The Impact of SNS on CRM


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The Impact of SNS on CRM

  1. 1. Professor. Young-Gul KimMeherunnesha Binte Mannan Individual Research ProjectKAIST Info and Media Management,2011 August,
  2. 2.  Introduction Trend in CRM Entrance of SNS in CRM Measurement of SNS ROI as CRM tool Best and Worst Practice of SNS for CRM Conclusion and Recommendations
  3. 3.  Research Objective:  To learn how the CRM is being changing.  To find out the impact of SNS on CRM  To do some successful and blundered case study Method:  Internet articles  References
  4. 4.  Traditional CRM: To collate customer data (profiles, order history etc) and serve to maintain a relationship with the customer and the company. Recent CRM:  Analytical CRM: Finding out what contributes to customer highest satisfaction.  Mobile CRM: Cope up with mobile trend and easily assessable almost anywhere.  Integrated approach: marketing, service and sales are now working holistically to satisfy the customers.  Ref: new trends take shape:-
  5. 5.  Most recent CRM:  CRM and internet: Customer dynamic CRM 2011 is capable of creating and maintaining a clear view of customers and from first contact through purchase and post-sales.  Outsourcing CRM: Using sales force.  Midmarket CRM: Licensed CRM applications. For example: Salesforce, Microsoft and Goldmine etc. Ref: new trends take shape:-, image source: google.
  6. 6. 1995 -2007 2007-2012 2009- 2011 2010-2012 2011-2013The era of social The era of social The era of social The era of social The era of social relationships functionality colonization context commerce • Simple • Embed web app • Lean on their • Opt in to share • Work with peers profile and & widgets on peers’ opinions their identity to define the discussion their profiles to to make for a more next generation features to make decisions relevant web of products, also share with experience more about products experience purchase in each other fun & useful groups The era of Social CRM (SCRM) Ref: CRM adopts SNS ( Social Media - The five-year Forecast, Five-Year-Forecast-53635.aspx) .
  7. 7.  Why Social Media?  Identify your champions  Target new stakeholders  Assess overall sentiment It can improve  Identify your critics and fend off crises customers CRM  Audit your efforts acquisition, retenti on, loyalty and  Study the success stories profitability.  Identify new program or product opportunities  Identify donors or lower costs  Keep tabs on competitors  Improve your campaigns and programs  Ref.Guide to monitoring social media conversations -
  8. 8.  Moving from traditional to Social CRM Parameters Traditional CRM Social CRM Roles Customer Service All employees engage Function Process-centric Conversation-centric Approach Contact Community management management Channel Well-defined Dynamic and evolving Value Periodic Connection Sustained customer with customer engagement Model Simple transaction Complex relationships Source: Book – Social CRM for Dummies.
  9. 9.  Some statistical data of using SNS as CRM  In 2010, only 5% of organizations took advantage of SNS to improve service processes and 30% of industry shaping enterprises will incorporate social CRM. Ref.Merging Social Media with CRM - Image source:
  10. 10. Model for how to use SNS Four areas must be addressed: Monitoring of social media platforms Content generation and distribution Centralized data storage Cross-department collaboration Ref..Social Networking and CRM-
  11. 11.  By using different software and programs, SNS ROI can be measured/analyzed and applied to business. Threadsy: To collect and unify the emails from social networks. Myweboo: To organize your info streams Types of software Hootsuite: To integrate all you platforms application depends on the objectives Fast: For teams of social marketers TweetDeck: Connect with your contacts. Ref.Top 10 social media dashboard tools -
  12. 12.  Best  Comcast Cares – customer service through twitter. ▪ Founded in 1969, Comcast is the nation’s leading provider of entertainment, information and communications products and services. Twitter address: @ComcastCares. ▪ It deals the unhappy customer publicly in twitter to offer help. ▪ It changed their critics to raving fan by using twitter as their CRM. ▪ Comcast has handled more than 21,000 customer service requests (official tickets) through social media ▪ Lessons: ▪ It is sufficient to let customers know – you are there to help; let them take the next step. ▪ Listen first, then engage if it makes sense. Ref.,
  13. 13.  Worst  Sony BMG – copy protection scandal ▪ Sony placed copy protection (XCP) on its CDs to prevent pirating. But XCP software created new vulnerabilities on computers that malware could exploit. ▪ Mark Russinovich wrote this story in a blog and Sony tried to stonewall bloggers instead of being upfront. ▪ As a consequence, Sony lost millions in lawsuits. ▪ Lessons: ▪ Do not try to fight against user behavior using ill-advised malware. ▪ Be upfront about mistakes. Ref.,
  14. 14.  CRM + Social Networking = Customer Satisfaction (which is the purpose to serve the customers). The best SCRM application is the one you will use with your know how. Regardless the type of business (B2B or B2C), to apply SCRM, it is important to know your specific objectives. Immediately after starting SCRM, it is necessary to co- align your activities with your objectives."How you gather, manage and use information will determine whether you win or lose." -Bill Gates
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