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Medisoft Hospital Management System

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Hms e brochure

  1. 1. About Emergys Emergys is an industry leading Business Transformation Service Provider that offers pre-packaged, industry specific solutions that provide companies the ability to improve Our History of successful efficiency, reduce costs and streamline processes. business partnerships Founded in 1998 Headquarters located in Durham, NC Offices located in: USA, India, China, Mexico, Canada Over 350+ Implementation Consultants ISO 9001:2008 Certified Solution Portfolio Enterprise Resource Planning Customer Relationship Manager Product Life Cycle Management Supplier Relationship Management Human Capital Management Supply Chain Management Business Intelligence/Analytics
  2. 2. Why Emergys Our Culture… We are passionate about our commitment to our customers. At Emergys, the “Customer always comes first". We are committed to make personal sacrifices in order to fulfill our commitments and satisfy our customers. We operate our customer’s business as our own, always providing effective communication, sharing of thoughts, best practices, application of strong technical solutions and integration into our customer’s operations to better deploy usable solutions are our core beliefs. We rate our success only based on the "Return on Investment" realized by our customers in using our services. We operate on the core values of customer focus and corporate citizenship.
  3. 3. Emergys Portfolio SOLUTIONS
  4. 4. Emergys Delivery Models On Demand Consulting Services @ Client Sites Onsite Partner with Client Project Managers Staff Supplementation extended as an alternate model Time & Material or Fixed Bid Services delivered from Emergys Premises – Typically near Nearsite shore to the client geography Managed by Emergys Project Managers Project/Assignment/Consulting based Time & Material or Fixed Bid or Value based Services delivered from low cost deliver locations with Offsite centralized control in client geography Managed by Emergys Project Managers Project/Assignment/Consulting based Time & Material or Fixed Bid or Value based Clients can leverage one or more of the delivery models to get the best value for their investment as well obtain superior delivery experience
  5. 5. Emergys Value Proposition VALUE TO CLIENTS EXECUTIVE REFERENCES Proven End-to-End Solution delivery expertise VP, Supply Chain BTO Delivery, IBM BCS driving long-term and repeatable customer partnerships VP, Supply Chain Transformation, IBM ISC CIO, International Information Products, IBM China Agile On Demand Workforce with diverse and state VP, IBM Global Services, IBM of art skills and core competence to meet the just in time market needs Director, BTO Supply Chain Solutions, IBM BCS Director, Integrated Supply Chain, IBM Seamless Knowledge Transfer capability to Program Director, IBM Global Services, IBM translate our success to our clients Business Transformation & IT Mgr, Lenovo Business Centric Execution to drive Top line, Sr. Manager, International Information Products , IBM Bottom line & ROI benefits to our clients China Sr. Manager, IBM Global Services, IBM Strategize to introduce changes incrementally Sr. Manager, IBM Mexico within our client enterprises to deliver value centric CEO, Mid Market Business Business Transformation President & CEO, John Huber, Radiator Specialty Delivery Industry Specific Best Practices to build Company world in class business models for our clients to help Semih Ulkuatam, President, Beyond Portals them evolve as market leaders Bert Jarreau, CIO, National Association of Counties
  6. 6. Emergys Awards & Recognition
  7. 7. Awards & Recognition Emergys US: Awarded “All-in-One Partner of the Quarter Award” Emergys India: Awarded “Sales Supremo Award” by SAP for SAP Business One
  8. 8. Emergys Customers
  9. 9. Customer Success Stories Global SAP roll out for Integrated Full end-to-end SAP implementation Designed and integrated a bar code Supply Chain, Transition of IBM PCD within 16 weeks, for 2 site locations. system solution with SAP Active to Lenovo, SAP Ledger Project, SAP Project included process integration, Warehouse Change & Release Management, deployment, legacy systems data MITSUBISHI MOTOR End-to-End World Wide Test migration, testing and post production Management for IGS, Security and support. Authorizations Developed & optimized solutions to Designed and implemented a web Transition of IBM PCD systems to integrate communications between portal which allows users to Lenovo environment including SAP & Volvo Cars and Retailers communicate, collaborate in virtual legacy systems, End-to-End World workplaces, participate in virtual Wide Test Management and defined meetings and share documents via architecture blue print for financial intranet backend. Implementation support Rendered support in their e-business Designed, developed, implemented services to American Cement operations and post production and supported an E-commerce Company for SAP’s Sales support provided for their SAP & web- solution to integrate customers, and Distribution Module. based applications suppliers and GE Partners Designed and implemented data Full SAP Implementation of the HR Developed a web based portal to for transformation from various POS module including data migration from the Health, Safety & Environment systems into a new Data Warehouse legacy systems to SAP, testing, Department deployment and post production support
  10. 10. Customer Testimonials "Companies work with different software vendors all the time. When SAP converted our account to Emergys a year ago, I was kind of worried because our company is very small. I thought we may not get the support that we needed because we had not purchased our original SAP licenses from Emergys. Understanding software licensing is not easy and you need someone you can trust. We had a number of licensing problems at the beginning of this year with our renewals. Our account executive from Emergys did not care that we had one of the smallest SAP installations on the planet or we did not originally purchased the software from Emergys... She was there whenever I needed her help. I would recommend Emergys very highly to small and medium size businesses and organizations. You can count on them, they take your problems as if it was theirs." Semih Ulkuatam, President Beyond Portal “The decision to upgrade our current systems was easy because they were not integrated and the software was no longer supported. We chose SAP because of its positive performance in RSC demos as well as its reputation and longevity with small to mid-size companies. We chose Emergys to lead our implementation because we were confident that they would do a thorough implementation, on time and on-budget. Emergys actually exceeded our expectations. They were as committed to the project as we were.” John Huber, President & CEO Radiator Specialty Company “Emergys has taken customer responsiveness to a whole new level. When the National Association of Counties was faced with abruptly changing SAP support partners, Emergys took the strategic view of earning our business by implementing a project plan to address our major concerns. Time and again they’ve risen to the occasion to address our needs, although we’re only an 80-person, $20 Million non- profit organization. It’s this level of service and responsiveness that keeps me a loyal customer. " Bert Jarreau, CIO National Association of Counties
  11. 11. UNC Healthcare Company Background Location: Chapel Hill, NC Industry: Healthcare Revenue: Rs. 15.4 Billion Employees: 4300 Products and Services: Healthcare Facility Project Details: Emergys developed a custom web-based Clinical Information System for use across the NC State run 750-bed hospital. The CIS integrates over 8 in-house and external applications for consolidating information for ready access to the physicians to deliver improved patient care. WebCIS is custom built for UNC using the Java technology and used by over 3000 users creating more than 20000 notes every day. Implementation Highlights Solution Delivered: WebCIS Services Delivered: Consulting, Custom Application Development, Testing, Support Existing Environment: IBM Mainframe, IBM WebSphere Application Server, IBM DB2 and MS SQL Server Project Start Date: July 2003 Project End Date: Ongoing Development Man Months: 570 Project Status: In Progress Client Satisfaction Status: Excellent
  12. 12. Testimonial
  13. 13. Testimonial...Contd
  14. 14. Medisoft – Hospital Management System A hospital, irrespective of its size, is the most complex and diverse-activity institution, where even small things have to be accounted for and the tiniest detail preserved. The task is even more burdensome and intrinsic in multi-specialty hospitals. Hence it is imperative for every hospital to have an efficient and structured administrative system. This multi user, integrated software covers the entire chain of healthcare delivery, right from pharmacy to a multi specialty hospital. All these modules have been developed after extensive market research, inputs from several experts and interaction with users. Our offering in Medisoft provides flexibility to the hospitals, whether large or medium or small sized, to choose from various modules to match their specific needs. MedisoftTM HMS consists of 20 integrated modules. The modules can be broadly divided into three major sub-categories i.e. Patient Care, Support Services, and Administrative Services. The modular fashion allows hospitals to choose the required modules for its functions.
  15. 15. Technology & System
  16. 16. Features
  17. 17. Benefits of Medisoft HMS Increase in revenues through online charge capturing and tracking of services. Reduced operational costs through increase in productivity. Better inventory management. Increased productivity and elimination of human errors. Integration with medical equipment. Improved patient satisfaction through reduced turnaround time at points of care. Improved decision making through availability of information across departments. Integration of all modules resulting in smooth data flow. Barcode, Smart Card, Biometrics and RF optionally on required service areas Includes ICD – 9 Codes HL 7 Compliant optionally Accurate and Quick generation of bills/Reports Auto Posting of interim bills in final bill at the time of discharge Querying of IP/OP status at any point of time
  18. 18. Modules of Medisoft- HMS PATIENT CARE ADMIN SERVICES SUPPORT SERVICES OP Management Regn & Reception CSSD IP Management Billing & Collections Radiology Drug & Pharmacy Financial Accounting Laundry & Linen Laboratory Equipment Diet and Kitchen Maintenance Nursing Station Inventory Appointments Duty Roster Medical Records Payroll Management Operation Theatre Blood bank Electronic Medical Record-EMR
  19. 19. Registration & Reception Registration is the primary function that creates and maintains the patient master record. The reception module handles in-patient and outpatient registration and admission. It can handle enquiries about the patient's admission and discharge details, bed census, and the patient's movements within the hospital. The Registration module is an integrated patient management system, which captures complete and relevant patient demographic details. Inputs / Features: Outputs / Reports: OP / IP Registration Visitor Enquiry MLC Entry IP/OP Registration Register Corporate Wise IP/OP Registration Register Doctor Wise Registration List Admission Discharge List Ward & Bed wise In Patient status Discharge Summary MLC Register Birth Register Death Register
  20. 20. Appointments The Appointments module covers the appointment fixing procedures for patients. It covers all the details like allocating appointment slots as per doctor’s visit, making appointments for the given slot. Blocking the appointments when the doctor is not available. Inputs / Features: Doctor Availability Block Doctor Timing Slot Appointment Fixing Outputs / Reports: Appointment Status Special Features/Functions of the Module: Application allows fixing the appointment only on the available timings and that is handled by the application. Multi Slot facility for appointment fixing. Blocking / Cancellation of appointments. Facility to view the appointment status from the Doctor’s Desk. Facility to fix representative / personal appointments
  21. 21. Out-Patient Management This module allows the user to administer outpatients with clinical and administrative functions. Generation of outpatient health card can be done. OP details like OP No., Name, Address, Sex, Consulting Doctor and Referral Doctor is captured in OP Management. Reports like Outpatient Register, Consultant Wise patient listing and features like Clinic Management, Scheduling of Doctor Appointment, Pre-Consultation and Consultation are available Inputs / Features: OP Review Entry OP Consultation Entry MLC Entry Lab Orders Medication Outputs / Reports: OP Register Doctor wise OP Consultation List Appointment Status Patient Last Consultation View OP Count Register
  22. 22. In-Patient Management The inpatient module is designed to take care of all the activities and functions pertaining to Inpatient Management. This module automates the day-to-day administrative activities and provides instant access to other modules, which leads to a better patient care. It provides comprehensive data pertaining to Admission of Patients, Availability of beds, Estimation, Planned admission, Emergency admission, MLC and so on. The Inpatient module also deals with bed transfers. Reports like inpatient Register, Expected Discharge List, Discharge Summary are available Inputs / Features: Outputs / Reports: IP Consultations (Episode Tracking) IP Register Doctor Notes Doctor Wise IP List Doctor Orders Room Wise IP List Order Execution Bed Transfer Report Medication Occupancy Ratio Bed Transfer Admission & Discharge List Operation Posting IP Status Report Discharge Entry Operation Posting Book Register Birth Entry Patient Wise Consumption List Death Entry MLC Entry Indent Processing
  23. 23. Billing & Cash Collection This is the most important function that takes place in every hospital. The billing module facilitates cashier and billing operations for different categories of patients, and automatic posting of charges for different services such as lab tests, medicines supplied, consulting fees, food and beverage charges, etc. This module captures the Advance Receipts, Interim Bill Collection details, Credit Collections etc. User can define new account heads and sub heads. Inputs / Features: Outputs / Reports: Account Head, Sub Heads and OP Receipt Charge Class Definition OP Collection Report (Date wise) Daily Collection Entry - OP Patients OP Collection Report (Number wise) Lab Bill Entry OP Collection Report Summary IP – Advance Entry Lab Receipt IP – Interim Bill Entry Lab Bill IP – Final Bill Entry Lab Collection Report (Date Wise) Doctor Settlement Lab Collection Report (Number Wise) Payment & Receipt Entry Lab Collection Report Summary Advance Receipt
  24. 24. Billing & Cash Collection...contd Advance Collection Report (Date Wise) Advance Collection Report (Number Wise) Advance Collection Report Summary Approximate Final Bill Receipt Final Bill Receipt Final Bill Collection Report (Date wise) Final Bill Collection Report (Number wise) Final Bill Collection Report Summary Additional Features/Functions of IP Bill Status Report the Module: Interim Bill Split up Report Corporate Wise Tariff Definition Pending Payment Collection Report Approximate Billing Alerts on Advances and lab billing Corporate wise Collection Report Data Export Option Charge Class wise Report Revenue Sub Head Wise Report Debtor List – Pending Collections Room Rent Charges Cancelled Daily Collection Bills Consolidated Daily Collections Doctor Settlement Receipt Doctor Wise Settlement Report
  25. 25. OP Clinical Consultation General Consultation module allows tracking of clinical consultation of patients for each specialty. It captures the following important patient records information, Complaints and History Allergies & Disabilities Past Illness Lab results Vital Signs Medication Lab Test Prescription Order Execution Final diagnosis Chief Observations Medial Record
  26. 26. Laboratory Management This module enables the maintenance of investigation requests by the patient and generation of test results for the various available services, such as clinical pathology and X-ray. Requests can be made from various points, including wards, billing, sample collection and the laboratory receiving point. The laboratory module is integrated with the in-patient/ out-patient registration, wards and billing modules Investigation Report Outputs: Result & Requisition Printing Group-wise result printing Inventory Report Outputs Test Summary Purchase Order Printing Result Register Purchase Voucher Printing Balance Test List Purchase Register Department Wise Result Printing Supplier Payment list Supplier Balance Payment Issue Voucher Issue Register.
  27. 27. Laboratory Management...Contd MIS Report Outputs Cash Register Payment Due List Expenses Summary Bank Book Stock Register Reorder Level List Referral Fee Register Additional Features/Functions of the Module: Group and Subgroup Definition of Lab tests Package definition Alerts on pending and completed requisition SMS Messaging
  28. 28. Drug & Pharmacy Management This module is most primary and important function that captures the entire details of drugs. As most of the investment will be on drugs monitoring the drugs purchase and sales details are most important. This module captures the purchase inwards with related to its taxable rates, MRP, etc., Drugs Re-Order- Level can be maintained based upon the sales movement. Inputs / Features: Opening Stock Entry Purchase Order Entry Purchase Reports Purchase Inward Entry Daily Purchase Summary Purchase Payment Entry Purchase Register Sales Bill Purchase Analysis Sales Return Bill Supplier wise Purchase Report Best Supplier Purchase Order Printing Purchase Inward Printing Purchase Returns Printing Purchase Payment Pending Purchase Payment Report Short Expiry List Quotation Analysis Report
  29. 29. Drug & Pharmacy Management...contd Sales Reports Sales Report Sales Summary Sales Analysis MIS Reports Sales Returns Report Stock Statement Sales Returns Listing Non Billed Items Debtors List Nil Stock Statement VAT Sales/Purchase Register Reorder Level Reached List Prescription Register Schedule Register Slow Moving Items Product Flow Analysis Margin Statement – (Item wise) Supplier wise Item Report Supplier wise Manufacturer Report Credit Note Status
  30. 30. Nursing Station The wards module takes care of in-patient consultation, discharge, transfer and housekeeping. It deals with the maintenance of the wards, inter- and intra-ward transfers and preparation of the discharge summary. It also covers Patient’s Order executed details, Nursing notes IP Consultation Entry, Medication details, Scheduling Oxygen charges (hourly charges, half day charges & Daily charges) and Lab Requisitions. Inputs: Order Entry Nurse Notes Bed Transfer Lab Requisitions Outputs / Reports: Patient Complaint / Diagnosis Report Charge Scheduling Patient wise Order Completed / Discharge Entry Pending Report IP Consultations (Episode Tracking) IP- Patient wise Doctors Visit List Doctor Notes Discharge Report Doctor Orders Room wise IP Listing Medication
  31. 31. Medical Records System This module enables complete storage of patients' medical records. The complete hard copy of the history of a patient, along with diagnosis and prescription can be maintained. Patient data can be viewed to identify and as per the need of the doctor viz. disease, procedure, age, sex, and duration of stay. Inputs / Features: Physical Medical Report Document Issue MRD Document Returns Outputs / Reports: Surgery Details List of Issue & Return of Medical Master Index (ICD Code Entry) Record documents ICD Code wise Report Disease Index Dr. wise Registration Dr. wise Case Count Surgery Details Report Age wise Diagnosis Report Case wise Registration Status
  32. 32. Surgery Management This module deals with operation theatre activities such as pre-anaesthetic check-ups, pre-anaesthetic notes generation, recording anaesthesia details, maintaining the list of procedures for various operations, recording operation details, and maintaining operation theatre schedules. This module covers the Patient’s Operation executed details, Doctor notes, Surgeon Notes, Nursing notes, Medication details, Lab Requisitions and Bed Transfer to ward. Inputs / Features: Surgery Details Entry Surgery Equipment Usage Entry Pre Operative Notes Operation Episode Recording Outputs / Reports: Bed Transfer OT Register Lab Requisitions Operation Notes Bed transfer Details Surgery Schedule Register Surgery Booking Register Case wise Surgery Performed Report Doctor wise Surgery Performed Report Equipment Usage Report
  33. 33. Blood Bank Management The blood bank module provides information on the collection and storage of blood, results of blood tests, cross-matching identifications, and transfusion reactions. It also enables the maintenance of donor mailing lists and donation ledgers. Inputs / Features: Donor Registration Test Details Screening Information Blood Issue Blood destroy Outputs / Reports: Stock Register Donor Register Blood Destroy Issue Register (External/Internal) Rejection Register AIDS Project Report Screening Report Compatibility Certificate /Blood Matching reports
  34. 34. EMR The Electronic Medical Record Module is a fully integrated knowledge repository that caters to Medical and clinical records of patients. Medical records of patients & MIS Details can be stored and retrieved at any point of time. Then EMR will be web enabled and we would suggest the network to be a VPN. The EMR could be viewed from any where by the authorized persons. Features: Allows Doctors , Management to log into the portal. Patients demographic information, vital signs, allergies are available online Allows access to clinical information, diagnostics, consultation medication history of patients Patient Search with Various Search Strings Previous Visit Details Investigation Details Of Patient
  35. 35. CSSD Management This module facilitates maintaining the entire activities of the Central Sterile Supplies Department including details of instruments going for sterilization, instruments sterilized, instruments supplied, and instruments received from operation theatres/ wards. The autoclave register is maintained to record the details of sterilization. Inputs / Features: Tray Master Tray BOM Tray Sterilization tracking Tray Issue & Return Outputs / Reports: Stock Register Tray issue Register Tray Return Register Tray Consumable Usage Register Item Missing/Damaged Register
  36. 36. Dietary & Kitchen Management This module maintains the information regarding various diet routines of patients and identifies the resources required to satisfy diet orders. Depending on the diet orders and other requests from canteen, the kitchen order plan can be prepared to decide the menu for the day. Inputs / Features: Menu with calories Diet habits recording Diet Calculation and Advice Diet Order Diet Issue Outputs / Reports: Item Inventory Purchase Diet Advice Item Issues to Kitchen Diet issue Register Purchase Register Stock Statement Item issue to Kitchen Register
  37. 37. Inventory Management This module maintains the needs of a inventory management system. It enables users to generate purchase requisitions, receive quotations, make recommendations, generate purchase orders etc. It reports on stock balances, transfers, items with due expiry date, excess stock of items, etc. Inputs: MIS Reports Purchase & Issue Reports Item Master Daily Purchase Summary Daily Purchase Summary Opening Stock entry Item Ledger Purchase Register Purchase Order Entry Stock Statement Purchase Analysis Purchase Inward Entry Slow Moving Items Supplier wise Purchase Report Item Issue Non Moving Items Purchase Order Printing Stock Transfer ABC analysis Purchase Inward Printing Stock Adjustment Entry Purchase Order Track Purchase Returns Printing Stock Adjustment Report Purchase Payment Pending Purchase Payment Report Quotation Analysis Report Department Wise Issue Register
  38. 38. Laundry & Linen Stock Management Laundry activities, maintenance of linen and their status, requests for fresh linen from wards and procurement of fresh linen can be done. Inputs / Features: Materials Master Cloths master Opening stock entry Purchase inward entry. Wash In Entry /Wash Out Entry Outputs / Reports: Stitch In entry / Stitch Out Entry Item List Item Damaged Entry Wash In / Wash Out Register Stitch In / Stitch Out Register Purchase Register Stock Register Damaged Register Issue Register
  39. 39. Equipment Maintenance This module facilitates keeping track of medical equipments that are available in a hospital. It facilitates job order/breakdown processing, preventive maintenance and general operations thereby keeping this high-cost equipment in good condition. It maintains the stock and status of the machine with its purchase period, purchase value, damage details, salvage value etc… Also it covers AMC Schedule, Preventive Maintenance History, MTBF, MTTR. Maintenance of equipment by generating schedules for PM Mean time between failure and Mean time to repair for analysis Details on AMC’s Breakdown analysis ( Completed / Not Completed ) Preventive maintenance tracking Machine Insurance Details Asset tracking Contract Detail listing Supplier Listing Quotation Analysis
  40. 40. Finance & Accounts The Financial Accounting module completely automates the financial accounting requirements and procedures of the firm. This module gives all kind of ledger creation facilities, vouchers posting and even Bank Reconciliation facilities. Cash Book / Day Book Purchase Register Sales Register General Ledger Sub Ledger Trial Balance (GL) Trial Balance (SL) Profit & Loss Statement Balance Sheet
  41. 41. Duty Roster Schedule Management This module allows the user to schedule the shifts and work schedules of the DOCTOR, NURSE, PARAMEDICAL, TECHNICIAN PHARMACIST, OFFICE STAFF etc. Leave particulars Daily duty monitoring Statistics-attendance , leave, absent, working days, permission Time in / out entry
  42. 42. Payroll Management This module automates pay calculations, printing of salary slips, salary statements and PF statements, and provides monthly analysis of these Payroll operations. Inputs / Features: Company Details Department Details Designation Details Employee Details PF Slabs ESI Slabs Earning /Deductions Employee Earning and Deductions Leave Entry Payroll Processing Misc. Deductions Outputs / Reports: Pay Slip Printing New Advances PF Statement ESI Advance Recovery Bonus Statement
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