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Towards ethical open practices at a University of Technology during times of disruptions


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Daniela Gachago, Eunice Ivala, Cheryl Belford, Xena Cupido, Hillary Hartle, Suzaan Le Roux, Candice Livingston, Janine Lockhart, Andre Steenkamp, Bronwyn Swartz
Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Published in: Education
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Towards ethical open practices at a University of Technology during times of disruptions

  1. 1. Daniela Gachago, Cheryl Belford and Bronwyn Swartz Centre for Innovative Educational Technology Cape Peninsula University of Technology / @dgachago17 Towards (ethical) OEP in times of disruptions
  2. 2. Founded in 2014 - merger Largest institution in the Western Cape Serving predominantly underprivileged students CC -
  3. 3. context Institutional research project: Phase 1: OER staff and student survey Phase 2: Selection of eight OER pilots Importance of Community of Practice Disruption / #FMF: September - October 2016 Four lecturers involved in teaching - three continued, one did not Open Educational Practices?
  4. 4. 2016 CPUT OER pilots
  5. 5. Open educational practices - Move from OER towards OEP - ‘range of practices around the creation, use, and management of open educational resources with the intent to improve quality and innovate education’. (Andrade et al 2011) - ‘[i]mmersion in using and creating OER requires a significant change in practice and the development of specific attributes, such as openness, connectedness, trust, and innovation’ (Hegarty 2015)
  6. 6. ‘the special sauce’ are not contents produced but ‘the connections people make, the community that forms, and the identities they forge’(Luke 2017)
  7. 7. Bronwyn’s case Previously used online technology (LMS) in teaching practice #FMF triggered online activity more than ever before WhatsApp and YouTube became additional teaching tools
  8. 8. Cheryl’s case Journey starts with exposure to OEP (Literature or Project) Become active in technology (Google, Scribing, audioclip) Try something - PPoint, WhatsApp, video, etc Measure it (Marks, response rate, survey, reflections) Reflect, Revisit, Revise, Reissue
  9. 9. Open Pedagogy? Inspirational?
  10. 10. Tensions that emerged from the project ● Localisation vs Shareability ● Institutional requirements vs flexibility/access ● LMS vs open platforms ● Openness vs safety ● Quality vs responding quickly to needs ● Continuation of academic project vs supporting movement ● Supporting many vs supporting all ● ...
  11. 11. Disruption as positive trigger to more openness Step towards blended learning easier for lecturers because of involvement in OER project Definition of openness too limiting (Czerniewicz et al 2016)? Open is as open does (Smith 2016) Move towards openness / openness as a journey Ethics of openness (Archer and Prinsloo 2017)? Some preliminary conclusions...
  12. 12. Being able and willing to respond to change and disruption 1.Being attentive to your students’ needs 2.Taking responsibility 3.Being competent - being prepared & capable 4.Establishing communication channels with students - responsiveness 5.Solidarity? ( to think seriously about Joan Tronto (1993). Moral Boundaries: A Political Argument for an Ethic of Care. New York: Routledge. Towards an Ethics of Openness in our context
  13. 13. referencesAny questions? - -
  14. 14. References Andrade, A., Caine, A., and Carneiro, R., 2011. Beyond OER: Shifting Focus to Open Educational Practices: (OPAL Report 2011). Due-Publico, Essen. …, 1–191. Archer, E. and Prinsloo, P., 2017. Some exploratory thought on openness and an ethics of care. In: D. Singh and C. Stueckelberger, eds. Ethics in higher education research. Hegarty, B., 2015. Attributes of Open Pedagogy : A Model for Using Open Educational. Educational Technology, (August), 3–13. Luke, J., 2017. The OER Content Trap [online]. Econproph. Available from: Tronto, J., 1993. Moral boundaries: A political argument for an ethic of care. New York & London: Routledge.