Chapter 7: The Art of Acting


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Chapter 7: The Art of Acting

  1. 1. Chapter 7Chapter 7 The Art of ActingThe Art of Acting
  2. 2. Shakespeare On ActingShakespeare On Acting “All the world’s a stage / And all the men and women merely players.” --As You Like It WalterMcBride/Corbi
  3. 3. Training to be an ActorTraining to be an Actor The BodyThe Body DanceDance Martial artsMartial arts FencingFencing Stage combatStage combat Circus techniquesCircus techniques YogaYoga Tai ChiTai Chi
  4. 4. Training the ActorTraining the Actor The VoiceThe Voice Breathing techniquesBreathing techniques Vocal technique in pitch, volume andVocal technique in pitch, volume and resonanceresonance DialectsDialects International Phonetic AlphabetInternational Phonetic Alphabet SingingSinging
  5. 5. Training the ActorTraining the Actor The MindThe Mind Memorization skillsMemorization skills Engaging with the imaginationEngaging with the imagination Levels of empathyLevels of empathy Keen awareness of surroundings and othersKeen awareness of surroundings and others Ability to analyze and synthesize informationAbility to analyze and synthesize information quicklyquickly
  6. 6. Konstantin StanislavskyKonstantin Stanislavsky 1863 - 19381863 - 1938 ““An actor lives, weeps, laughs on the stage, but as he weeps and laughs he observes his own tears and mirth. It is this double existence, this balance between life and acting that makes for art.”” --Konstantin StanislavskyStanislavsky Bettmann/Corbis
  7. 7. Tadashi SuzukiTadashi Suzuki Suzuki’s training embodies the stamina and concentration of traditional Japanese theatre. This rigorous training is designed to temper and shape the body so the actor can bring to the stage a “brilliant liveliness” that takes into account the “tiniest details of movement.” WuChing-teng/XinhuaPress/Corbis
  8. 8. Acting Techniques We Can All UseActing Techniques We Can All Use  Changing How YouChanging How You FeelFeel Outside/in Inside/out Technical approach Emotional memory EmmanuelFaure/Stone/GettyImages
  9. 9. Acting Techniques We Can All UseActing Techniques We Can All Use EmpathyEmpathy MagicMagic ifif SubstitutionSubstitution © 1987 Ron Scherl/StageImage/The Image Works
  10. 10. Understanding a CharacterUnderstanding a Character  Given circumstances  Their particular situation  Their specific problems  Their limitations  Their hopes  Superobjective  What is this character’s main driving force?  What does he or she want?  What is the most important thing to this character?
  11. 11. Understanding a CharacterUnderstanding a Character Public Image and Personal ImagePublic Image and Personal Image Michal Daniel/Proofsheet
  12. 12. Understanding a CharacterUnderstanding a Character  Inner conflictInner conflict  Character flawCharacter flaw  MotivationMotivation  Thinking in positivesThinking in positives MichalDaniel/Proofsheet
  13. 13. The Actor’s LifeThe Actor’s Life  Actors’ Equity AssociationActors’ Equity Association  Screen Actors GuildScreen Actors Guild  American Federation of Television and Radio ArtistsAmerican Federation of Television and Radio Artists
  14. 14. AuditionsAuditions •Open call – “cattle call”Open call – “cattle call” •Cold ReadingsCold Readings •ImprovisationsImprovisations •Callback listCallback list GettyImages
  15. 15. Rehearsal to PerformanceRehearsal to Performance  Table workTable work  Blocking rehearsalsBlocking rehearsals  General working rehearsalsGeneral working rehearsals  Special rehearsalsSpecial rehearsals  Off-book rehearsalsOff-book rehearsals  Run-throughsRun-throughs  Tech rehearsalsTech rehearsals  Dress rehearsalsDress rehearsals  PreviewPreview  PerformancePerformance BrianSeed
  16. 16. Curtain CallCurtain Call “Actors are responsible to the people we play. I don’t label or judge. I just play them as honestly and expressively and creatively as I can, in the hope that people who ordinarily turn their heads in disgust instead think, ‘What I thought I’d feel about that guy, I don’t totally feel right now.’” Philip Seymour Hoffman, actor ““Acting is simply my way of investigating human nature and having fun at the same time. Meryl Streep, actor