Customer Solution Case Study                                           Audio Company Enhances Image, Cuts Costs           ...
“Our global brand                           Situation                                      and this negatively affected ou...
Solution                                                                              In late 2009, D&M Holdings conducted...
Creating an Engaging User Experience         disseminate content from its coreThe new D&M Holdings sites feature          ...
“With SharePoint Server                   brand. D&M Holdings plans to extend           to complete the migration of its  ...
“SharePoint Server 2010                   we had to engage outside resources.          through the website. “When a custom...
achieving operational cost savings are“The money we are                           essential to our success.” D&M Holdingss...
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Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 for Internet Sites Enterprise - D&M Holdings


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Omnie Solutions (I) Pvt. Ltd. Implemented Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 for D&M Holdings account as the foundation for enterprise web content management. Marketing teams control content and distribute it to 74 sites. D&M Holdings needed centralized management of its brand websites to improve marketing and reduce costs. MicroSoft published case study on their website.

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Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 for Internet Sites Enterprise - D&M Holdings

  1. 1. Customer Solution Case Study Audio Company Enhances Image, Cuts Costs with Global Web Content ManagementOverview “SharePoint Server 2010 helped us build a much moreCountry or Region: JapanIndustry: Manufacturing—High Tech standardized, streamlined, impactful brand image.”and Electronics Vaishali Benner, Director of Strategic Marketing, D&M HoldingsCustomer ProfileD&M Holdings, based in Japan, with2,500 employees, markets its premiumaudio and video equipment through D&M Holdings manufactures nine brands of premium consumerbrands that include Denon, Marantz,McIntosh, and Boston Acoustics. electronics, including Denon and Marantz, and sells its products in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region. TheBusiness SituationD&M Holdings needed centralized company needed to streamline management of its brandmanagement of its brand websites to websites to improve marketing and reduce costs. D&M Holdingsimprove marketing and reduce costs. selected Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for Internet Sites as theSolution foundation for a global web content management system. WithD&M Holdings used MicrosoftSharePoint Server 2010 as the the solution, the company has consolidated nine differentfoundation for enterprise web content website platforms into one, centralized content management formanagement. Marketing teams controlcontent and distribute it to 74 sites. its marketing teams, and created a cohesive brand image. Website user experience has improved so much that the numberBenefits Simplified web content management of visitors leaving the site after viewing only one or two pages Better user experience boosts has dropped nearly 25 percent. Further, the company expects to marketing success Better collaboration, less complexity, recover its investment in the solution in just one year, due to big savings reduced IT complexity and software licensing costs. Streamlined development and integration
  2. 2. “Our global brand Situation and this negatively affected our D&M Holdings, a privately owned marketing exposure,” says Vaishaliwebsites lacked design electronics company headquartered in Benner, Director of Strategic Marketing Japan, produces and markets premium at D&M Holdings.and branding continuity, audio and video electronics equipment.and this negavitely Its nine brands are renowned for quality Furthermore, creating or modifying and innovation, and their longevity website content was a time-consumingaffected our marketing proves this: Denon, established in 1910, and costly process. Many of the just celebrated its 100-year anniversary. company’s websites relied on olderexposure.” Other D&M Holdings brands include content management software, but, says Vaishali Benner, Director of Strategic Marantz, McIntosh, Boston Acoustics, Benner, “Using our legacy platform, it Marketing, D&M Holdings Denon DJ, Calrec, and Allen & Heath. took a few hours to do a simple task like post a new product to a website.” To D&M Holdings has grown through offload this burden for the marketing acquisitions and has marketing, department, the company hired a manufacturing, and distribution centers freelancer to update its websites, which in the Asia Pacific region, North America, resulted in additional costs. Also, it was and Europe. As a result of its acquisitions, difficult to feature product promotions D&M Holdings experienced a because the structure of the websites proliferation of disparate IT systems and varied enormously. For instance, only services, including more than 200 some D&M Holdings sites could support consumer websites which were based on banner ads. Therefore, ads had to be nine different technology platforms such created in different sizes, using different as the PHP scripting language, and creative material, which further increased Adobe ColdFusion. It also relied on the costs and impeded collaboration. services of multiple hosting providers “Requirements varied so much that our and third-party design and development marketing teams had no reason to work firms to maintain these websites. “Our together on design or messaging.” hosting, development, and software costs were very high,” says Lalit Panda, For its European sites, which span many Chief Information Officer at D&M countries and cultures, D&M Holdings Holdings. “And, we did not have found it extremely challenging to centralized control over our website support multiple versions of the same source code or content.” content in different languages. Each country built and maintained individual D&M Holdings must coordinate product websites for each supported language, branding and website management which totaled 22 websites in all. “We efforts among marketing offices and couldn’t maintain brand consistency distributors. However, the decentralized because the central European office website environment challenged the wasn’t controlling content for all the company’s global marketing efforts. Each sites,” says Bert Kiggen, Director of region, country, and even product Product and Marketing at D&M Holdings distributor developed its own website in Europe. “Nothing was shared. This content. Thus, it was impossible for the wasn’t a sustainable strategy for meeting company to maintain a cohesive brand our objectives of premium brand image. “Our global brand websites management and effective cost lacked design and branding continuity, containment.”
  3. 3. Solution In late 2009, D&M Holdings conducted a thorough evaluation of web content management systems, including solutions from EMC and Autonomy Interwoven. It also evaluated Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for Internet Sites. The company’s primary requirements of the new platform were that it help to reduce cost and complexity, integrate well with the rest of the company’s IT infrastructure, was easy-to-use for nontechnical people, and could extend to support future integrations, such as e- commerce, customer relationship management, and a company intranet. “On all those points, SharePoint 2010 proved to be the best solution,” saysFigure 1. New Marantz website Panda. home page, based on SharePoint Server 2010. D&M Holdings then engaged Omnie And for customers, the website Solutions, a Microsoft Registered Partner experience was less than ideal. For with expertise with Microsoft SharePoint example, on some D&M Holdings sites Server, to help the company design, search functionality was limited, while develop, and implement an enterprise other sites did not even support search web content management solution functionality. Navigation was based on SharePoint 2010 for Internet cumbersome, and customers found it Sites. “Omnie is our go-to partner in this challenging to locate product project,” says Benner. “The company information. Because users could not understands our business and how to find what they were looking for, the address our needs in the SharePoint “bounce rate,” or rate at which visitors environment.” left the websites after viewing just one or two pages, was high. “On the Denon U.S. In March 2010, Omnie Solutions helped site, our bounce rate was 30 percent,” D&M Holdings begin a global migration says Benner. To improve the user of its websites. The project includes experience, D&M Holdings turned to consolidating more than 200 disparate outside vendors to provide sites to 74, centralizing content enhancements to search functionality management to core marketing teams in and other components of the sites. “We Europe, North America, and the Asia were spending money to fix something Pacific region, and relocating website that was truly broken. We were using infrastructure to the D&M Holdings stopgap measures when we really North American headquarters in needed a complete website Mahwah, New Jersey. infrastructure overhaul.”
  4. 4. Creating an Engaging User Experience disseminate content from its coreThe new D&M Holdings sites feature marketing sites to individual country orstreamlined navigation and easy-to- distributor sites. For instance, the corebrowse product catalogs. Developers marketing team in Europe, which isused the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 based in the Netherlands, createsUltimate development system, Microsoft website content for all of the company’sVisual Studio Team Foundation Server European sites. An automated workflow2010, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 in SharePoint Server 2010 ensures thatWeb Parts, and Microsoft SharePoint content is routed to and reviewed by aDesigner 2010 to create a rich, designated series of approvers such asinteractive user experience. (See Figure 1 copywriters, editors, designers, andfor an example of one of these new marketing managers. All digital assets,sites.) D&M Holdings incorporated including graphics, logos, text, andanimations to boost visibility for multimedia files, are stored in a centralproducts and services being promoted, repository in SharePoint lists. Individualand mapping functionality to help site owners select the assets they needcustomers locate nearby resellers. such as graphics and website copy,Developers also used SharePoint list translate the content, and publish it infunctionality to create a repository to their respective languages. Globalstore and manage product catalog data. changes (such as modifying site“Visual Studio 2010, and its seamless navigation) are automatically propagatedconnection to SharePoint Server 2010, to all the sites.helps our team dramatically,” says NirajPatpatia, Technical Architect and Senior Integrating and Improving SearchBusiness Analyst at Omnie Solutions. “We To help customers find information morecan deploy code directly within the easily, the company employed searchSharePoint Server environment.” functionality in SharePoint Server 2010. Using managed metadata capabilities inCentralizing Web Content SharePoint Server, D&M HoldingsManagement centrally defines taxonomies for itsDevelopers customized the environment website content, which allows theusing out-of-the-box SharePoint Server company to easily manage and apply2010 features such as master pages and tags to website content to deliverpage layouts, which allow D&M Holdings context-sensitive search results. Thisto create and maintain “templates” that metadata tagging capability also helpsinclude site design and branding the company increase its visibility inguidelines for each brand. Content search engines and attract moreowners in each brand’s marketing customers to its sites.department use a web-based text editorto modify site content without help from Connecting to Social Networking Sitesthe IT department. The site templates D&M Holdings also uses configurablealso allow D&M Holdings to quickly and Web Parts in SharePoint Server 2010 toeasily deploy new sites as it enters new connect its websites to popular socialmarkets or works with new distributors. media forums such as Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. This is just the first step inD&M Holdings relies on the variations the company’s strategy to capitalize onfeature of SharePoint Server 2010 to technology to increase exposure for its
  5. 5. “With SharePoint Server brand. D&M Holdings plans to extend to complete the migration of its this connection to its customer remaining six brand sites to the new2010, the process is so relationship management (CRM) system. platform by August 2011. In future “For instance, if a customer comments on phases, D&M Holdings plans to deploysimple that our a product through a social networking an e-commerce platform to enhance itsmarketing staff can make site, this detail will be captured in CRM,” business-to-business sales capabilities, explains Benner. using Microsoft Commerce Server 2009.quick modifications and The company will use Microsoft BizTalk Consolidating Infrastructure Server 2010 to enable interoperationupdates to the sites Previously, D&M Holdings maintained among SharePoint Server 2010,without IT intervention.” website infrastructure in dispersed data Commerce Server 2009, the company’s centers in multiple countries. The new Oracle-based enterprise resource Vaishali Benner, Director of Strategic infrastructure is located in a single data planning (ERP) system, as well as third- Marketing, D&M Holdings center in New Jersey, where two servers party shipping and taxation service run the Windows Server 2008 R2 providers. operating system and SharePoint Server 2010, and two servers run Microsoft SQL Benefits Server 2008 R2 Enterprise data Using SharePoint Server 2010, D&M management software. Active Directory Holdings has simplified its web content Domain Services provides user management processes, empowered its authentication capabilities to manage marketing departments, reduced IT costs, access to the authoring environment. improved customer experience, and D&M Holdings uses the content streamlined its development efforts. deployment feature of SharePoint Server 2010 to schedule and control the Simplified Web Content Management publishing of content from its authoring In its previous environment, content for environment to the production each country and distributor website was environment, and it relies on Microsoft developed independently, with no System Center Operations Manager 2007 oversight from core marketing teams. R2 to manage and monitor the health of D&M Holdings managed and maintained its SharePoint Server environment and to more than 200 websites. With SharePoint help ensure top performance and Server 2010, D&M Holdings has reduced availability. the number of sites by more than 50 percent. The company uses features such Future Plans as master pages, page layouts, and site In April 2011, after gathering and variations to enable its marketing teams organizing data from its 200 disparate in Europe, North America, and the Asia sites and finalizing guidelines for a new Pacific region to manage website content global brand image, D&M Holdings for the company’s nine brands and completed its migration of the Denon, distribute it for publication to 74 sites, in Marantz, and McIntosh websites to 18 countries, and 10 languages. “With SharePoint Server 2010. “The SharePoint Server 2010, the process is so development was one of the quickest simple that our marketing staff can make parts of this comprehensive brand quick modifications and updates to the revitalization process,” explains Manish sites without IT intervention,” says Om Maheshwary, Chief Executive Officer Benner. “That was impossible for us to at Omnie Solutions. The company plans do, before. It took hours of our time and
  6. 6. “SharePoint Server 2010 we had to engage outside resources. through the website. “When a customer The improvement is astronomical.” posts to Facebook or Twitter about onehas helped us of our products, we can capture those Alex Alexandrou, Vice President of Web details in CRM,” explains Benner. “Thiscollaborate and Technology at D&M Holdings adds, will provide us with valuable insight intocooperate on a global “With SharePoint Server 2010 as our the customer’s situation should they later global web content management system, contact us with a question or a servicescale.” our environment is vastly simpler. We request.” can now truly support the marketing Bert Kiggen, Director of Product and department in its efforts to build and Better Collaboration, Less Complexity Marketing, D&M Holdings, Europe maintain a strong, global brand Means Big Savings presence.” Enterprise web content management capabilities have helped D&M Holdings Better User Experience Boosts marketing teams achieve better brand Marketing Success consistency, innovation, and cost savings. Now that all D&M Holdings sites are “Now that all regions have the same based on a common infrastructure, the website capabilities, if one region creates company’s dispersed marketing teams a unique website innovation or can use the same website assets—such enhancement, all regions benefit from it,” as creative campaign materials for a explains Benner. “Essentially, we are now product promotion—across multiple splitting many of our design, marketing, sites. The consistency results in a better and development costs three ways, customer experience. “Before, among among Europe, North America, and Asia regions, our brand sites had a very Pacific instead of creating similar disjointed look and feel. SharePoint features, functionalities, or product Server 2010 helped us build a much promotions three different times.” more standardized, streamlined, impactful brand image,” says Benner. Additionally, the common platform encourages collaboration. “Before, we Greater consistency, improved had little reason to collaborate on a navigation, engaging content that global scale because each region had its includes rich multimedia experiences, separate challenges to overcome and and enhanced search capabilities all technologies to work within,” says contribute to a better customer Kiggen. “Now, we are working with the experience.“ The bounce rate for our same tools, in the same environment. Denon site has decreased by 29 SharePoint Server 2010 has helped us percent—that’s almost a 100 percent collaborate and cooperate on a global improvement since implementing scale.” SharePoint Server 2010,” says Benner. In addition, D&M Holdings takes advantage From an IT perspective, SharePoint of the extensible nature of the Server 2010 helps D&M Holdings reduce SharePoint Server 2010 environment to costs by reducing IT complexity. “All of improve customer service in creative our brand websites are now hosted ways. For instance, by integrating its centrally in the same data center. We CRM system with SharePoint Server have reduced our footprint and 2010, D&M Holdings will be able to increased our control,” says Panda. capture key customer information “Enhancing our marketing efforts and
  7. 7. achieving operational cost savings are“The money we are essential to our success.” D&M Holdingssaving in hosting, will recoup its investment in SharePoint Server 2010 quickly. “The money we aredevelopment, and saving in hosting, development, and software licensing costs will result in asoftware licensing costs return on our investment in SharePointwill result in a return on Server 2010 in just one year,” says Panda. “And that is not including the timeour investment in savings we are realizing from the decreased burden of contentSharePoint Server 2010 management on our IT staff.”in just one year.” Streamlined Development and Lalit Panda, Chief Information Officer, Integration D&M Holdings The SharePoint Server 2010 environment also streamlines development and integration work for Omnie Solutions and D&M Holdings. “With SharePoint Server 2010, we reduce our time-to- market for websites by approximately 30 percent,” says Om Maheshwary. “I attribute this to out-of-the-box functionality, such as prebuilt SharePoint Server Web Parts, and easy connection to other systems.” Alexandrou adds, “With SharePoint Server 2010 and the rest of our Microsoft-based environment, we experience tight integration and strong product support. In this environment, we don’t need to do special, complex integrations to get things to work. We have the luxury of working with products that are easy to integrate and work within the Microsoft .NET Framework to expand our capabilities enterprisewide.”
  8. 8. For More Information Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010For more information about Microsoft Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 is theproducts and services, call the business collaboration platform for theMicrosoft Sales Information Center at enterprise and the web.(800) 426-9400. In Canada, call theMicrosoft Canada Information Centre For more information about Microsoftat (877) 568-2495. Customers in the SharePoint Server 2010, go to:United States and Canada who are or hard-of-hearing can reachMicrosoft text telephone (TTY/TDD)services at (800) 892-5234. Outside the50 United States and Canada, pleasecontact your local Microsoft subsidiary.To access information using the WorldWide Web, go more information about OmnieSolutions products and services, call(404) 442-6200 or visit the website at:www.omniesolutions.comFor more information about D&MHoldings products and services, call(81) 44-670-1111 or visit the websiteat: Software and Services   Microsoft Server Product Portfolio − Active Directory Domain Services − Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for Internet Sites Partners − Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010  Omnie Solutions − Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 − Windows Server 2008 R2 − Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise − Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R2 − Microsoft Commerce Server 2009 − Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010  Microsoft Visual Studio − Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate − Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010