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The Facebook Funnel: Creating A Social Media Strategy that Converts


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Discover each stage of the buyer's journey using the Facebook Funnel. Find out what type of content, audiences and metrics your brand or business should be utilizing at each stage of the marketing funnel.

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The Facebook Funnel: Creating A Social Media Strategy that Converts

  1. 1. Presented by THE FACEBOOK FUNNEL: Understanding How it Works to Build a Social Media Strategy
  3. 3. AWARENESS: TOP OF FUNNEL AUDIENCE CONTENT KEY METRICS ➔ Audiences based on relevant behaviors & interests ➔ Lookalikes of website audiences ➔ Competitor Audiences ➔ Information about the brand ➔ Helpful: Tips, advice, answering common questions ➔ Engaging: content that will ignite an emotional reaction from a user ➔ Impressions ➔ Reach ➔ Engagement (Reactions) ➔ Shares ➔ Clicks
  4. 4. AWARENESS: TOP OF FUNNEL - EXAMPLES Drive interest about the brand to new, relevant, targeted audiences. Inform users about the brand to build trust, exposure & awareness.
  5. 5. CONSIDERATION: MIDDLE OF FUNNEL AUDIENCE CONTENT KEY METRICS ➔ Followers & Fans ➔ Customer Lists ➔ Website Visitors ➔ Engaged Users ➔ Lookalikes of all these audiences ➔ Testimonials & Reviews ➔ Positive UGC ➔ Reminder/Retargeting content with differentiators about the brand, products or services ➔ Answer BOFU FAQ’s ➔ Contests & Giveaways ➔ Generic Offers (freeshipp) ➔ Impressions & Reach ➔ Referral Traffic ➔ Time on Site ➔ Checkout Initiations ➔ Specific Pageviews
  6. 6. CONSIDERATION: MIDDLE OF FUNNEL - EXAMPLES Reassure and prove to users that your brand, service or products are credible & trustworthy. Showcase the differentiators from the competition & give users reasons why they should go with your brand instead of another. Also, let others tell the story - not just you.
  7. 7. CONVERSION: BOTTOM OF FUNNEL AUDIENCE CONTENT KEY METRICS ➔ Segmented Customer Lists ➔ Cart Abandoners ➔ Previous Purchasers ➔ Specific Category/Product Page Visitors on Site ➔ Users that Spend a Lot of Time on Site w/o conversion ➔ Users that visited site 2 or 3+ times w/o conversion ➔ Specific Offers/Promotions for segmented lists ➔ Specific Content catered to specific lists ➔ Exclusive offer for loyal customers ➔ Final piece of value that will drive the sale ➔ Clicks-to-Site ➔ Cart Initiation ➔ Purchases ➔ Multi-Channel Attribution that includes social media ➔ Goal Conversions
  8. 8. CONVERSION: BOTTOM OF FUNNEL - EXAMPLES Show up and give the user that’s ready to convert the final piece of exclusive, specific value that they need to pull the trigger on that purchase or conversion.
  9. 9. THE KEY POINTS - THE FACEBOOK FUNNEL ● Social Media is a long play strategy - you have to start at the top of the funnel and work your way down ● Each stage of the funnel contributes to building new audiences - it is an ongoing cycle from top to bottom ● Brands need 6-9 touch-points to move customers to the bottom of the funnel