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Open Design Definition workshop @ Open Knowledge Festival 2012



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Open Design Definition workshop @ Open Knowledge Festival 2012

  1. Today, we'll build something together: an Open Design Definition. This CC BY presentation is based on workshops done by Massimo Menichinelli
  2. A Definition, not a license! A community shared agreement about what is Open Design and how it could developed further, not a legal tool! Source:
  3. Background: An international Open Design Working Group. Source:
  4. A collaboration based on the creation of a new Open Design Definiton to unite designers + makers of different kinds.
  5. Open Design: Many different kinds! Let's look at its applications.
  6. Open Web / Graphic Design Source:
  7. Open Product Design Source:
  8. OpenMoko: a completely open product Source:
  9. OpenMoko: a completely open product Source:
  10. (And what about product hacking?) Source:
  11. BugLabs Open Hardware + Software + Design Source:
  12. Open Movie + Game Design Source:
  13. Open Fashion Design Source:
  14. Open Type Design: Gentium Source:
  15. Open Type Design: SIL Open Font License Source:
  16. Open Type Design: SIL Open Font License Source:
  17. Open Architecture Source:
  18. Open Interior Design Source:
  19. Open Service Design? Source:
  20. Open Design: is it software? Source:
  21. Open Design: software or process? Source:
  22. Open Design: process or data? Source:
  23. Open Definitions: What are they? Why should we have them?
  24. Based on the Open Definition... Source:
  25. Also inspired by the Open Source Hardware Definition, first published in 2010... Source:
  26. … and the Open Source Definition launched by the Open Source Initiative ... Source:
  27. And, lastly, on the Open Design Definition V. 0.2, which is incomplete and not really open.
  28. And now, Us. Let's talk a bit about how to create our new Open Design Definition.
  29. Git: a distributed version control system Source:
  30. A version control system? Source:
  31. A local version control system Source:
  32. A centralized version control system Source:
  33. Git: a distributed version control system Source:
  34. Git: a command line tool
  35. Git: GUIs also available Source:
  36. Git: a good free book Source:
  37. Git: history of the file system Source:
  38. Git: commands & architecture Source:
  39. And finally, GitHub... an interface to Git that builds communities around code.
  40. GitHub provides a set of free tools for sharing code in an Open Source way, and is the most popular platform now ...
  41. It's also used websites like Reddit, and by coders themselves (like Linus Torvalds), who make accounts, comment and edit code together ...
  42. And now it will be used by those of you who want to get involved, to build this Definition together as designers of different kinds!
  43. We'd love to hear your ideas, criticisms and additions to this idea in the collective discussion!
  44. So, let's start by joining the mailing list:
  45. And then let's create a GitHub account:
  46. A free for open source account on GitHub:
  47. You can use GitHub on a Mobile:
  48. You can use GitHub on a Mobile:
  49. Then tell us on the mailing list your username, and we'll add you to the organization on GitHub!
  50. So that we can discuss together the definition with issues on GitHub!
  51. Massimo Menichinelli Thank you !!! Aalto Media Factory Tweet @openp2pdesign