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iPads for Administrator Observations_021213


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Presentation slides updated to reflect app changes...

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iPads for Administrator Observations_021213

  1. 1. Chris CasalTechnology Coordinator/TeacherP. S. 10 Brooklyn (15K010)ccasal@ps10.orgTwitter: @mr_casaliPads for Administrators -Classroom ObservationsSimple webinar - 2/12/131
  2. 2. iPads for ObservationsInstantsave yourself timePaperlesssave yourself time & moneyCollaborativesave yourself time, money & confusion2
  3. 3. AppsGoodReaderdesktop to iPad & back with easeGoogleDocsinstant solution from any connected deviceAudioNote, Notability, SoundNote, Teacher Notesnote taking apps easily adaptable to observationsCCL4s - Common Core Look Forsapp designed for observations with Common Core3
  4. 4. GoodReaderView almost any file formatSearch the web within the app and download filesdirectlyAnnotate PDF files with typewriter, shapes, andfreehand toolsgreat for “paperless” observations, form signing,running records, etc.App - $4.994
  5. 5. BenefitsThe instant, paperless, observation documentationuse pre-existing documentseasily import district/city/state/federal formsobservations as close to paper as possibleAll “paperwork” digitized & always at your fingertipsNot reliant on connectivityimport forms & work without network connection5
  6. 6. Convert .docx file toPDFSave it inDropboxFile -Save AsCreate or use a pre-existingword processing docuemnt tocreate iPad ready PDF6
  7. 7. Alphabetical filestructure - both filesand foldersSelect a file to view itSimilar user interface (folder/file nav & structure) to mostOS’ and apps such asDropboxBuilt inwebbrowserAvailableservers7
  8. 8. Connect to Dropbox todownload newly create PDFobservation formAvailableservers8
  9. 9. ...andDownloadSelect yourPDFs...9
  10. 10. ...andDownloadSelect yourlocaitonwithinGoodReader10
  11. 11. You cancreate newlocal folderson the fly11
  12. 12. Your observationforms are nowwithin theGoodReader app12
  13. 13. The observationdocument ready toannotateVarious view optionsVarious annotationoptions13
  14. 14. Annotation optionssuch as typing,highlightening,underlining andshapes...Freehanddrawing/writingText tool14
  15. 15. Before annotatingGoodReader willprompt options - savean annotated copy orreplace the originalReplace the original ofsave a copy15
  16. 16. Text box can contain asmuch, or as little, asneeded. Also, authornames can be set totrack multiple user editsTyping tool16
  17. 17. Freehand tool &toolbar - changecolor and linethickness17
  18. 18. Text editing toolbar18
  19. 19. Edited observationform19
  20. 20. Flatten all edits tocontain them within thePDF........ email or print fromthe app (compatibleprinter required)Direct export options20
  21. 21. Back within the mainfolder view of theGoodReader appNewly annotatedobservation form21
  22. 22. ManageGoodReaderfiles just as youwould on yourPCRenamefilesCreatefoldersMove files22
  23. 23. Easly give eachfinished form aunique teachername23
  24. 24. Upload your finished filesback to Dropbox the sameway you downloaded them tothe iPadUpload24
  25. 25. Google DriveFreeCreate, share & collaborate on documentsgreat for instant observations, easy sharing amongadministrative staff, collaborative nature of GoogleFree via iPad app “Google Drive” as well as mobilebrowsers (Safari, iChromy, Ginbox, etc)25
  26. 26. BenefitsFreeThe instant, paperless, observation documentationuse pre-existing documentsintegrated with Google Apps for Eduobservations easily sharableAll “paperwork” digitized & always at your fingertips26
  27. 27. Log in tor your Google Appsaccount from iPad’s Drive app27
  28. 28. Inside a folder view28
  29. 29. The downside...?... wait... what...Google has a “downside”...?29
  30. 30. Forms are a key part of Google Drive(just ask Jayme Linton) but at thistime they are not available via theiPad app (neither are Presentations)iOS app only supportsDocuments &Spreadsheets30
  31. 31. Google Docs doesn’t alwaysretain word procesingformattingLetterheadalteredCick to edit31
  32. 32. Editing view32
  33. 33. Rename files...33
  34. 34. Manage files...Share fromwithin theappDownside?Can’t duplicate files fromwithin the iOS app34
  35. 35. Not a big deal...... Drive on the iPad far more robust than pre-Drive(6/28/12 - Spreadsheet editing arrived 11/28/12)If you’re a Google Apps user, get familiar with the Driveapp, it will change your life...... or at least make it easier to bring GApps with you35
  36. 36. Other apps of noteAudioNote - Lite= free - full version $4.99CCL4s (Common Core Look Fors) - $2.99Notability - $1.99SoundNote - $4.99Teacher Notes - Lite=free - full version $4.9936
  37. 37. AudioNoteFree for Lite$4.99 for full versionincludes wifi & email sharingRecord audio while typing notes37
  38. 38. Lite Version - very basic buthandy for recording ambientaudio while taking observationnotes38
  39. 39. CCL4sCommon Core Look ForsMath & Technology$2.99Aligned to Common Core StandardsInclude photos & video with observationEmail observations directly from app39
  40. 40. 40
  41. 41. NotesPhotosStandards41
  42. 42. NotabilityNote taking & media recordingType, handwrite, record audio, insert picturesAnnotate PDFs$1.99Dropbox, Google Drive & WebDav integration42
  43. 43. AudioPhotosTools -Freehand,type,highlight43
  44. 44. Export44
  45. 45. SoundNoteNote taking & audio recordingtype or handwriteaudio time-syncs to typing/writingclick on a word and audio jumps to the point inrecording you made the note$4.99Dropbox integrationNotes can be emailed with audio45
  46. 46. Simple interfaceBiggest Selling point istext & handwritingtime-synced to audioAudio jumped tolocation ofrecoding when theword “was” waswrittenTools -Freehand,type46
  47. 47. Teacher NotesDesigned with teachers in mindset up with “classes” & “students”easily adaptable to “teachers” & “observations”set up with Domains & Content Area categoriesNote taking & audio recordingtype or handwriteadd pictures & videoFree for limited number of classes & students.Unlimited - $4.9947
  48. 48. Simple interfaceBiggest Selling pointmultiple inputs - audio,video, pictures, typingAudioVideoPictures48
  49. 49. Designed as a teachertool for use withclasses & students butcould easily bethought os as use withteachers &observations49
  50. 50. EvernoteGreat platformnotes, photos, tags, syncs across devicesmultiple associated appsMy issues with it:no freehand in EvernotePenultimate allows freehand but can’t add tags or editfrom EvernoteGreat platform note taking, documenting, etc. In my opinionit stumbles when working with freehand & PDFs50
  51. 51. SummaryGoodReaderbest PDF annotatorallows for most variety of sharing - email, Dropbox, Google,etcallows for instant use with current formsGoogle Drivefamiliar platformeasy to usefree51
  52. 52. SummaryAudioNote, Notability, SoundNotetype & handwrite notesrecord audio simultaneouslyTeacher Notesdesigned for teachers but includes media optionsCCL4sdesigned for Common Core52
  53. 53. ConclusionGoodReader gives an administrator the ability toinstantly use current forms and annotate directly onthem, without the need for paperGoogle Drive is a familiar, free, environment great forsharing & collaborationMany note-taking apps offer the ability to record whileyou type, making it easy to ensure you don’t missanythingWhat will work best for you...?53
  54. 54. ContactChristopher M. CasalTechnology Teacher/CoordinatorP. S. 10 (15K010)Email: ccasal@ps10.orgTwitter: @mr_casalDiigo: mrcasalps10ipads.wikispaces.comwww.mrcasal.com54