Crm@age of covergance in manufacturing


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CRM convergence in Manufacturing

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  • In 2009, we witnessed a seminal moment in a shift to social networking. In July, 2009, according to this Morgan Stanley report you see here, social networking users surpassed email users. And that is AMAZING. The Shift to Cloud 2 really took hold in 2009. But what does it mean?Today’s generation uses facebook, twitter, and lots of other social apps. They are logging in multiple times a day, connecting with friends on Facebook, business colleagues on LinkedIn, and everyone on Twitter.This is the future and this is the way people expect to communicate with others. This is the new norm for communications and will only get more powerful over time.
  • This is an example of how to crawl, walk, run. Most traditional CRM deployments don’t get #1 live.Once our customers have achieved that (and delivered significant ROI because of it), they are eager to squeeze more out of their organization and business processes. They progress up the curve and continue to deliver ROI at each phase.
  • Crm@age of covergance in manufacturing

    1. 1. CRM @ Age of convergence in Manufacturing
    2. 2. Contents  Challenges for Manufacturing  CRM  Trends in CRM  New Frontiers in CRM  Social CRM  Mobile CRM2 © Happiest Minds – Confidential
    3. 3. Today’s Challenging Business Environment Intense Limited Demand Visibility Global Coordination Competition “How can I improve forecast “How can I better coordinate with my “How do I innovate and differentiate and planning accuracy?” overseas counterparts?” while driving operational efficiency?”3 © Happiest Minds – Confidential
    4. 4. Manufacturing Value Chain Channel Partner: Dealer Supplier Manufacturer Distributor End User/ Broker Consumer Retailer Manufacturers often don’t know or interact with the End User/Consumer of their products4 © Happiest Minds – Confidential
    5. 5. Customer Relationship Management • “Process of creating and maintaining relationships with business customers or consumers” • “A holistic process of identifying, attracting, differentiating, and retaining customers” • “Integrating the firm’s value chain to create enhanced customer value at every step” • “An integrated cross-functional focus on improving customer retention and profitability for the company.”5 © Happiest Minds – Confidential
    6. 6. Why CRM… ? Lifetime Value (LTV) - Refers to the net present value of the potential revenue stream for any particular customer over a # of years - Starts with current purchase activity then extrapolates to include potential additions from cross-selling, upgrades, total ownership, etc. Customer Ownership - Attempts to “own” the lion share of customer spending and/or “share of mind” in a particular product category - Building brand equity, maintaining vigilant customer contact, keeping current with the market trends is critical - 5% points increase in customer retention=20-25% increase in profit6 © Happiest Minds – Confidential
    7. 7. Process, Technology, People Field Sales Sales Website Selling Knowledge Product Knowledge Email Solutions Knowledge Customer Knowledge Marketing Call Center POS CRM Service Social Networking Retail Finance Fax Production PDA7 © Happiest Minds – Confidential
    8. 8. CRM Programs can Potentially Improve… • Analytical CRM – Customer Segmentation – Trend Analysis • Operational CRM – Campaign Management – Tele-Marketing/Tele-Sales – Activity and Time Management – Quotation and Order Processing – Delivery and Order Fulfillment – Customer Service and Support – Remote Access • Collaborative CRM – Enterprise Portals – Customer Access – Supplier Access – Personalization8 © Happiest Minds – Confidential
    9. 9. Trends in CRM • Channel and Social Media Integration – Social CRM • Real time Customer value based segmentation • Customer engagement/Customer experience – customer life cycle management • Mobile CRM • Order Management and down stream Integration • Unified CR communications • Cloud adoption ( * Gartner have predicted that 25% of all new CRM will be on cloud ) • Voice-Enabled Software9 © Happiest Minds – Confidential
    10. 10. 2009: Social Networking Surpasses Email Social Networking Users Surpass Email Users on 7/09 Social Networking Users Email Users Source: Morgan Stanley Internet Mobile Report, December 2009 Data is for unique, monthly users of social networking and email usage.10 © Happiest Minds – Confidential
    11. 11. Typical CRM Deployment Progression 9 – Part of Platform DNA! Custom Objects Collaboration Business Impact Ideas Multi Channel Content Collateral Customer Portal + Contact Center Social 8 Unified Customer Partner Portals View Customer Servicing Sales Management 360 Degree ViewAutomation and Streamlining Analysis and Productivity Reporting Integration 7 Enhancement Initial Rollout Customer Analysis Targeting and Segmentation Competitor Analysis Customer and Activity 6 Management User Adoption 5 4 3 2 1 Functionality11 © Happiest Minds – Confidential
    12. 12. New Frontiers in CRM • Commercial E-Communities - What are people loyal to? Families Football teams Schools Clubs Cultures Countries I.E.: Communities not corporations12 © Happiest Minds – Confidential
    13. 13. New Frontiers in CRM Commercial E-Communities 1. Goal is to create an environment where people get meaningful interactions with the company and other users so that they feel part of the enterprise. 2. Adds human component and engages customers. 3. Creates more stickiness and “ownership” 4. Ex. User Groups for software products (Oracle, Intergraph) 5. Ex. Dell / Sony technical support communities 6. Can be run internally or by an external organization such as Sift13 © Happiest Minds – Confidential
    14. 14. Social CRM - It all started with the web 2.0 revolution and its 4C’s According to Wikipedia (Nov/2008) - Web 2.0 is a term describing changing trends in the use of World Wide Web technology and web design that aims to enhance creativity, secure information sharing, collaboration and functionality of the web. Web 2.0 is enabling: •Collaboration •Community creation •Conversation •Creativity14 © Happiest Minds – Confidential
    15. 15. Social CRM – Getting connected Uses new online channels and new Web 2.0 stimulated fundamental communication tools changes in consumer behavior Seeks support Trusts in advices made to connect by online with like- acquaintances Interactions between customer and minded peers and strangers brands starting earlier and never ending New behavior patterns demand a new strategy, better segmentation, new The new channels and targeted messages and Reads and Social creates review of current customer facing product Customer Tends to buy reviews, more online business processes product than offline rankings and blog posts Wants to provide Expects better feedback customer about the experience product and customer service15 © Happiest Minds – Confidential
    16. 16. Lets take a look at the fundamental changes that Social CRM is introducing to the current, traditional CRM in terms of… Landscape Channels Processes • Bl • Microblog Customer Customer og s s • Price comparison website Customer • RSS • Podcast • Phone • Phone • Fax • Wikis • Fax Customer Customer • Email • Email • Social Networks • Service • Service • Letters • Letters • Personal contact • Personal contact • Widgets • Company’s website • Company’s website + Customer • Video sharing Customer • SMS • SMS • Instant Messenger • Instant Messenger • Chat • Chat • Photo sharing • Media • Media Competitor Supplier / Partner • Forums • Auction website Customer Customer • Slides sharing • Reviews and ratings in retail sites • Wish lists • Social Bookmarking Your company Customer Customer Customer Customer Mindset Technology16 © Happiest Minds – Confidential
    17. 17. Some foreseen benefits of Social CRM  Raise Marketing ROI thanks to better targeting, better product solution, customer experience and word-of-mouth.  Gain insights to explore new market segments and improve marketing effectiveness  Identify new business opportunities and improve cross/up-sell abilities through increasing contact with existing and potential customers  Cut sales commissions costs by building community around the brand  Increase R&D capabilities and innovation through tapping into the collective intelligence of your target audience  Increase customer loyalty by promoting transparent dialogue and improving employee/customer interaction efficiency  Decrease customer service costs through self-helping communities17 © Happiest Minds – Confidential
    18. 18. Mobility in CRM Work from any where Reduction in sales cycle Advantages Of Mobile CRM Unfettered information of Customer Collaboration Unfettered information of product18 © Happiest Minds – Confidential
    19. 19. Happiest Minds - Customer Centricity Framework19 © Happiest Minds – Confidential
    20. 20. Thank You Anil Jain - Head Of Mfg. Industry Group