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Operating system


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Published in: Technology
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Operating system

  1. 1. OPERATING SYSTEMIntroduction To ComputingPresented By:Talha MahmoodMahwish KashifPresentationAssigned By Sir Rashid Ansari
  2. 2. Contents:• What is operating system?• Operations of OS• Structure of OS• Features of OS• GUI• Multiuser• Multitasking• Multiprocessing• Multithreading• Types of OS• Advantages and Disadvantages• Best OS of 2013• Conclusion
  3. 3. What is operating system?Definition:• An operating system (OS) is acollection of software thatmanages computer hardwareresources .Without a computer operatingsystem, a computer would beuseless“The operating system acts as aInterface Between the user andcomputer hardware”
  4. 4. Operations Of OSStart and shut down a computerCoordinate TasksEstablish An Internet ConnectionProvide a user InterfaceConfigure DevicesControl a networkManage ProgramsManage MemoryProvide Utilities
  5. 5. Structure Of operating systemUser Interface•User interact with operating systemKernel•Core of operating system, responsible for loadingoperating system
  6. 6. Features Of Operating SystemOperatingSystemGUI Multiuser Multitasking Multiprocessing Multithreading
  7. 7. • GUI• GUI - Short for Graphical User Interface, a GUI Operating System containsgraphics and icons and is commonly navigated by using a computer mouse.
  8. 8. • Multi-user• Multi-user - A multi-user operating system allows formultiple users to use the same computer at the sametime and/or different times example (LINUX)
  9. 9. • Multi Tasking• An operating system that is capable of allowing multiple softwareprocesses to run at the same time.Below are some examples of multitasking operating systems.• Unix• Windows XP• Windows Vista
  10. 10. • Multi Processing• An operating system capable of supporting and utilizing more than onecomputer processor.More than one CPUs that can be sharedBelow are some examples of multiprocessing operating systems.For Example• Linux• Unix• Windows 2000
  11. 11. • Multi Threading• Smaller parts of a program are loaded when needed by OS• Operating systems that allow different parts of a software program to runconcurrentlyOperating systems that would fall into this category are:For example• Linux• Unix• Windows 2000
  12. 12. Types of operating system Stand Alone operating system. Server operating system. Embedded operating system.
  13. 13. StandAloneoperatingsystemWINDOWSMAC OSLINUXStand Alone operating system/Desktop operating system
  14. 14. AdvantagesEasy touseUpdateGamingFamiliarDisadvantagesExpensiveNotStableNotsecureAdvantages & Disadvantages of Windows
  15. 15. Advantages & Disadvantages Of MAC OSAdvantagesGreatGUIBetter tographicdesignerStableSecureDisadvantagesNotgamingexpensiveNot allsoftwarerun
  16. 16. Advantages & Disadvantages of LINUXAdvantagesFreeSecureLow pcrequirementDisadvantagesNot allsoftwarerunHard tolearn , useand installNotfamiliarity
  17. 17. Server Operating systemServer operating systems are designed to provide platforms for multi-users , forcritical, network applications.Their main purpose is to provide security, stability and collaboration. Most of themcome with a pack of dedicated software tools such as Web servers, e-mail agentsand terminal services The common applications for server OSes are: File and printer sharing Application services (including databases) Web site services E-mail, groupware and messaging Terminal services Caching
  18. 18. SERVERNEEDSAdministrationStabilitySecurityServer Needs
  19. 19. Mobile Operating systemMobile OSSymbianOSiPhone OS RIMBlackBerryWindowsMobileLinux Palm OS
  21. 21. UBUNTO 12.10PROS:• Elegant Graphics• Virus free• Faster Access• Better Stability• Free ubunto cloud storage.CONS:• It doesnt includeaudio,video codecs.
  22. 22. WINDOWS 8PROS:• Better Stability• Can be used as a primaryOS.• Awesome supports withtablets.CONS:• Virus Prone.• Paid
  23. 23. MACINTOSHPROS:• Fabulous Graphics.• Better Stability.• Great Effects.• Awesome Interface.CONS:• Virus Prone.• Size is almost 3 GB.
  24. 24. WINDOWS 7PROS:• Nice Animation.• Better Stability.• Less Vulnerable.• Great Aero Effects.CONS:• Crashes Several Times.• Virus Prone.• Large size almost 3-4 GB.
  25. 25. LINUX MINTPROS:• Virus Free• Faster• Audio and Video pre included.CONS:• Low Graphical User Interface
  26. 26. Conclusion• As Operating System controlsand coordinates the use of thehardware among the variousapplications programs forvarious uses, we can say that itplays a very important role incomputer system.