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OER-based Degree Pathways: Emerging Trends and Lessons Learned at U.S. Community Colleges

Una Daly, Quill West, James Glapa-Grossklag, Richard Sebastian, Preston Davis
Northern Virginia Community College

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OER-based Degree Pathways: Emerging Trends and Lessons Learned at U.S. Community Colleges

  1. 1. OER Degrees Panel: Impact at U.S. Community Colleges Richard Sebastian, Achieving the Dream Quill West, Pierce College, WA James Glapa-Grossklag, College of the Canyons, CA Preston Davis, Northern Virginia Community College, VA Una Daly, Open Education Consortium Unless otherwise indicated, this presentation is licensed CC-BY 4.0
  2. 2. Welcome to Panel Moderator: Una Daly CCCOER Director James Glapa-Grossklag, Dean Ed Tech, Learning Resources & Distance Learning College of the Canyons Quill West, Manager Open Education Project Pierce College District, WA Preston Davis, Director Instructional Services ELI NOVA Community College, VA Richard Sebastian, Director OER Degrees Initiative Achieving the Dream
  3. 3. Community College History • Junior colleges • Vocational education • Evolution post-WWII • New college every week in the 1960s • 1108 colleges as of 2017 • 7.3 million students Image: pasadena historical society collection cc-by-2.0 Source:
  4. 4. Community College Mission • Open enrollment • Teaching focused • Career development • College preparation • First two years of university Source: American Association of Community Colleges Fast Facts (Feb 2016). Image: Community College of Allegheny County
  5. 5. Average age 25-39 years: 45% Employed while attending full-time: > 60% Undergraduates at community colleges: 45% Source: American Association of Community Colleges Fast Facts (Feb 2016). Who are our Students?
  6. 6. Female: 57% Single parents: 17% Receive financial aid: 58% First in family to attend college: 36% More about our Students
  7. 7. OER Degree Goals Complete pathway of courses converted to use OER instead of traditional textbooks • Access & equity • Degree completion • Faculty choices • Enhance pedagogy • Grow open course repositories
  8. 8. Achieving the Dream Dr. Richard Sebastian, @rsebastian Director OER Degree Initiative
  9. 9. The mission of Achieving the Dream is to lead and support a national network of community colleges to achieve sustainable institutional transformation through sharing knowledge, innovative solutions and effective practices and policies leading to improved outcomes for all students.
  10. 10. Administrative champion
  11. 11. CC-BY: 21218849@N03/15623270726/ Institutional Strategy
  12. 12. Faculty Ownership CC-0:
  13. 13. Offer at least one OER degree with at least one (1) section of every required course and at least one (1) section of a sufficient number of general education and other elective courses Collect and share student data to support the initiative’s research and evaluation program Grantee Goals
  14. 14. Share all educational materials developed through this project with the public Ensure access by and support for low income students and students of color in their OER degree programs Grantee Goals
  15. 15. Research & evaluation Educational outcomes of OER Degrees Economic outcomes of OER Degrees Implementation of OER Degrees
  16. 16. Funders Partners
  17. 17. Timeline
  18. 18. Pierce Open Pathways President, Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources (CCCOER) Quill West, @quill_west Open Education Project Manager
  19. 19. ● Tuition Assistance does not pay for books ● Full pathway saves $2,200 on average “Student Rally” by The Puyallup Post, Used with Permission.
  20. 20. Start with savings,
  21. 21. The path has to go somewhere
  22. 22. OER Associate Degrees Dr. Preston Davis, @lazyphilospher Director of Instruction, Extended Learning Institute VP, CCCOER Partnerships
  23. 23. Creating a Shared Vision • Established goal of degree without textbook costs • Selected popular online degree programs • Partnered with innovative faculty • Built a team (faculty, IDs, librarians, IT) • Leveraged internal capacities and technologies • Relied on OER community support • Followed best practices of other OER leaders • Shared OER courses with other institutions • Used success to foster grassroots culture shift
  24. 24. Putting NOVA Students First • 50+ courses online and on-campus using free digital and Open Educational Resources with zero textbook costs to provide degree pathways at lower cost to students • Two complete OER-based Associate Degree programs online and third campus OER degree pathway under development • Students can save $150 per course, $3000 per degree • Lowering cost of course materials can result in more credits taken and quicker degree completion • 20,000 NOVA students have completed an OER course and saved nearly $3,000,000 USD since 2013
  25. 25. We are the Future of Education
  26. 26. Z-Degrees in California James Glapa-Grossklag @jglapagrossklag Dean, Educational Technology, Learning Resources, and Distance Learning President, OEC Board of Directors
  27. 27. Leadership & Vision
  28. 28. Listen to Students
  29. 29. Contact Info: Una Daly : Richard Sebastian: James Glapa-Grossklag: Quill West: Preston Davis : Questions for our Panelists