Social Media Marketing .. What you need to know


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I gave this presentation at the International Programs Office of the City of Austin on Feb 24, 2012. It combines several previous presentations and Thank you to the CIty of Austin for t

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  • Most die-hard fans are simply looking for people who share in their interests. Help them come together with events, online groups, email lists -- anything that makes it easy for them to meet one another. Once you've made the meet-up possible (online or off), you can get out of the way and let them do the talking.
  • Social Media Marketing .. What you need to know

    1. 1. Social Media Marketing Are you ready to learn? Ready to play well with others?Get Ready to Tweet, Check-In, Like, and Share …
    2. 2. Mindshare Both by: Community AndTraditional Tactics!
    3. 3. Be Seen –Don’t expect to be found!!
    4. 4. Take A Risk – Show some Personality
    5. 5. Sea of Shared Knowledge I had (and still have) a dream that the web could beless of a television channel and more of aninteractive sea of shared knowledge. I imagineit immersing us as a warm, friendly environmentmade of the things we and our friends haveseen, heard, believe or have figured out. I would like itto bring our friends and colleagues closer, inthat by working on this knowledge together we cancome to better understandings. Tim Berners-Lee (1995 @MIT)
    6. 6. “If you don’t know HOW toUSE Social Media as a Networking Tool, Then You are probably not very marketable in the first place…..” - anonymous
    7. 7. “To compete for consumers’ time and divided attention, brands must also find ways tobetter resonate with their audiences.” “Building a successfulmultichannel marketing campaign requires the right mix of channels that offer brands the ability to reach and engage consumers,”
    8. 8. Major segments of a marketing organization:Corporate marketing – branding, messaging, corporate events, analyst relations, public/mediarelations, website, SEM, collateral, success stories, etc.b) Product marketing – product requirements, product positioning, product launch, messaging,targeting, product collateral, etc.c) Demand marketing – lead generation, events, seminars/webinars, trade shows,targeting/segmentation, SEO, social media, analytics, etc.d) Channel marketing - co-marketing with partners, partner promotion, partner events, partnercollateral, lead generation, etc.e) Field marketing - field support, lead generation, targeting/segmentation, local tradeshows/conferences, local events, etc.
    9. 9. Direct mail campaign managementLead identification and discoveryMarket segmentation analysisWebinar and online event managementGuerilla field marketingEvent marketing and sales lead integrationInter-department message integrationCross-functional trainingMarket analyses
    10. 10. Funnel – “Social Word of Mouth” – Dave Evans
    11. 11. Google your name and your company!
    12. 12. People Search / Company Search
    13. 13. Online Marketing & Promotion• Search engines: your primary marketing tool • Almost 90% of Internet users today use search engines to find information. • Utilize “local” search function on search engines. •• What are people searching for? (Keywords)• How does your website rank? • Monitor your search engine rankings.
    14. 14. Reach Relevance RepetitionRELATIONSHIPS!
    15. 15. Reach Relevance RepetitionRELATIONSHIPS!
    16. 16. Small Business Is ABOUT Relationships• Compete with the big dogs• You know your Customers know Personally• Your business DEPENDS on that relationship…• Social media deepens relationships…• YOU have the advantage in Social Media!
    17. 17. HelpPeopleComeTogether!
    18. 18. Social Media Profiles
    19. 19. 4 Guys – 1 Taco Blog => New YorkTimes!
    20. 20. Keywords and Twitter TogetherEasy to get started .. Start by Listening and …Search for your keywords in Austin at: search.twitter.comIf you don’t get any results, try broader or different keywords or start a new conversation ..
    21. 21. LinkedIn – Overlooked yet Powerful
    22. 22. Write a Bio! Short and Sweet! Positive, people-oriented, and performance-driven Market Detective, collaborator, consultant, and speaker who focuses on understanding the customer perspective. Consulting on a variety of topics, which include web technologies and strategies, social business and media, product management and marketing.

With broad-base experience in multiple industries including both aerospace and IT industries, an expert communicator who can effectively explain complex concepts in understandable terms. Recognized for strong interpersonal skills and delivering high- quality creative solutions to ensure product and customer success. Additionally, actively involved in the community with interests ranging from both the technical and business arenas. 
Finished an MBA program at UT-Austin which allowed me to develop additional skills to define what makes a project successful while focusing on understanding, measuring, improving individual, team, and organizational performance all while understanding customer and market needs.What Are Your Keywords?
    23. 23. Content: Not just wordsContent: Any form of published information Not just what is written in the paper! Don’t expect PRIVACY IN SOCIAL MEDIA!!!
    24. 24. Secret to Content that sticks!Have a consistent, relevant and valuable message to a targeted group of people.Content is King but has to connect with your customers!!!
    25. 25. PIRATE: Person who commits warlike acts at sea withoutSTICKY!!! the authorization of any nation. PATRIOT: Someone who feels a strong support for his or her country COMMUNITY!!!
    26. 26. Connect with Objectives • E - ENTERTAINING • I - INFORMATIONAL • E - EDUCATIONAL • I - INSPIRATIONAL • O – OBJECTIVE: What was the point of doing all the work?Source:
    27. 27. Unburritable!
    28. 28. Engagement – Not just a ring
    29. 29. Engagement CommitmentRelevant (Timely Time and resources areand interesting) devoted to building a The audience cares foundation –about and enjoys this content, community, feedbcontent ack Messages are on Talkable: Have a The internal team is Connection: Buildbrand and reflect the conversation your community invested in the effort, helpscore benefits of the People are interacting generate conversation andorganization in audience more frequently, or more Builds connections: feels the benefits of aperspective People are sharing and growing community deeply make recommendations daily People try things from peer recommendations 38
    30. 30. Creating Advocates INSPIRE EQUIP MOBILIZE Inspire people to take action Equip people with skills, Mobilize people & networks to that changes the world knowledge & abilities take action. •Engage •Passion •Educate •Call to Action •Story •Skills •Resources •Create Possibilities •Abilities •Step by step •Connect •knowledge •Online/offline Transition •Open Doors •Information • Incentives •Be Relevant •How to’s •Create Advocates •Diverse & Inclusive •Leadership •Innovate •Talking Points •Create RelationshipsSource: Cultural Strategies - www.cultural-strategies.comArmando Rayo, VP, Engagement -
    31. 31. Online Marketing & Promotion• Start with a descriptive domain name.• Submit to the top engines• Focus on a great homepage.• Create Landing Pages for each campaign• Develop a content rich pages.• Keep an eye on your competition.• Let other sites know about your site and how to link to it.• Consider "pay per click" strategies. Both Google & Facebook• Review your Activity logs or "server statistics”.
    32. 32. # 1: Never the product always the passion!! • Reframe conversation • Not about the product • Is about the customer • What role does product play in customer lives?
    33. 33. # 2: Never is it just online • Buzz is not Twitter • Tweets don’t matter • Find all Customer Touch Points • People believe those recommendations from peeps they know, like, and trust!
    34. 34. # 3: Make your advocates feel like Rock Stars!! • Lift up your customers • Show your appreciation by acknowledgment • Say “Gracias, Merci, …” • Not just free trips on American Airlines
    35. 35. Remind CustomersWhat We Do and Want Them TO DO …
    36. 36. Tools and More Tools• Google Alerts• Alterian – SM2• Bing• Technorati• Tiny.url• BuzzStream• Radian6 (NOT FREE!!!)• Hubspot – check out all their tools• Hootsuite• SproutSocial• monitter• Trendrr• Klout• PeerIndex• Twitalyzer• Tracker• Get Satisfaction
    37. 37. Develop Relationships and participate in chats!Interact with thought leaders in industry, professional,Or Common Interests!
    38. 38. Be Interesting …. or Be Invisible Marketing is Easy .. Earn the respect of your customers They will do the marketing for you.Customers are already talking .. Only Option is to … Join the Chat!
    39. 39. Key Takeaway: Measuring Social Media ROI is just the start of the answer to the broader question: "How do I measure it?" Ultimately, you need to start with figuring out your business objectives and then apply these metrics accordingly.