One act play


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One of the multigenre elements that I composed was a one act play. This play is in interaction between two soldiers.

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One act play

  1. 1. Claire P.<br />Short Play<br />Through my research I have found that as a way to mentally regain stability soldiers act out what they have seen in the line of duty. Experts have said that by acting out their experiences the soldiers can better understand what has occurred and why. Therefore, I chose to compose a short play. I am creating the play as if soldier were talking amongst one another of what they have experienced.<br />Characters:<br />Paul- soldier who was injured in the war and who had also befriended the enemy<br />Ben- friend of Paul who also served in the war fighting beside Paul<br />Albert- a soldier who served in the medical branch for soldiers once they are injured<br />Robert- kernel… in charge of all the soldiers<br />Susan- the wife of a soldier who passed away while fighting <br />Setting:<br />The setting of the skit is a reenactment between soldiers in the beginning. Then, later the wife comes into the scene and talks to the soldiers after they return home from war of what they experienced and why.<br />The play begins:<br />Paul- it all started out one day as if the sky was still, the people were silent. It was around five o clock and it was almost as if I was alone in the world. Where is everyone? Am I here alone?<br />Ben- Hey Paul. How are you this morning? Man I was talking to Albert this morning and he told me of all of our fellow comrades who have been injured. <br />Paul- how?<br />Ben- I was thinking the same thing? I mean yeah they have been in battle, but Albert told me it was from attacks that were unexpected.<br />Paul- Then they attacked from out of nowhere….. <br />(Paul screams with terror)<br /> Paul- I immediately ran for my gun, and what I really wanted to do was just fire away and kill anyone in my in my line of fire.<br />Ben- Shoot Paul!!!!! Kill them Paul, kill them!!!! (Screams angrily)<br />Paul- Ben I can’t… you don’t…..<br />Ben- Don’t what Paul? Then it was too late my friend Paul had just been shot<br />Ben- o Paul, o Paul, why didn’t you shoot man, what do I do?<br />Paul- Ben just leave me here. You will die if you stay here with me.<br />Ben- There is no way in hell I am leaving here without you.<br />(Ben picks Paul up and puts him over his shoulder. Ben escaped the line of fire and walked many miles to the medical hospital. Once the men arrived Albert was aware of Paul coming and immediately he was cared for.)<br />Ben- (talks amongst himself) <br />Should I call Paul’s wife? No I don’t want to make her worry if he comes out of here ok?<br />Why didn’t he just shoot?<br />Albert- You can come in now Paul wants to see you<br />Ben-- hey buddy how you doing? Felling alright?<br />Paul- yeah I am ok…. But I just couldn’t do it man, I couldn’t do it.<br />Ben- Do what?<br />Paul-shoot…<br />Ben-why Paul if you did you world not be laying here right now.<br />Paul- Ben you are probably going to be very disappointed in me when I say this but I became close to many of the enemy. I can’t tell you why but I just have. I grew close to me, and it was as if I knew that when the shots started firing they were over there and I could just not shoot back. I can’t shoot my friends. When it came to war I thought me knowing the man that I am would just be able to fire right back and defend myself but everything changed when it really happened. It is just hard to explain.<br />Ben- Paul I am not disappointed in you in the least bit. I don’t really get why you became friends with the enemy, but it is ok. You are still here so that is all that matters. We will get through this. It’s just another barrier to overcome.<br />Paul- Thanks Ben. You are a real good man, and a real good friend to have by my side<br />Ben- so are you bud….<br />Albert- Alright guys well I just talked to Robert and he wants both of you guys shipped home. Sorry but he does not want any men who cannot even fire at the enemy when they are being attacked anywhere on his team.<br />Ben- Alright<br />Paul- sorry Ben<br />Ben- are you kidding man, don’t even worry about it<br />(The men stay in the medical hospital for a while until Ben is back to his full health. Then, the two men are shipped back home to their families and friends. However, their life is forever changed because of their duty that they served in the war.)<br />