Open P2P Design. Metadesign for Open Design Projects


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We need Metadesign and Strategic Design projects in order to build the tools, processes and systems we need for really working Open Design Projects.

Media Ecologies & Post-Industrial Production Conference, Manchester 03/11/09

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Open P2P Design. Metadesign for Open Design Projects

  1. 1. Open P2P Design. Metadesign for Open Design Projects Massimo Menichinelli Media Ecologies & Post-Industrial Production. Media Ecologies for Open Design Communities and Distributed Manufacturing November 3rd 2009 University of Salford, Greater Manchester, UK
  2. 2. What is this presentation about? * successful Open Design projects need tools, processes and systems * we can co-design such tools, processes and systems using design, in an open and p2p way * then reaching the Distributed Manufacturing Scenario is a project too
  3. 3. What is Open Design? a project published with a license that facilitates its sharing and that can be “compiled” or “manufactured” locally * sharing * collaboration * open licenses * code --> artifact Open Design refers to every kind of design projects that can be shared in a digital format over a network
  4. 4. What kind of open design projects? * Open Web Design * Open Font Design * Open Interaction Design * Open Movie * Open Architecture * Open Product Design * ... Every Open Project except Software and Hardware?
  5. 5. Open Design: OpenMoko / Source: It's Open Design! It's also Open It's even Open Source Software! Hardware!
  6. 6. So Open Design is... * a lot of different kind of projects * in its first steps * starting from, using and including Open Source Software / Open Hardware * working well when project and artifact are code/digital * still developing tools, business models, processes and systems when the artifact is a physical good
  7. 7. What is Open Design, for rival goods? a distributed system of design & manufacturing based on: * sharing * collaboration * open licenses * open and distributed projects * open and distributed manufacturing technologies A system of agents that: * use * distribute * design * manage the * manufacture end-of-life * market * ...
  8. 8. Current approach to Open Design projects * very few single designers initiatives and designers interested * recent communities (very few succesful ones) * enterprises, hackers more interested in the hardware * fabbing technologies developed by hackers --> design a project and then just publish it and share it online --> the project is open, but the process is not collaborative nor open --> lack of new tools, processes, systems that enable designers and users in developing open design projects
  9. 9. What we can do for enabling Open Design projects is Metadesign Metadesign is the design of the design tools, processes and systems * research and share design knowledge * design and share design tools * design and share design processes * facilitate design & manufacturing & end-of-life systems * facilitate the distributed creativity For communities For users For enterprises For designers
  10. 10. Open Design actually is Metadesign * a community is designing, not just a single designer * the process is open, and therefore out of control * the process ideally never stops * designers won't design complete and definitive projects --> Metadesign is necessary for single Open Design projects --> Metadesign is necessary for making Open Design projects feasible Change of focus: from Product Design to Metadesign
  11. 11. ...and we also need Strategic Design projects! * Strategic Design: “the integrated body of products, services and communication strategies that business and social actors conceive and develop to obtain a set of specific strategic results” * building and offering a complete system of metadesign projects in order to enable people easily * because even business strategies should be thought as projects (and therefore design)
  12. 12. Make Magazine as Metadesign and Strategic Design example * Make Magazine * Maker Faire * “Makers” Book (not Cory Doctorow's book) * Make: television * Make Controller Kit * Craft Magazine --> Tools, Knowledge, and Systems for DIY --> Metadesign projects offered within a whole Strategic Design project For Open Design we need Strategic Design and Metadesign initiatives
  13. 13. How do we design such Metadesign projects? --> Open P2P Design How do we offer them in a Strategic Design project? -->
  14. 14. Facilitating a P2P system: Open Health by RED (British Design Council) Source: This is... P2P Service Design!
  15. 15. What is Open P2P Design? Open Design (design of an open project) + P2P Design (design of a peer-to-peer system) = the co-design of Open P2P social systems
  16. 16. What is Open P2P Design? Open tools + Open process = Enabling Open Systems --> a proposal for a design methodology Designers become then Enablers, Facilitators... Metadesigners
  17. 17. What does Open P2P Design do? an open and p2p co-design process --> a collaborative activity self-organized by a community --> a collaborative activity that may design projects (Open Design is one of the possible applications) * service design+product design+social network analysis+... * enabling/co-designing a social system in a locality
  18. 18. Three Layers of Metadesign * Metadesign of Collaborative Activities: co-design a collaborative activity that will actually design the goal * Metadesign of Collaborative Activities that design tools: co-design a collaborative activity that will actually design the tools and processes for other Open Projects * Metadesign of Collaborative Activities that design the Metadesign process: co-design a collaborative activity that will actually redesign the Metadesign process itself (1) for Open (2) for tools for Projects Open Processes (3) for rededesigning itself
  19. 19. What is It's the Strategic Design project that offers Open P2P Design Metadesign projects It's not a startup (yet) but an hub in the Open Design network From March 2005: Next: 1 master degree thesis 3 books 1 paper 1 keynote speech 1 book 3 workshops 4 workshops 1 Open Everything event (?) 1-2 open source softwares (?) A larger network
  20. 20. : completed project Book 00: An introduction to Open P2P Design and Spreading knowledge about Open P2P Design
  21. 21. : next projects Book 01: Open Source tools for Open Design Projects * Free/Open Source Softwares for Design * Free/Open Source File Formats for Design * Web-based services for Design * ... Spreading knowledge about Tools
  22. 22. : next projects Book 02: Strategic Design and Metadesign for Open Design Projects * Past and Present of Open Design * The Distributed Manufacturing Scenario * Metadesign guide for Open Design projects * ... Spreading knowledge about Processes for Open Design projects
  23. 23. : next projects Book 03: Open P2P Design: Metadesign for Complex Projects * Open P2P Design * Design & Complexity * Metadesign guide for Collaborative Activities * ... Spreading knowledge about Processes for open collaborative activities
  24. 24. : design tool (a proposal for a project) Software(s): Collaborative Design tools * Version Control System for Open Design projects + * Web-based Open Design Forge for Open Design projects Needs: * Open Source * Multiplatform * Open file formats A tool that visualizes: * Scripting/API * processes * resources * networks * interactions * history * reputation
  25. 25. : a proposal for a project Software(s): Collaborative Design tools Existing softwares that can be used: * Aptana/Eclipse/... (IDE) * SVN/... (Version Control Systems) * Trac/... (Forge) * Archimedes/... (CAD...and Eclipse IDE) What they lack now: * Image/CAD/2D/3D file formats viewer and versions diff/merge * Integration with CAD/2D/3D softwares * Integration with other Open Design communities * Integration with P2P Clients (BitTorrent/...) * ...
  26. 26. Any questions or comments?
  27. 27. Thank you! Massimo Menichinelli Do you want to join or contact us?