computer science object oriented programming oop c++ programming it cs information technology data structures engineering algorithms introduction to computer class members static members accessing class members queue linked list stack standard library string functions pointers and strings strings in c/c++ array of structures how structure elements are stored accessing structure elements declaring a structure uses of structures structures in c/c++ entering data into an array accessing elements of an array array declaration two dimensional arrays arrays types arrays recursion pointer towards a pointer an introduction to pointers why use functions user defined functions library functions types of functions functions in c/c++ do-while loop while loop for loop loops in c/c++ continue statement break statement switch statement conditional operators in c/c++ if-else statement nested if-else types of if statement if statement decision control structures multi lines comment single line comment comments in c/c++ integer mode arithmetic statements order of precedence arithmetic expression arithmetic operators char datatype double float data type unsigned signed long short integer datatype datatypes rules for constants rules for variable creation types of variables types of constant variables and constants in c/c++ c/c++ statements main function preprocessors structure of c program introduction to c/c++ coding steps program creation steps to create program object code source code translators low level language high level language programming languages introduction to programming base class parent class child class multiple inheritance derived class inheritance member functions static functions data members returning objects objects as function aurguments destructor types of constructor constructor copy constructor default copy constructor structures programming structure classes encapsulation information hiding access specifiers objects class classes and objects basic building blocks of oop programming paradigms introduction output devices i/o devices hardware input devices operating system system software application software computer software & its types tility programs device driver u digital computers hybrid computers analog computers micro computers mainframe computers mini computers super computers von neumann theory types of computer generations of computer
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