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  1. 1. The orld’s easiest to build& most affordable video ads.
  2. 2. The Problem
  3. 3. The ProblemThe internet, as a video advertising platform, has some major LIMITTIONS.
  4. 4. The Solution
  5. 5.  Ne Categoryddroid combines the ESE & FFORDBILITY of standard banners ith the VIDEO & HIGH INTERCTION of rich media.
  6. 6. Removing People Reduces CostRich media takes 2 EEKS of production time. Through automation, ddroid collapses that to just TO MINUTES hich LOERS THE COST to LESS THN HLF of our competition.
  7. 7. Run Video in Standard PlacementsNo, ad netorks are COMPTIBLE ITH VIDEO.
  8. 8. Market Size & Strategyddroid DISRUPTS RICH MEDI & PREROLL ith lo prices.dditionally, e EXPND THE MRKET into Standard Display.
  9. 9. Competitive Position ddroid is uniquely positioned in the space,combining the POER OF VIDEO ith FST TURNROUND.
  10. 10. Sales Pipelinee focus on selling directly to DVERTISERS ND GENCIES and HITE LBLE SOLUTIONS for large ad netorks.
  11. 11. Impression CountIn one short year, ddroids gron by OVER 800%.
  12. 12. Founders Matt Cooper Brian Robinson Founder and CEO Co-Founder and CTOFounder and Creative Director of Neoganda: a digital Former Co-founder and technical lead of Codeita: a advertising boutique in Los ngeles ith a focus on cloud-based collaborative environment to create andentertainment and automotive clients—in operation publish LMP based code. Think Heroku for PHP. Gained since 2005. ard inning designer and developer. 1000 repeat users before open sourcing the project. 15 Years in digital advertising Proven ability to execute a complex site 6 years of management experience Cloud based platform development expert Hands-on product guy Experienced leading dev teams
  13. 13. Thank you!“I can tell you right no e loved the service.” - Mike McCarver, Lionsgate“I really think this is something e should start offering.” - Mike Neell, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners“It’s a very compelling solution.” - Gerry ilson, ppNexus Matt Cooper  |  CEO, ddroid  |  8455 Beverly Blvd., Suite 309 est Hollyood, C 90048  |  ( 323.370.1081  |  *