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Presentation on operating system

  1. 1. Name:- Nitish Xavier Tirkey F.Y.BCA Date:- 4th October, 2010
  2. 2. Flow of presentation Introduction Structure of OS Main function of Operating system Some popular Operating system Conclusion
  3. 3. Introduction Operating system is an integrated set of program that controls the resources of a computer system and provides its users with an interface or virtual machine that is easier to use than the bare machine Operating System is a software, which makes a computer to actually work. It is the software the enables all the programs we use. OS acts as an interface between the application programs and the machine hardware.
  4. 4. Structure of OS The two primary objectives of an operating system are: (1). Make a computer system easier to use:- An operating system hides details of hardware resources from programmers and other users and provides them with a convenient interface for using a computer system. (2). Manage the resources of a computer system:- An operating system manages all the resources of a computer system. Efficient and fair sharing of system resources among users and/or programs is a key goal of all operating systems.
  5. 5. Structure of OS Users Other system Operating System Computer Hardware
  6. 6. Main function of Operating system A separate module of operating system software performs each of the function: (1).Process management:- Process management module takes care of creation and deletion of processes, and providing mechanisms for synchronization and communication among processes. (2). Memory management:- Memory management module takes care of allocation and de-allocation of memory space to programs in need of this resources. (3). File management:- It takes care of file-related activities such as organization storage, retrieval, naming, sharing, and protection of files. (Contd..)
  7. 7. Main function of Operating system (4). Security:- Security module protects the resources and information of a computer system against destruction and unauthorized access. (5). Command interpretation:- Command interpretation module takes care of interpreting user commands, and directing system resources to process the commands.
  8. 8. Some popular Operating system Operating System can also be classified as:- (1). Single User Systems:-They are popularly associated with Desk Top operating system which run on standalone systems where no user accounts are required. Example: DOS. (2). Multi User Systems:-Provides regulated access for a number of users by maintaining a database of known users. Refers to computer systems that support two or more simultaneous users. Example: Unix, Microsoft Windows NT.
  9. 9. Conclusion Without Operating system the computers cannot run the application and we cannot do work in the computer. Therefore Operating system is very important in computer.
  10. 10. Thank you