Nurturing Global Collaboration #iCollab

Catherine Cronin
Catherine Croninopen educator, open researcher
Nurturing Global Collaboration
Catherine Cronin • Thomas Cochrane • #icollab
#EdTech14 • 31-May-14
“I don’t think
education is about
centralized instruction
anymore; rather, it is
the process [of]
establishing oneself
as a node in a broad
network of distributed
– Joi Ito @joi (2011)
Image: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 yobink
Flickr CC images: cdessums, infidelic, sholeh!
Flickr CC images: cdessums, infidelic, sholeh!
Space prepares you
to receive or to respond.
“Sensing Spaces”, Royal Academy of Arts - Jenny Mackness
Space prepares you
to receive or to respond.
“Sensing Spaces”, Royal Academy of Arts - Jenny Mackness
CC BY 2.0 linh.n
CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Susan NYC
CC BY 2.0 sndrv
Space prepares you
to receive or to respond.
“Sensing Spaces”, Royal Academy of Arts - Jenny Mackness
#icollab Vine by Daniel Adolph
learning... active, social, connected, open
Image: CC BY-NC 2.0 bitzi
“…largest and most comprehensive metanalysis of
undergraduate STEM education published to
date…results raise questions about the continued
use of traditional lecturing as a control in research
studies, and support active learning as the
preferred, empirically validated teaching practice in
regular classrooms.”
published May 2014
The higher education sector has reached a
critical point where it must address the
innovations that have changed the way its
learners, and the rest of society, seek and
engage with knowledge.
Image: CC BY 2.0 dlofink
At its best openness is an ethos
not a license. It's an approach to
teaching and learning that
builds a community of learners
online and off.
- Jim Groom
Nurturing Global Collaboration #iCollab
Nurturing Global Collaboration #iCollab
Nurturing Global Collaboration #iCollab
#icollab 2014
Nurturing Global Collaboration #iCollab
Nurturing Global Collaboration #iCollab
Image CC BY-ND 2.0 loop_oh
Nurturing Global Collaboration #iCollab
#icollab TAGSExplorer
thanks to @mhawksey
Nurturing Global Collaboration #iCollab
Nurturing Global Collaboration #iCollab
Nurturing Global Collaboration #iCollab
Nurturing Global Collaboration #iCollab
Nurturing Global Collaboration #iCollab
Source: Harold Jarche (2012) Coherent Communities
Nurturing Global Collaboration #iCollab
student voices
Social Media Tips #mscsm #icollab University of Salford
“I learned a lot more about writing to the public. Before
this I would have been less likely to express my views to
a group of people online whereas now I would not have a
problem in doing so.”
“By posting publicly it opened up our world to other
academics or people who are just interested in the
topic... I don’t think anyone would have thought that the
author of one of the works we were researching would
get involved.”
“I have learnt that social media / social networks are not
just to be used as a distraction for not getting work done
but can be used as an aid to get the work done.
Social media / social networks can provide useful tools to
help with academic learning.”
Social media...
“Before studying it, I used Facebook and Twitter mainly
just for keeping in contact with people, but since have
discovered they both have much more to offer.
They are places to discover new information and boost
your knowledge. That both education and socialising can
be rolled into one… ”
Social networks...
Nurturing Global Collaboration #iCollab
Thank you!
Catherine Cronin
Thomas Cochrane
Image CC BY 2.0 visualpanic
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Nurturing Global Collaboration #iCollab

Editor's Notes

  1. Not connected/limited by geography, space, time...
  2. New kinds of learning spaces… both physically and virtually outside the confines of the institution; with particular focus on personal, mobile technologies.
  3. The paradigm that has worked for over a century, is becoming obsolete.
  5. I must say I have learnt a considerable amount about social media and networking sites this term, which is a bit of surprise to me to be honest. I went into this term not expecting to learn much about social networking but I must say I was proven very wrong. I learnt that social networking sites like Twitter can be used for more than just socialising, they can be used for educational and academic purposes also. I spent the first few weeks of the semester not seeing the point in it but the idea grew on me as the weeks went by. What changed my mind was when we learnt about the iCollab project. It gives students a broader learning curve and is a good starting point for using social networking for academic purposes.