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Chris Casal's presentation during the Department of Education Apple iPad Event at the SoHo Apple Store on 4/6/11.

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  1. 1. iPads in the DOE Chris Casal Technology Coordinator/Teacher P. S. 10 (15K010) @mr_casal
  2. 2. OverviewThis presentation and associated links available at: iPad apps to make you untethered, synced, remote,and connected. Remoter Dropbox PlainText GoodReader
  3. 3. Remoter VNC (Virtual Network Computing) app There are many others available LogMeIn Ignition - $29.99 Mocha VNC Lite - free (full version $5.99) Remoter offers Mac key additions to the iPad keyboard (Command, Alt, etc) App - $0.99
  4. 4. Existing connections System name & IP
  5. 5. Easy to add systems Readily available tipsMultiple connection & help screens options
  6. 6. To add to Remoter via IP, use Apple Remote Desktop to identify IP addresses...If you don’t use ARD you can find an IP address via the Network pane in System Preferences
  7. 7. Full system control: • use the Dock as normal • access Smart controlsRemoter controls Remoter controls
  8. 8. Examples of using Smart tools, via Remoter, to annotate a web page
  9. 9. Remoter, cont’d.Remoter is NOT a SmartBoard accessoryRemoter is NOT a SmartBoard replacementRemoter IS full remote access & control to your system you can control your computer with Remoter as if you were standing in front of it frees you up to move around the room/building takes some time to adjust to the controls well worth the small learning curve to “un-tether”
  10. 10. DropboxOnline storageAutomatic syncing across devices & operating systems2 GB of storage free invite colleagues and get up to 8 GB freeApp - $Free
  11. 11. interface -identical folders accessible oniPad & local HD
  12. 12. Share folders with any users
  13. 13. Dropbox folder on local HD - identical to & iPad
  14. 14. Selet a file to view it Alphabetical file structure - both files and folders
  15. 15. Folder view Alphabetical file structure - within folders too
  16. 16. DROPitTOmewww.dropitto.meFree online site for submitting files to DropboxSet up custom URL for Dropbox submission Students can upload filesNot an iPad app but a great way to extend thecollaborative capabilities of DropboxWeb based - $Free
  17. 17. Inside main Dropbox directory is a “” folder
  18. 18. PlainText Simple note taking app Has the ability to sync with Dropbox Take notes and they are immediately backed up online App - $Free (ad supported, $4.99 ad free)
  19. 19. Note TitleNote text Very basic interface
  20. 20. Appears in Dropbox in the exact same filestructure as within the app itself
  21. 21. GoodReaderView almost any file formatSearch the web within the app and download filesdirectlyAnnotate PDF files with typewriter, shapes, andfreehand tools great for “paperless” form signing, running records, etc.App - $4.99
  22. 22. Select a file to view it Built in web browser Available servers Alphabetical filestructure - both files and folders Similar interface to Dropbox
  23. 23. Add new servers to access filesGoodReader will access DOE Google Apps account and instructional Mac servers
  24. 24. Manage GoodReaderfiles just as you would on your PC Move files Rename files Create folders
  25. 25. Created a Word document “signout” sheet. Saved as PDF. Imported to GoodReader via Dropbox
  26. 26. Teachers sign directly on theiPad - only need to print when a hard copy is required
  27. 27. Example of aTeachers CollegeRunning Recordbeing completed directly on the iPad via GoodReader
  28. 28. Final thoughts... Share, collaborate, and stay connected with staff & students with: Dropbox, DROPitTOme, PlainText, GoodReader Get un-tethered and truly “wireless” with: Remoter Additional apps to consider: Evernote, Diigo, Twitter, Google, Google Earth, HistoryTools
  29. 29. Contact Christopher M. Casal Technology Teacher/Coordinator P. S. 10 (15K010) Email: Twitter: @mr_casal Diigo: mrcasal