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Orbis Presentation [Compatibility Mode]


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Enterprise Mobility Simplified

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Orbis Presentation [Compatibility Mode]

  1. 1. Organization Profile• Orbis Media Technologies is a specialized product development company with mobile technology platform as the focus.• Today, Orbis Media Technologies is scaling up rapidly in mobile space by offering business solutions to its client base that includes verticals like Field service, Telecom, Transportation and distribution, Public Sector, construction, Pharmaceutical, Financial and insurance, logistics, sales force automation, to name a few.• We provide key products that support and improve business efficiency, scalability and stability of operations of various business functions.
  2. 2. Capabilities• Marketing – Orbis has a team of dedicated, experienced Sales and Marketing professionals with more than 50 man years of combined experience.• Engineering – Orbis has a team of highly skilled people with more than 100 man years of combined experience.• Support – Orbis is capable of providing world class technical and customer support to its customers.• Financials – Orbis is self funded, “Cash Flow Positive”.
  3. 3. Product Overview• Orbis Mobile platform is world class product built by highly qualified domain experts.• It helps in building success stories in efficient field resource management.• A simple yet powerful tool that helps customers in tracking their employees, their tasks, schedules, location while on the move.• The superior design and built-in architecture allows to customize the application to suit specific requirements.• Instant reporting helps administrators in better planning of resources, man, machine and money.• When used by sales team, improves predictability in sales forecasting resulting into better production planning in turns improves the profitability.
  4. 4. Product Benefits• Easy to deploy• Plug and play• Low cost• Available in SAAS as well as deployed solution• Quick and easy integrations with any external systems.• Complaint with world’s largest online payroll systems.
  5. 5. Market OpportunityMobile resource management is an un explored market in India withimmense potential. Orbis Products are best suitable for following verticals,• Field Service • Public sector• Telecom • Construction• Sales Force Automation • Pharmaceutical• Field Reporting Automation • Financial and Insurance Sector• Transportation and Distribution • Logistics ...and many more!
  6. 6. Benefits to Customers• OMT Platform is a powerful application that enhances and benefits businesses with: – Configurable Workflows – Accurate Location Tracking – Excellent Shift and Fleet Management – Seamless Integrations with Payroll like ADP and other ERP packages – Efficient Barcode Scanning – Simple User Interface – Flawless Data Reporting, and more.
  7. 7. Team• Orbis has a very strong and experienced team with proven capabilities in the field of mobile applications for field resources of any organization.• The team is a dynamic mix of youthful energy and professional wisdom.• The team is dedicated and passionate about client success, regardless the complexity and scale of the challenge.
  8. 8. Existing Customers and PartnersCustomers – A Mobile Carrier in Middle East (Part of Qtel group) has deployed the solutions and are successful running.Partners – Upcoming sales force automation companies.