Drama techniques


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Drama techniques

  1. 1. AS 1.1 Use Drama Techniques
  2. 2. TECHNIQUES BODY MOVEMENT VOICE Facial expression Timing Volume Posture Direction Pacing Gesture Energy Projection Eye Contact Dance Accent SPACE Grouping Levels Personal Space Pathways
  3. 3. BODY Character is conveyed through posture, gesture and facial expression. In this way the audience can instantly identify with a character type or understand a situation without a word being spoken.
  4. 4. SPACE The positioning of objects and bodies on the stage and the relationships between them are a vital means of making meaning. Grouping, Levels, Pathways and Personal Space are all important aspects of Space.
  5. 5. VOICE How an actor speaks their lines instantly identify personality and emotion. Volume, pitch, pausing, intonation, pace and accent can all influence audience understanding of a character and the tension of the scene.
  6. 6. MOVEMENT Using Timing, Direction and Energy to build a sustained sequence of movement can enhance understanding of character and the meaning of a scene.
  7. 7. SO…. Select some Techniques to develop a character using ‘Role on The Wall’
  8. 8. Brad is a geeky twenty year old DJ who wants to meet the girl of his dreams. He thinks he is a wonderful singer.VOICE Speaks in a high pitched whiny voice to show that he is effeminate Occasionally bursts into song BODY Swings his arms a lot – emphasising his girliness. Big cheesy smiles Stands with hands on hips. ROLE ON THE WALL
  9. 9. TECHNIQUE CHARTUsing appropriate drama techniques Description of character and situation. Name the category of technique * Name the aspect of the technique used** Description of how you would use this technique appropriately . Why would you choose to use this technique in this way? What was the actual effect of using it? A geeky guy wanting to impress a girl Body Posture Eye-contact I would stand with my hands on my hips I would keep staring at the girl I want to show I am trying to look casual and relaxed and that I am waiting for the girl to make eye contact These techniques worked well because they helped me feel the tension in the situation. Voice Volume, Pace I would speak loudly with a high pitched laugh I want to show that I am trying to make myself appear attractive and interested in the girl I discovered too that using pause between phrases helped to convey the sense of nervous energy
  10. 10. REFLECTION Explain how effective your use of Techniques was at conveying your Role.