Drama vocabulary ppt and test


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4th grade drama vocabulary review and quiz

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Drama vocabulary ppt and test

  1. 1. DRAMA Vocabulary
  2. 2. DRAMA A play that tells a story through the words and actions of characters. Example: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  3. 3. PLAYWRIGHT A writer of a play
  4. 4. CAST OF CHARACTERS Group of actors who are playing character roles Example: Snow White……….Mary Rodriguez Prince……………..Harry Collins Witch/Old Lady…..Susie Sparks Magic Mirror………Robert Smith
  5. 5. ROLES The character or person that an actor or actress plays the part of. Example: A 4th grade girl plays the role of Snow White in the play, ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’.
  6. 6. SCRIPT The written text of a play.
  7. 7. STAGE DIRECTIONS  Directions that tell characters how to act or show their feelings.  Describes setting  In ( ) parenthesis or brackets [ ] Example: Snow White: (Smiles when she sees the shiny red apples.) Those apples look delicious! Can I have one?
  8. 8. PROPS (PROPERTIES)  Things, or items, that the characters or actors/actresses may need to use as they perform their part. • Example: • Snow White………………………………....apple • Ranita (Ranita, The Frog Princess)……….......golden arrow • Curious George…………………………….banana • Charlie (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)…chocolate bar
  9. 9. GET READY FOR A QUIZ! Number your paper from 1 to 7. Write the letter of the correct answer for each question. GOOD LUCK!
  10. 10. QUIZ 1. What is another word for ‘drama’. a) Poem b) Story c) Play d) Movie
  11. 11. QUIZ 2. What do we call the writer of a play. a) Poet b) Author c) Playwright d) illustrator
  12. 12. QUIZ 3. The group of people that are playing certain roles in a play is called the _______________. a) Audience b) Cast of characters c) Writers d) speakers
  13. 13. QUIZ 4. The directions, or words, in parenthesis that show the actions or feelings that the characters are supposed to show. They may also give information about the setting. These directions are called _____. a) Plot directions b) Stage directions c) Actor directions d) Audience directions
  14. 14. QUIZ 5. What do we call the part that an actor plays in a drama? a) Role b) Prop c) Dialogue d) narrator
  15. 15. QUIZ 6. What do we call the written text of a play. a) Paper b) Script c) Advertisement d) Note
  16. 16. QUIZ 7. What do we call the things, or items, that a character may use in a play. For example, the person playing the role of Snow White may have an apple which will cause her to fall into a spell when she bites it. The apple is called a ________. a) Fruit b) Vegetable c) Food d) Prop (properties)