Tapping the power of social media for events promotionv3


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Tapping the power of social media for events promotion

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Tapping the power of social media for events promotionv3

  1. 1. Tapping the power of social media for events promotion How to utilize web 2.0 and social media for events and increase their ROIDelphine Remy-BoutangWW Social Media Marketing Director
  2. 2. While waiting for the call to start ….2
  3. 3. Evolution of Online Marketing Relationship Direct Results §  Value: Web as a relationship Experimentation management platform §  Value: Web as a direct results §  Primary Goals: Engaging platform prospects and customers outside of their Web site §  Primary Goals: Drive traffic and §  Value: Web as a promotional lead generation §  Secondary Goals: Lead vehicle generation, drive traffic, thought §  Secondary Goals: Thought leadership and branding §  Primary Goals: Trial a new leadership and branding media concept, gain eyeballs, §  Measurements: Cost of sales, build brand and drive awareness §  Measurements: CPL, CPC, brand customer retention, brand measurements confirmed through penetration and measurements §  Measurements: Cost per surveys from direct results stage impression §  Marketing Tactics: §  Marketing Tactics: §  Marketing Tactics: –  Search ads –  Vendor communities –  Branding – buttons, banners –  Lead generation – white –  Two-way ads papers, webcasts –  Messaging connections –  E-mail – newsletters, list –  Branding - IMUs, larger using trigger marketing rentals units, microsites –  Successful tactics from –  E-mail – list rentals direct results stage 1996-2003 2004-2009 2010-2015 Source: Toolbox3 3
  4. 4. Social media matters for events§  Events are inherently social Social media represents a fundamental shift in the way we communicate and make decisions§  Events are inherently viral§  With social networks, event- It’s bigger than you think holders can : Ashton Kutcher and Ellen Degeneres have more Twitter followers than the entire populations of Ireland, Norway and§  Reach the right audience: Panama. §  More quickly §  More effectively 4
  5. 5. Customer Relationship Lifecycle 5
  6. 6. Marketing ROI – Traditional Campaigns Traditional Campaigns With traditional campaigns there is a direct relationship between funding and results VALUE – once a campaign is over, that activity usually ceases (landing page visits, etc.). TIME Impact = Site visits/leads Effort = Funding Source: Pauline Ores, IBM6 6
  7. 7. Marketing ROI – Social Media Campaigns Social Media Impact Social media marketing requires continuous, steady investment to build and manage the network, with VALUE eventual value created as the network grows and becomes self-sustaining. Marketing through an online community allows advertisers to TIME quickly engage and make an impact with their target audiences. Impact = Relevance and engagement Effort = Funding Source: Pauline Ores, IBM 7 7
  8. 8. AgendaHow to utilize web 2.0 and social media for eventsand increase their ROI 8
  9. 9. § 1/ Start listening9
  10. 10. Listening : Social Media Research via MI Team (Contact:Amy Laine /Pauline Ores)Leverage MI experience gained managing over 30 social media research projects with a variety of vendors 10
  11. 11. Consider using external free tools to start monitoring the conversation BlogPulse 11
  12. 12. § 2/ Identify your audienceand connect where they are digitally12
  13. 13. 3/ Start spreading the news (via participation)13
  14. 14. Use your IBM network to start with… (total users, including alumni) 80+ accounts using “IBM” in the name (25% from outside the US) 200+ IBM channels 39,000+ users, 500+ IBM groups (65% outside the US) 378,000+ 166 communities, 200+ blogs, 5000+ profiles 75,000+ 100,000 IBMers collaborating with 200,000 non-IBMers 14 Source : Maria Arbusto
  15. 15. 4/ 17 Tactics to leveragethe web for your events Objectives : Ø  Generate sales leads Ø  Promote products Ø  Build brand / product / offerings Ø  Support channel partners Ø  Add measurability to the event Ø  Boost qualified attendees Ø  Capture market intelligence Ø  Increase ROI of the event15
  16. 16. 1/ Increase traffic to your registration event page § 1. Share with your network § 2. Social Bookmarking § Key is to have HIGH QUALITY CONTENT 16
  17. 17. 2/ Leverage your network on Facebook Publishing your event to Facebook lets you take advantage of your existing networks People you are already connected to may be attendees or can help you promote your event to their networks Create buzz for events campaigns Invitation process via Facebook17
  18. 18. 3/ Unleash the power of Twitter§  The real-time ability to connect with others and share experiences makes Twitter a great platform for individuals, or companies, to use during a major event.§  Live-Tweeting an event can be used to create a completely new channel of conversation and a way to enhance the physical experience of the event.§  You could include:§  Create a twitter Page for your event§  Follow pro-actively – Engage§  Create a unique hashtag§  Participate in relevant discussion§  Foster virality 18
  19. 19. Example: IBM 2009 SMM Summit #smm09 625 people attended the event : 50+ local video conferences in five cities (Stuttgart, Paris, London, RTP, San Jose) 184 in person at Yorktown Heights 394 attend online Twitter #smm0919
  20. 20. Example : Rational Software Conference: #rsc2009 §  Displayed live streaming of #rsc2009 twitter feed.§  #rsc2009 appeared as a top trending topic twice - further raising the profile and discussion around the event.679 followers(140 started following during RSC)*1000 tweets using rsc2009 not posted by the official § 679 followers (140 started following during RSC)* rsc2009 account § 345 fans (45 new during RSC)*(529 during RSC)* § 1000 tweets using rsc2009 not posted by the official rsc2009 account (529 during RSC)* *As of June 4th at 12:30 p.m. EDT 20
  21. 21. 4/ Network on Linked-inLinked-in is the largest B2B social networking site, has over 30 million members that areprofessionals, 46% of which are business decision makers within their companyLinkedIn Events offers event searchand recommendations based on the contents of your profile, sophisticatedinformation about attendees and updates about eventsYou could include:Use questions to engageTarget the need of attendeesOffer somethingForward the questionTarget opinion leadersConnect to your blog / slideshareAttract high quality peoplePost comments 21Start your own group
  22. 22. 5/ Pre-Event Digital video teaser/ trailerDrive traffic to your event§ You could include: §  High impact video to be delivered online to promote the event §  Promote featured presentations §  Promote featured sponsors (products, demonstrations, etc) §  Promote special information such as events, hospitality, etc §  Post to YouTube and other video sites §  Creativity is key 22
  23. 23. 6/ Live event presentation webcastsExpand your event’s reachbeyond the on-site experience.§ You could include:§ Webcast presentations from boothor other event location§ Especially useful for product roll-out§ Archived for future consumption§ Allow user comment and discussion23
  24. 24. 7/ Event blog by dedicated event bloggerGenerating buzz at and aboutthe event§ You could include:§ Real-time blog from the event§ Topics include what just happened,what lies ahead, generalcommentary, sparking discussions,etc§ Can include text, audio, and/orvideo § Turbotodd § Blogger in chief for IOD Conference 200924
  25. 25. 8/ WidgetsWidgets that attendees, exhibitors, andpartners can place on their websites ordesktops to promote the event.§ You could include:§ Event “countdown” meter with links to registration§ News Feeds§ Contest promotion and/or sign up§ Promo videos§ Sessions information§ New Product launch teasers§ Surveys & polls25
  26. 26. 9/ Mashups / CommunitiesA single website, with multipledata sources, to facilitate socialnetworking at the event.§ Example of elements: §  Find contacts with mutual interests §  Rideshare §  Schedule meetings §  Recommend presentations §  Share schedules §  Share Photos §  Restaurant recommendations §  Gossip column 26
  27. 27. 10/ Web tie-in to live event experience In-booth experience such as a participatory activity or competition. § Customer online interactions could include: §  Pre-event email with links to pre- registration (SWYN) §  Live event experience “documented (photo or video)” for future consumption §  Post event follow-up email to download photos, videos, etc §  Results: §  Drive traffic to the booth §  Keep clients engaged after the show.27
  28. 28. 11/ Real-time conference analyzer§ An interactive forum for attendees at theevent.§ Could include:§ A website where attendees can monitor variousaspects of the conference (such as presentations,booths, social events, etc) and provide feedbackregarding their value§ Real-time comments regarding activities “in-progress”§ Surveys and polling via mobile device, cell phone,pda, laptop, etc.§ Expo “map” interface for providing comments oneach exhibit§ Discussion topics, recaps, and ratings for past,28current, and future presentations
  29. 29. 12/ Expert interview video podcastsCapturing the event, allowing forinteraction, & providing content forfuture§ Could include: §  A series of interviews with industry experts at the event §  Use SMS to call in the video team, “We have something interesting here...” §  Interviews edited together with graphics, animations, etc. §  Podcast 1-2 videos per week (or post during the event)29 §  Allow user comment and discussion
  30. 30. 13/ Web-based competitionCompetition theme such as “What The golden ticketcan you do with your(insert product here)?”§ Elements could include:§ Entries from customers, prospects, andpartners (perhaps multiple categories)§ Winning entries (voted by peers) presenttheir topic or product at event§ Presentations captured and posted online(slideshare/cattail – think of your internalnetwork too…30
  31. 31. 14/  Industry  Knowledge  Base  •  Industry Knowledge Base “a la Wikipedia”•  Develop a “go to” destination for industry information and definitions•  Include contributions/content from exhibitors, attendees, industry members, press, etc.•  Invites the users to “participate in the conversation” 31
  32. 32. 15/ Webcasted /Podcasted debateUse the internet to stimulateconversation around hot topics inyour industry§ You could include: §  Set up a debate between key players in the industry to discuss a timely topic §  Target critical argument about keys issues important to the industry §  Filmed, edited, and broadcasted §  Allow user comment and discussion 32
  33. 33. 16/ Share the funShare online§ Elements could include:§ Pics on Flickr§ Presentations captured and postedonline§ Videos from the event posted onyoutube§ Socially activate your event§ Expand the effect of your event beyondthe date/time/pace to touch more peoplethan could ever attend§ Enrich the experience for the peoplewho do attend 33
  34. 34. 17/ Follow up timeTie it all together and keepthe Buzz going§  Follow up while the iron is still hot§  (the web moves on quickly)§  Newsletter, Blog posts, Facebook group and event postings§  Take time to thank individually (Flickr photos, Blog posts, etc.)§  Keep an eye on your alerts for new opportunities to connect 34
  35. 35. The “New” Metrics35
  36. 36. Social Media Conduct at IBM: Built on Employee Trust - IBM supports open dialogue and the exchange of ideas -  Responsible engagement in innovation and dialogue -  To learn, to contribute ü Be who you are ü Speak in the first person ü Use a disclaimer ü Respect your audience ü  Add value ü Dont pick fights ü Be the first to respond to your own mistakes. ü Use your best judgment. ü Dont forget your day job. In social media, the IBM employee is the brand. 36
  37. 37. Case study : Virtual Forbidden City SOA UK event Campaign Objectives • Identify and generate new influencer audiences/ leads for IBM SOA from purely Social Media channels – 2 events within VFC Execution • 100% Social Media campaign • Virtual Tour for IT Architects in Chinese Virtual Forbidden City • Campaign recruitment led via Twitter • Promotional resources via Flickr,Play your imperial part in IBM’s Virtual Forbidden City YouTube ,LinkedIn, Face book , blogs etc… etc..(VFC) SOA Tour • Creation of a Social Media Press ReleaseExclusive Social Media event in IBM’s Virtual Forbidden City • Identification of key influencer Blogs, Twitter profiles and more • Coordinating massive IBM internal Social Media push • Sophisticated Campaign Social Media Monitoring Dashboard Campaign Social Media Dashboard Results : see my deep dive prez on Cattail 37
  38. 38. So are you Ready ?! You may need to think differently … •  1/Get to know your audience…online •  2/ Participate in the Social web §  Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter, Blogs, Delicious, Digg, Youtube, Flickr, (where are your customers, friends, family, etc?) •  3/ Map requirements to relationship lifecycle objectives •  4/ Focus on quick wins •  5/Just because you “can” doesn’t mean you “should”38
  39. 39. Questions? “You have two choices. You can continue to lock yourself behind facile corporate words and happy talk brochures. Or you can join the conversation.” Thank You! Delphine Remy-Boutang WW Social Media Marketing Manager, IBM Software Group @delphrb39 39
  40. 40. References§  IBM Social computing guidelines http://www.ibm.com/blogs/zz/en/guidelines.html§  Recent trends in the global blogosphere?§ §  social media directory§  How do I make time to do social media ?!§  List of agencies who can help you in your social media campaign execution§  The Impact of Corporate Culture on Social Media§  The social media experiment is over. Now its time to extract value.§  IBM SWG Social Media Marketing wiki§  Gina Poole, IBM goes to work, Gina Poole’s video§  Tap into the interconnected world and earn the rewards !§  Get Marketing, Get Social§  IBMs social media marketing campaign hits the target!§  Exclusive Social Media event in IBM’s Virtual Forbidden City§  Play your imperial part in IBM’s Virtual Forbidden City (VFC) SOA Tour§  5 reasons to twitter Jon Iwatas interview on You Tube§  40
  41. 41. Acknowledgment §  MeetingTechOnline - a good site dedicated to technology for the meetings industry §  Mediapost - a resource for media, marketing, and advertising professionals §  eMarketer - all things interactive marketing §  Clickz - articles and blogs for digital markers §  Mashable - this site is the epitome of a web 2.0 §  The Social Organization – link to social media metrics §  Conversation Agent - Tons of great blogs and info §  Chris Brogans Blog - social media gurus blog " Dave Evan’s ClickZ Article on Social Media Metrics " IBM Research blog41