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NTU Workshop: 01 What Is Open Design


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My presentation for the third day at the Open P2P Design workshop organized with Roger Pitiot at IDAS in Singapore.

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NTU Workshop: 01 What Is Open Design

  1. 1. Open P2P Design Enabling Design 2.0 through Open Processes, Systems, Tools and Projects Massimo Menichinelli Roger Pitiot Day 01: Introduction to November 25th-27th 2009 Open Design NTU, Singapore
  2. 2. 01. What is Open Design?
  3. 3. It started with Free Software/Open Source and P2P * Software Development * Information / Knowledge * Open Access, Open Process and Open Content * P2P Dynamics and horizontal networks instead of hierarchies --> The dynamics that are shaping Internet Fre Software, Open Source and P2P as promising way to organise communities
  4. 4. Let`s try to explain Open Source... Information Open Cola! compiled into a product
  5. 5. But if you don`t like Cola we have also Beer... Information compiled into a Free Beer! product
  6. 6. Free Software/Open Source and P2P are just breaking into other disciplines... * Open Source Everywhere * Open Publishing * Open Content * Open Biotechnology * Open Source Religion * Open Cola / Open Beer * Open Money * Open Design * ... Fre Software, Open Source and P2P as promising way to organise communities
  7. 7. What is Open Design? a project published with a license that facilitates its sharing and that can be “compiled” or “manufactured” locally * sharing * collaboration * open licenses * code --> artifact Open Design refers to every kind of design projects that can be shared in a digital format over a network
  8. 8. What kind of open design projects? Open Web Design repositories: And all the open source software themes, templates, Frameworks, libraries... It's Open Web Design! GPL, LGPL, CC, ...
  9. 9. What kind of open design projects? Open Fonts libraries: (Free as in Free Beer, and sometimes Free Speech) It's Open Font Design!
  10. 10. What kind of open design projects? Open Processing sketches repository: ... And all the projects that uses Arduino or Processing and are released under an open license: ... It's Open Interaction Design! GPL, LGPL, CC, ...
  11. 11. What kind of open design projects? Open Architecture for markets: Open Architecture for Humanity It's Open Architecture! CC, ...
  12. 12. What kind of open design projects? Open Cinema / Open Movie: ... It's Open Movie Design! ...and also Open Game Design! CC
  13. 13. 02. Open (Product) Design cases
  14. 14. Designing Open Collaborative projects: Thinkcycle (now closed) This is... Open Design!
  15. 15. Designing Open Collaborative projects: Instructables This is... Open Design!
  16. 16. Open Design: Ronen Kadushin Open Design from a single Designer
  17. 17. Open Car Projects So many projects!
  18. 18. Open Netbook Open Design from an enterprise
  19. 19. Open Design: OpenMoko / Source: Open Design from an enterprise
  20. 20. Open Design: OpenMoko / Source: It's also Open Source Software!
  21. 21. Open Design: OpenMoko / It's even Open Source: Hardware!
  22. 22. Open Design: Bug Labs It's Open Design, It's Open Design! Source ...and a Meta- Hardware, Software product
  23. 23. Open Design: Bug Labs Source: It's Open Design, It's Open Design! ...and a Meta- Hardware, Software product
  24. 24. Open Design: Bug Labs Source: It's Open Design, It's Open Design! ...and a Meta- Hardware, Software product
  25. 25. So Open (Product) Design is... * a lot of diferent kind of projects * in its frst steps * starting from, using and including Open Source Software / Open Hardware * working well when project and artifact are code/digital * still developing tools, business models, processes and systems when the artifact is a physical good * limited to share a fnished project rather than designing it collaboratively right now
  26. 26. What is Open Design, for rival goods? a distributed system of design & manufacturing based on: * sharing * collaboration * open licenses * open and distributed projects * open and distributed manufacturing technologies A system of agents that: * use * distribute * design * manage the * manufacture end-of-life * market * ...
  27. 27. Current approach to Open Design projects * very few single designers initiatives and designers interested * recent communities (very few succesful ones) * enterprises, hackers more interested in the hardware * fabbing technologies developed by hackers --> let people design a project and then just publish it online --> lack of new tools, processes, systems that enable designers and users in developing open design projects Is it just publishing a fle online?
  28. 28. 0.3 How can we start an Open Design project?
  29. 29. Open Design actually is Metadesign * a community is designing, not just a single designer * the process is open, and therefore out of control * the process ideally never stops --> We need Metadesign within single Open Design projects --> We need Metadesign for making Open Design possible Shift of focus: from Product Design to Metadesign
  30. 30. The community is the diference between Open and Closed projects Just look at the following pictures... We need to start from a Community, not from a product!
  31. 31. Innovation in a closed, hierarchical, proprietary, linear project Source:
  32. 32. In an Open P2P non- linear project Source:
  33. 33. Social Network Analysis Social network analysis views social relationships in terms of network theory about nodes and ties. Nodes are the individual actors within the networks, and ties are the relationships between the actors. The resulting graph-based structures are often very complex. * networks, connections * direction, weight * structure The scientifc way of analysing a community
  34. 34. Social Network Analysis Source:
  35. 35. A simpler way to analyse a community... Some questions about its specifc activity: * subject (the community) * object (of the activity) * rules [part of the platform] * roles (division of labour) [part of the platform] * artifacts (material, immaterial, cognitive) [part of de platform] * larger community (with which interacts) * participation: * top-down * bottom-up * marketplace * reputation levels In order to understand for who and with who we design!
  36. 36. Reputation Levels Knowledge (tacit or explicit) is what shape an open community: an horizontal structure instead of an hierarchical one, an open and peer- to-peer one as a result of all the interactions and of its history and reputation information --> knowledge --> reputation --> organization
  37. 37. Any questions or comments?
  38. 38. Thank you! Massimo Menichinelli Follow and join us!