43. 43. [4 best practices for universities utilizing social media]! 1.  Develop a Strategy & Set Goals! •  Strategy: Decide the type of content you want to deliver, how often, where it will come from, and who your main target audience is! •  Goals: Decide what you want to accomplish (engagement, comments, followers, registrations, etc.), then after a set period of time measure & evaluate! 2.  Pick and Choose Your Platforms! •  Donʼt feel obligated to have a presence on all social media platforms that exist ! •  Join the platforms that make most sense with your strategy and will help to reach your goals, always go for quality over quantity! 3.  Develop a Consistent Voice Across Platforms! •  A departmentʼs social media presence is an overall extension of the brand, so have a consistent, relevant and appropriate voice on all social media platforms! ! 4.  Communicate Across Campus! •  Collaborate with other social media representatives across campus to share tips and tricks on how to best take advantage of each social media platform !
  44. 44. [sources]!!1 Facebook: Statistics.!!2 Mashable: Twitter Has 100 Million Active Users.!!3 Media Bistro: Twitter Facts And Figures.!!4 Twitter: Best Practices.!!5 Google+ Has 43 Million Users, Up 30% Since Opening Publicly. !!6 Google Plus Reaches 25 Millions Users.!!7 Google+ Now Open to Everyone.!!8 Google+ Statistics.!!9 Google: The Center Of The Social Media Revolution!!10 Google+ Stats & Facts (infographic)!!11 4 Reasons Google+ Brand Pages Will Be Better Than Facebookʼs [OPINION]!!12 Google to Businesses: Donʼt Create Google+ Profiles Yet!!13 About Foursquare!!14 Social Media Marketing By the Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]!!15 How to Best Utilize the New Foursquare for Business!!16 Foursquare – A marketerʼs perspective and best practices!17 LinkedIn: About Us !!18 LinkedIn by the Numbers:!!19 Google+ Pages: connect with all the things you care about!!20 10 Tips and Tricks for Better Google+ Brand Pages !!21 6 Best Practices for Universities Embracing Social Media!!!!!!