Northwestern NUvention web storyboard and personas 1 22-2013


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Northwestern NUvention web storyboard and personas 1 22-2013

  1. 1. Personas and Storyboards Todd Warren 1/22/2013
  2. 2. NUvention Web in Context •Persona •Detailed •Revenue •Value Prop •Target Value Prop Model •Target Market Problem Segment •Initial Initial •Potential Customer MVP ID Definition •Storyboards Product Pitch Channels •Basic •Landing •Customer •Product Scenario Page Trial RefinementScenario Slice MVP
  3. 3. Contextual Design to MVP Value Proposition and User ScenarioInterviews Models Personas Storyboards MVP Affinity Persona Description and user Insight 1 Insight 2 Insight 3 scenarios Data Data Data Goals Data Data Data Tasks Sequence Trigger Event Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
  4. 4. Building a “Persona”• Composite users for your system• Can be for different roles (think end users, influencer, decision maker, economic buyer) or for distinct types of users (students vs. parents)
  5. 5. PERSONA TEMPLATE Name Description: Key Tasks Vivid description of the kind of user What they do User Scenario: Aspirational view of how they would use the product/interact and receive the marketing messageBasic Demographics:How old is the segment? More likely male orfemale? From where in the world?AttributesKey Facts or attributes about User Goals:the user in the segment What the user is trying to accomplish relative to therelative to the product product
  6. 6. Example: Mobile Market circa 2007
  7. 7. US/Europe end-user segmentationthe most feature-rich devices DFs seek many features device fanatics equipped with the latest technology. They Productivity while mobile is key for Business are focused more focused on Power Users. A device must help them be communication than boosting productivity. 12.4M more efficient and effective when mobile. (4%) 9M personal entertainment business (3%) enthusiasts power users Personal Entertainment 15.9M Enthusiasts like their phones (6%) 59.4M to provide a means for social (21%) communication and be a source of mobile communicators entertainment. SCs want a device that is fashionable and allows them to coordinate their social life with friends and family.primarily for primarily for work 97.9M personal (34%) organizers Organizers tend to use a smaller set of features. They want a phone that allows 92.3M them to connect with friends, family or work (32%) via voice or SMS. infrequent users Infrequent Users view mobile phones primarily as a safety device and as such, use all features, including voice, infrequently. style/industrial design highly important few features
  8. 8. Windows Mobile Persona Family Marco April Peter Eva (BPU) (BPU) (ORG) (SC)• Senior manager • Field-based sales, has no • Small business owner • Connecting & sharing• Frequent global travel – corporate office of her • ORG who values some with social network multiple language and own advanced productivity • Phone is fun – explore & timezone support • Manages complex LOB features discover• Has admin. assistant – data • Ease of use and • Phone is extension of self needs to delegate • Fully managed by IT simplicity are king – style & personalization• IT managed to meet (front-door) • No internal IT support, • Desire for rich media security requirements • Working mother – draws no servers • Rapid feature adoption (back-door) clear work/personal• Single, active social life boundary
  9. 9. Persona ExamplesAlumSocial: An online application foruniversities to foster connection and information sharing with alums
  10. 10. TARGET ALUMNI USER Persona: Jeff Key Tasks Description: • Register Jeff is a 2006 graduate of Northwestern University, •Join hockey club with an economics major. He now lives and works in affinity group San Francisco with his girlfriend Stephanie and their •Find an alumni dog Patches. friend • Read newsfeed of User Scenario: reunion information Jeff likes interacting with his undergrad friends and •Find events in San hanging out with other NU alums in San Francisco, FranciscoBasic Demographics: especially hockey buddies. He wants to learn aboutAge:27Occupation: Business Analyst and participate in events, but doesn’t have the time orHometown: East Hanover, NJ initiative to go find or plan them. He knows his 5thMarital Status: Single year class reunion is coming up and wants to know more about it.Attributes•Social Follower User Goals:•Easy-going •Stay in touch with old friends•Analytical •Be informed about alumni events in his city•Has 200+ Facebook friends •Understand what’s going on at the university •Find out about his class reunion
  11. 11. TARGET ALUMNI SUPER-USER Persona: Carolyn Key Tasks Description: • Maintain class Carolyn is a 2006 graduate of Northwestern University, reunion page with a biology major. She lives in Virginia, works at a • Recruit classmates pharmaceutical company, takes gourmet cooking to join the NU classes and volunteers at a local middle school. network • Plan an event User Scenario: • Put updates on the Carolyn was very involved in NU campus life and newsfeed wants to sustain the community beyond graduation. • Communicate withBasic Demographics: She uses AlumSocial to organize NU alum events in university plannersAge:27Occupation: Pharma Account Rep. Virginia and was selected to organize her 5 year classHometown: Chicago, IL reunion. She wants to use AlumSocial as a planningMarital Status: Single and communication tool to inform the alums in her class year about the reunion.Attributes•High Energy User Goals:•Social Planner •Coordinate events with local alums.•Super Friendly •Build attendance at the class reunion.•400+ Facebook Friends •Maintain active involvement in alumni events •Find and communicate with a variety of classmates.
  12. 12. TARGET UNIVERSITY USER Persona: Susan Key Tasks Description: • Update university Susan has been in the Office of Alumni Relations at NU news for the last seven years. She’s charged with building • Recruit alums to alumni engagement at NU through communication, join the network events and coordinating class reunions. • Plan events • Gain insights from User Scenario: user behavior Susan is looking for a platform that allows her to analysis easily communicate with alumni and generate • Communicate withBasic Demographics: excitement around university events. With many alumni plannersAge:45Occupation: Alumni Relations Director other concerns, she needs a tool that is easy to useHometown: Saginaw, MI and effectively manages itself. She will useMarital Status: Married AlumSocial as another avenue to engage the university community in ongoing communication.Attributes•Networker User Goals:•Organized •Connect alums to the university through social media.•Super Friendly •Build attendance at alumni events.•Late-adopter •Increase alumni engagement with the university. •Gain insights on alumni experience and wants
  13. 13. Storyboard• Walkthrough of use of a particular system• Informal• Usually shared in common place across a team• Modeled on frames in a “comic” strip or the way a TV commercial is pitched
  14. 14. Where to go Core Travelers Publish Trip StoryboardFind People @ Destination Plan a trip on facebook with “Serendigital” Notify and respond
  15. 15. Storyboard Plan a trip on facebook with Serendigital Notify and respond Publish Trip Find People @ Destination Pick friends toWhere to go Core Travelers Search Search in Decide scope Look Location Friends of publishing notify through Send FB Enter Send Send Link network Message Description Notification Find Manage Specify Dates Manage Hometowns response Publish on my Accept Look at Profile status
  16. 16. Storyboarding Scenarios• Expand from the data about the user and your canvas and value prop, to develop specific scenarios/tasks your product will solve• Build from the affinity information and sequences• Use your “personas” (roles) as the guideline• Describes the process, human interactions, and UI that surround and envelope your product
  17. 17. Contextual Design to MVP Value Proposition and User ScenarioInterviews Models Personas Storyboards MVP Affinity Persona Description and user Insight 1 Insight 2 Insight 3 scenarios Data Data Data Goals Data Data Data Tasks Sequence Trigger Event Step 1 Step 2 Step 3