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Office presentation

  1. 1. Your Modern Office A Reviewers Guide to the New Office
  2. 2. Table of Contents Welcome to your modern Office 1 Get Office in the way that works for you 2 Modern user interface 3 Experience Office at its best on Windows 8 devices 3 Office on Phone, Tablet and PC 4 Office 365: The Office you love with the power of the cloud 5 Choose the Office 365 subscription that's right for you 5 Office 365 for everyone 6 Settings move with you 6 Always have the latest innovations 6 Stream Office to any Windows 7- or Windows 8-based PC with Office on Demand 6 Connect to social networks easily 6 Office 365 Home Premium and SkyDrive: any file, anywhere, automatically 7 Office 365 for businesses: turbocharge your productivity 8 Keep people connected 8 Gain insights anywhere with Excel and SharePoint 10 Deploy it your way 10 Word: Create beautiful documents and enjoy the read 12 Enjoy 12 Work together 13 Polish 14 Excel: Discover and share insights from your data 16 Discover 16
  3. 3. Visualize 17 Share 18 PowerPoint: Design and deliver beautiful presentations with ease and confidence 20 Design 20 Impress 21 Work together 22 Outlook: Manage your emails, schedules, contacts and to-dos 25 Communicate 25 Manage 26 Find 27 OneNote: Take notes and have them where you want when you need them 30 Capture 30 Find 32 Go 32 Publisher: Create professional and impactful publications 34 Impact 34 Personalize 35 Share 35 Visio: Simplify complex information with professional diagrams 37 Create professional diagrams quickly 37 Collaborate with your team 38 Link diagrams to dynamic data 38 Use a powerful diagramming platform 38 Project 41 Project Pro for Office 365: A new subscription project management offering 41
  4. 4. Project Online: A new online PPM solution 42 Getting started with the new Office 45 Top 10 New and Improved Features of Exchange 49 Top 10 New and Improved Features of Lync 50 Top 10 New and Improved Features of SharePoint 52
  5. 5. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 1 Welcome to your modern Office The new Office is personalized, cloud-connected and simpler than ever. The new Office works the way you do and helps you get more done at home, on the job and on the go. Take Office with you and share and collaborate on documents with friends, family and colleagues. Your Office applications, documents and personal settings go wherever you go. Consumers can store Office documents on SkyDrive, and businesses can post documents to SharePoint and access them anywhere, share them at will and even work together on them in real time. Office works across devices and platforms, from smartphones and tablets to desktops and from PCs to Macs, and even on popular browsers. 1 The new Office is designed to work closely with Windows on PCs, tablets and phones. The fast and fluid experience lets you do more in less time, with minimalist styling and an intuitive touch and inking experience built into all the Office applications. Create a Word document on your PC and edit it on your Windows Phone with great fidelity, move from a keyboard to using touch seamlessly, or stream a full- featured version of Office to any Windows 7- or Windows 8-based PC with an Internet connection—with your personal settings intact. The sleek and modern interface gives you faster access to the tools you use every day with the ability to customize your experience in every Office application. New tools help you make beautiful modern documents, lead productive meetings and transform data into insight in a matter of clicks. The new Office user interface is also easy on the eyes, with a clean, functional appearance—less chrome and more touch friendly, more get-it-done. Making your documents look their best is now easier than ever. Office helps you create quickly with a menu of enhanced, professional templates and a list of your recent documents. Use new alignment guides to place pictures and other visual elements in perfect alignment within the paragraph, or experiment with your layout and see text flow around your images and other content with live layout functionality. With Peeks, Office gives you the information you need at a glance without leaving your current view. View your schedule, a specific appointment or details about the person you’re emailing, all without opening additional windows or adding clicks to your workflow. 1 See for supported devices.
  6. 6. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 2 Get Office in the way that works for you The new Office is available in a number of editions to suit business, home and educational needs. • Office 365:Delivers the new Office as a subscription service, constantly updated and connected to Microsoft cloud services. It is available in business, consumer, education and government editions. • Office 2013: Office as traditional desktop software with a perpetual license. Combined with a free Microsoft Account, Office 2013 offers many conveniences of a cloud-connected Office such as online document storage and sharing. • Office on Windows RT: Devices running Windows RT will come with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. • Office servers: Exchange,SharePoint, Project and Lync are available hosted in the cloud as part of Office 365 for businesses, deployed on-premises, or a combination of both in a hybrid deployment.
  7. 7. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 3 Modern user interface The new Office is more than just another pretty face. It’s designed to get out of the way and help you get things done. It’s sleek, streamlined and easy on the eyes with crisp animations, vivid colors and easy navigation with a mouse or touch. With a familiar, highly intuitive user experience it’s easy to get up and running whether you’re an Office power user or you’ve never used it before. Experience Office at its best on Windows 8 devices Office was made for Windows 8 on PCs and tablets, aswell as Windows Phones. Try them together for the ultimate productivity experience. The beautiful design is optimized for a range of hardware:from compact, touch-enabled tablets and lightweight laptops to powerful all-in-ones with big high-definition screens. It’s smooth and intuitive and gives you instant access to your people, apps and documents, so you spend less time searching and more time doing. Fresh, fast and fluid user interface Windows 8 and the new Office both have a bold, beautifully designed new style that’s sleek and modern. From the clean look of the words on your screen to the way apps animate, the experience is fresh and the way it works is intuitive. The streamlined, user-focused design creates a productivity experience that is both functional and gorgeous. Touch, pen, keyboard—your choice Office is optimized for different experiences. When you’re on the go with your tablet or mobile phone, the new Office touch experience makes it easy to communicate, consume content and perform lightweight editing with the flick of your finger or the stroke of a pen. When you are at your desk with a keyboard and mouse, you have the full range of fine-tuned Office controls at your command for the most demanding content creation tasks. Type naturally, error-free, with the Windows 8touch keyboard The touch keyboard in Windows 8 helps you speed up your typing and makes it more accurate. If you mistype a word, Windows will suggest words as you type so you can get it right with a single tap. Two keyboard modes—a full-size touch keyboard and a thumb keyboard—help keep you productive anywhere. On touch-enabled PCs, the keyboard layout automatically adjusts to the language you choose for Windows.
  8. 8. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 4 Leading touch experience with OneNote Ready for a re-imagined touch experience when brainstorming and taking notes? The OneNote Windows 8 appdelivers with touch-and-hold radial menus that put useful commands at your fingertips, one-tap search and sharing, and finger-friendly zooming and panning through pictures. Office on Phone, Tablet and PC Use Windows 8 across devices and get a full-featured Office experience anywhere. Each experience is tailored for the way you work, whether you are at your desk or on the go. Edit across devices while preserving formatting Create a document on your desktop; edit it on your browser, phone or tablet fearlessly. When you use Office on a Windows 8-based PC or tablet or a Windows Phone, formatting and styles remain intact no matter where you work on documents. All the hard work you put into making your document look its best will pay off.
  9. 9. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 5 Office 365: The Office you love with the power of the cloud Office 365 brings Office on the desktop together with cloud-based services so you can take your ideas wherever life takes you. Your documents and settings — even your Office applications themselves — roam with you. You can stream Office 365 to any Windows 7 or Windows 8 Internet-connected computer. Pick up reading a Word document where you left off. Work with others in real time. With the new cloud- powered Office, the world is at your fingertips. Choose the Office 365 subscription that's right for you Office 365 plans are simple to understand and even simpler to buy, with one per-user price for everything you need. Office 365 is designed to deliver a complete package with no hidden fees. From firms of one to the Fortune 500,from homes to schools to government agencies, there's an Office plan that's right for you. There are several Office 365 plans available in the customer preview, providing you with the flexibility to choose one that best fits your needs. • Office 365 Home Premium Preview: Install Office on up to five PCs and get an additional 20GB of online storage on SkyDrive so that you can save and share your documents online. Home Premium includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Access and Publisher. • Office 365 Small Business Premium Preview: Ideal for businesses with up to 10 employees, each user can install Office, getting the same applications that are included in Office 365 ProPlus on up to five PCs per user, and enjoy professional email, shared documents and HD videoconferencing in an easy-to- manage solution that is hosted by Microsoft. • Office 365 ProPlus Preview: Create up to 25 user accounts, with five installations of Office 365 ProPlus per user. It includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Access, Publisher, InfoPath and Lync. • Office 365 Enterprise Preview: Get the benefits of Office 365 ProPlus combined with Exchange Online, including archiving and legal hold to fully manage your company's email in the cloud. It also includes SharePoint Online to manage and share documents andLync Online to allow you to conduct meetings and collaborate across remote teams and team members. The final version of Office 365, when available, will include Office for Mac.
  10. 10. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 6 Office 365 for everyone Office 365 is now available to home as well as business and organizational users. Here are some of the features that are available to all Office 365 users. Settings move with you If you use Office a lot, you probably have things set up the way you like it—your Ribbon, your styles and other default settings. Even if you sign in to Office 365 on a different PC, everything will be ready for you to get to work right away. Always have the latest innovations Office is continually evolving. New and enhanced features and services are added all the time, and thanks to the cloud, Microsoft has greatly increased the pace of innovation. Because Office 365 is a subscription service, you always have the most up to date Office at your fingertips. You get the latest ways to work as soon as they are available, automatically downloaded and synched with Office on your desktop. With the subscription service, there’s no need to buy a new edition or upgrade. Stream Office to any Windows 7- or Windows 8-based PC with Office on Demand Ever wanted to get something done on a PC that’s not your own? With an Office 365 subscription you can. You don’t even have to have Office installed on the PC. Stream a full-featured Office application to any Internet-connected PC running Windows 7 or Windows 8 using Office on Demand. When you’re done, close the application and it will be removed from the PC. Connect to social networks easily Bring your online social networks to Office, complete with pictures, contact information and status updates. Rekindle old connections, ask questions, boost your business and more. It’s all possible with the latest version of Office, which includes built-in connectors that bring LinkedIn and Facebook into more of your Office experience. Office 365 is easy for anyone to manage.
  11. 11. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 7 Office 365 Home Premium and SkyDrive: any file, anywhere, automatically You want to access and share your documents and other files, but you don’t always have your PC with you. No problem—when you are signed in, Office 365 Home Premium saves your documents to SkyDrive by default. You can access them from any Internet-connected device. Want to save them to your local drive? You can do that, too. (Office 365 editions for business use SharePoint for document sharing, storage and collaboration. For more information, see the section on Office 365 for businesses.) With your documents stored on SkyDrive, you have what you need wherever you go—whether it’s a home to-do list or the latest version of a sales presentation. Putting your files on SkyDrive has other benefits, too. For one thing, they aren’t stored on a PC hard drive with a limited lifespan. If your computer goes down, your files stay up. And, if you’re collaborating with other people, you only have to keep track of one version instead of sending revisions back and forth by email. Going mobile? Access your SkyDrive files quickly and easily from your smartphone. Use the SkyDrive apps for Windows Phone and other compatible mobile phones, or just sign in from your browser. Either way, you’ll get your docs to go. Accelerate your creative process with collaboration built in. With Office 365 Home Premium and SkyDrive, people can work together even when they’re not together. Work on a vacation plan in OneNote with a family member. Post it on SkyDrive and invite others to review and do basic editing in their browser with the free Office Web Apps. They don’t have to have Office installed to get a great experience.
  12. 12. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 8 Office 365 for businesses: turbocharge your productivity Office 365 for businesses gives your business the productivity tools it needs to succeed in a fast-moving world. With up-to-date Office applications for Windows-based PCs, tablets and mobile phones, you can keep things moving forward from anywhere. Powerful, easy-to-manage online services including Exchange, SharePoint and Lync give any business enterprise-gradecapabilities. Plans are available to suit organizations of all sizes. Best of all, you don’t have to deploy or manage servers onsite, and Microsoft provides a99.99 percent financiallybacked uptime guarantee for Office 365 services. Keep people connected Office 365 for businesses helps you stay connected with new tools such as high-definition, multiparty videoconferencing in Lync, SharePoint Team Sites to keep team communications and documents in a single place, and newsfeeds to follow sites, documents and discussions to get answers in real time. With SharePoint, Office 365 delivers business-centric social networking designed to help people stay connected and innovate together. You can follow people, teams, documents and sites to stay on top of the latest happenings. Keep track of what your colleagues are up to through their activity feed. SharePoint even recommends people and documents to follow based on your interests and responsibilities. Ratings and reputation scores enable you to recognize colleagues and develop expert communities. Easily create SharePoint Team Sites with built-in guidance.
  13. 13. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 9 Enterprise social networking with SharePoint Email, contacts, calendars everywhere The more places you can access email, the faster your business can move. Office 365 gives you the power of Exchange, the world’s most used email server, in a hosted service that is easy enough for even solo professionals and small businesses but powerful enough for the largest enterprise organizations. Exchange helps protect your email and data with powerful anti-spam and anti-malware services that are always up to date, as well as policy-based information protection. Now you can take enterprise-grade email with you anywhere. The improved Outlook Web App works on all major browsers and is optimized for touch navigation. And with Exchange ActiveSync, users can get email, contacts, calendars and tasks on a wide variety of mobile devices. Work together across your business Office 365 for businesses keeps everyone in your organization connected no matter where they are. Find the expertise you need with a SharePoint search. Detailed contact cards and presence, now integrated into all Office applications, help you connect and work with people from anywhere within the Office experience. When you find who you’re looking for, join in rich, interactive discussions and meetings with audio, video and instant messaging (IM) capabilities of Lync. You can start the conversation spontaneously by hopping from IM to voice to video, or send out online meeting invitations with a couple of clicks. Share ideas and content SharePoint helps you keep track of what your colleagues are doing by following people, sites and documents. You can get instant feedback on the documents and projects you’re working on delivered in realtime to your activity feed. Sharing documents or presentations with the people you work with should be simple, intuitive and always available. With SkyDrive Pro you can share content with the people you work with without leaving your document library and track who you’re sharing with at a glance. You can publish and share documents directly to SharePoint from any Office application via the Office Backstage
  14. 14. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 10 View. When you need to work with colleagues, you can co-author documents in the browser using Office Web Apps. Keep teams in sync Prescriptive guidance is now built right into SharePoint. It guides you through setting permissions, creating document libraries, and adding a custom theme to your site so you can quickly set up a new team site. You can even provide external partners and vendorsaccess to SharePoint sites or documents with robust security while helping to meet the data governance and protection policies set by your IT department. To help your team stay in sync, all your team documents and emails can be accessible from Outlook and SharePoint using a Site Mailbox. Gain insights anywhere with Excel and SharePoint Empower everyone in your organization to gain business insights. Mash up big data from multiple sources using PowerPivot. Explore data, visualize it and tell a compelling story using PowerView. When it’s decision time, share business intelligence-enriched reports and dashboards with SharePoint to give everyone access to the real numbers. Deploy it your way The cloud is the future of Office, but you can go there at your own pace. Not only can you install Exchange, SharePoint or Lync in your own datacenter, the latest releases of Office servers are built on the very same technology that powers Office 365. That means you can keep some users on-premises while others consume services from the cloud. Move to the cloud at your own pace. Test different configurations before deploying. Keep sensitive data within your firewall. Whatever the reason, it’s your Office—deploy it how you want to. And, you can even still get traditional, perpetual Office client licenses to install on desktops and PCs in your organization. With PowerView you can see actionable data at a glance.
  15. 15. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 11 Word
  16. 16. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 12 Create beautiful documents and enjoy the read The new Word gives you a new, clean view so you can enjoy the read right from your screen. Of course, you still get professional-grade tools for creating beautiful documents and working with others. Stay on top of the latest changes to a shared document and all the conversations in the document. Have your documents saved and stored online so you know you're using the right version. Add polish and style with new, compelling templates and tools and support for online videos and photos. Polish. Work together. And enjoy the read. Enjoy Get absorbed in Word documents with the new on-screen read mode. It looks great and provides you with the right tools to enhance your reading experience. Read mode: Enjoy easy and pleasant reading with text reflowing automatically in columns to fit the screen. Distractions are removed, providing you with only tools that add value to your reading (such as Define, Translate and Search on the Web). Object zoom: Just tap your finger or click your mouse to zoom in and make tables, charts and images in your document fill the screen. Focus on and take in the information, then tap again to zoom out and continue reading. Resume reading: Word automatically bookmarks your last position in a document. Take a break from reading your document; when you reopen it, you can pick up right where you left off, even
  17. 17. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 13 on a different PC or tablet when signed into your SkyDrive account. Online video: When you have an Internet connection, you can watch online videos right in Word without having to leave the document, so you can stay focused on the content. Expand and collapse: Have the option to collapse and expand sections of your document with just a tap or click. Easily manage your reading by collapsing paragraphs you are done with, or expand to explore more. Navigation pane: Know at a glance where you are in your document. You can see the contents, search the document and track your place by heading all from the navigation pane. Work together Share and work easily with others using improved reviewing and online presentation tools. Simplified sharing: When you are online and signed in with your Microsoft Account or organizational or school ID, your documents are saved to the cloud by default. You can share and collaborate just by sending a link. Manage and track only one version of your document. Reply comment: Debate and easily track comments right next to the relevant text. You can see who replied to whom and when, so you can have helpful conversations where they matter. Present Online: When you're online, you can share the document on your screen with others, even if they don't have Word. Send them a link, and they can follow you in the browser as you scroll through the document on your screen. Simple markup: See a clean version of documents that have been marked up, with subtle hints indicating changes and comments. In one click, you can see all the changes and then hide them again for easy reading and easy tracking. Lock tracking: Add a password to the ability to stop tracking changes to ensure that all changes to your document are being tracked. No change can get by without you seeing it. Mark comment as done: When a comment or a conversation has been addressed, mark it as "done" to collapse and gray it out. It will remain out of your way, yet easily accessible for future reference. The new read mode in Word makes reading a pleasure.
  18. 18. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 14 Polish Add flair to your documents with online photos and videos. PDF reflow: Use content from PDFs easily and make it look great. Word now opens PDFs and makes content, such as paragraphs, lists and tables, act as familiar Word documents. Automatically reflow PDF content into an editable Word document. Alignment guides: The new alignment guides make it easy to line up charts, photos and diagrams with your text for a polished and professional look. Guides pop into place when you need them and disappear when you're done using them. Live layout: Watch photos, videos and shapes move through text as you drag them in your document. Release the mouse button and your object and the text around it are already in their final place—no need to guess the result. Online video: You can say more and type less by adding online videos to your documents. Readers can watch these videos right in Word when they are online. Start: The new Start experience gives you easy access to inspiration, with new, compelling templates and a list of your recently viewed documents so you can get back to where you were in no time. Design tab: The new Design tab helps you make all your design changes from one place, saving time searching for what you need. New building blocks: Choose from a new set of cover page, header and footer styles to give your document polish. Online pictures: When you're online, you can use Word to search your online albums on Flickr and other services and add pictures directly to the document, without having to save them first to your desktop, laptop or tablet.
  19. 19. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 15 Excel
  20. 20. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 16 Discover and share insights from your data The new Excel gives you intuitive ways to explore your data, inspiring you to get to new insights. In one click, discover new ways to visualize your data, and see your information with new depth. Enjoy working with and analyzing your data—the new Excel guides you with charts and tables based on your data and helps you get the job done faster. A new clean view made as much for the tap, touch and turn of your fingers as the click of your mouse or keyboard means you can move naturally through your information. Discover Unleash the insights hidden in your data with new tools that make it easy to extract what you need from imported information and quickly perform complex analysis. Flash Fill: Reformatting and rearranging your data just got easier. Watch Excel learn and recognize your pattern and auto-complete the remaining data, with no formulas or macros required. Recommended PivotTable: Find the best summary for your data. Excel suggests options for how to summarize your data into a PivotTable. See a quick peek of your data in tables that use different pivots, and pick the one that lets the insights flow. Available with Office Professional Plus Quick Explore: Explore different cuts and views of your data in a click, and discover new insights hidden in your data. In a click, conduct a cross-tab analysis of large datasets and get a 360-degree view of what your data can show you. Quick Trend: Trying to predict future trends? A good place to start is to look at the historical time series data. Now, you can pull up a chart showing the trend based on the historical data.
  21. 21. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 17 Spreadsheet Inquire & Compare: This new Excel Add-in scans spreadsheets and performs diagnostics for errors, hidden information and broken links, and compares workbooks looking for inconsistencies to help prevent fraud. Rest easy knowing that during an audit, you have an audit trail of the changes in a spreadsheet. Visualize Bring your analysis to life with a click of the mouse with easy-to-use new visualization tools that make your data look great. Quick Analysis Lens: In one click, discover different ways to visually represent your data. Love what you see? Apply the formatting, Sparklines, chart or table with just one more click. Recommended Charts: Find the best ways to visualize your data in charts. Excel recommends the most suitable charts based on patterns in your data. See a quick peek of your data in different charts and graphs and pick the one that shows the insights you want. Chart Formatting Control: Fine-tune your charts quickly and easily. Change the title, layout or other elements of your charts from a new and interactive interface. Chart Animations: Watch every change in the chart as you adjust the numbers or add new data points. With animations, you can see clearly the changes applied to your charts so you can better understand movement in your data. Timeline Slicer: Quickly see your data over different periods. Now you can apply a visual time filter on your data, charts or PivotTables or move through rolling month-to-month performance with just a click. Get started quickly: Don't draw a blank on how to structure or format your spreadsheet. When beginning a new document, pick from a collection of professionally designed templates including budgets, calendars, forms and reports. Excel App Animations: Enjoy working in the new Excel with smooth animations that help you focus on the changes clearly. Touch-enabled: Get in touch with Excel. Use your fingers and hands to move through your charts, graphs and tables. Apps for Excelintegration: Now you can create custom add-ons to help you mash up your data with data and visualizations available on the Web, such as Bing Maps. Flash Fill automatically completes your data without macros or formulas.
  22. 22. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 18 Available with Office Professional Plus Power View: Discover new insights at the speed of thought with highly interactive, familiar data exploration, visualization and presentation for all levels of skills. Power View lets you compile data, charts and graphs into a single view to bring your data to life. PowerPivot: The Excel Add-in provides groundbreaking in-memory database technology to allow fast manipulation of large data sets, streamlined integration of data and the ability to effortlessly share your analysis. Share Work together or show off your results with the new sharing capabilities of Excel. Send a link to co- workers and post to your social network using Office Web Apps. Simplified sharing: Sharing a workbook is now much simpler. You can share and collaborate just by sending a link to your workbooks saved in the cloud. Post to social network: You can now share part of your spreadsheet on the Web by simply embedding it on your social network pages. Present online: You can share your workbook and collaborate in real time with others via Lync conversation or meeting. You can also allow them to take control of your workbook. Send by instant message:You can also share your workbook by attaching it to an instant message. Everyone will receive a separate copy of your workbook.
  23. 23. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 19 PowerPoint
  24. 24. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 20 Design and deliver beautiful presentations with ease and confidence Easily work with others and design beautiful presentations. Intuitive design tools make it easy to start from a theme, apply variants, align text and media, and even build customized icons. When collaborating, co-authoring and replying comments make it easy to work with one version and keep all important conversations in context. Sharing online is simple: Even if your audience doesn't have PowerPoint, you can project to their browser. And, when you present, you are in complete control behind the scenes, keeping track of your notes, zooming in on specific slides and easily navigating among them. Design Getting started on your presentation and making it look great has never been easier. Start screen: Get started with ease and polish. When opening PowerPoint, you are immediately presented with a collection of compelling wide-screen themes from which to create your presentation. Alignment guides: Enhanced alignment guides make it easy and intuitive to line up shapes, text boxes and other graphics, so your presentations look as if they were polished by a designer. Smart guides: See in realtime how your graphics line up and intuitively drop objects into the right place.
  25. 25. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 21 Master-level guides: Set fixed guides for specific slides from the master, making it easy to achieve visual consistency across slides. Theme variants: Change the look and feel of your presentation in one click, making your presentation unique. Merge shapes: Select two or more shapes on your slide and easily create new custom shapes with union, combine, fragment, intersect or subtract. You can create amazing new shapes for diagrams and icons. Eyedropper: Grab the exact color you need to make your slides great. Match the color of a title to an accompanying picture, or ensure you are using your exact logo color in three simple clicks. Online pictures: When online, you can use PowerPoint to search your online albums on Flickr and other services and add pictures directly to the document, without having to save them first to your desktop, laptop or tablet. Insert pictures from online sources without saving them to your desktop first. Media support: Add life to your presentations with videos and enjoy support for even more formats. Play in Background: Have music and sound play across several slides or your whole presentation. Format Object task pane: A new pane holds all the shape, picture and text design decisions for you. Easily navigate among all the formatting options and see their immediate effect. Modify Data Layout: Fine-tune your charts quickly and easily, without affecting the underlying data. Filter the data presented using a new intuitive menu. Impress Stay effortlessly and intuitively in control so you can focus on your audience, not your slides.
  26. 26. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 22 Presenter View: When presenting with a second screen (such as with a projector), new behind-the-scenes tools keep you in control and allow you to focus on and connect with your audience. Effortlessly control your presentation with the improved Presenter View. Slide zoom: Help focus your audience on your ideas. Just click to zoom in and out on a specific diagram, chart or graphic. Navigation grid: Easily navigate between slides using a visual grid showing your slides at a glance: Your audience only sees the slide you're presenting. Auto-extend: When you connect to a second screen, PowerPoint will apply the right settings to enable Presenter View and ensure it is projected on the correct screen. Swap displays: If Presenter View is projected on the big screen and the presentation on your personal monitor, one click flips the settings and keeps you in control. Work together Create and edit presentations with others in real time and share online easily Simplified sharing: When you are online and signed in with your Microsoft Account or an organization or school ID, your presentations are saved to the cloud by default. You can share and collaborate just by sending a link, which also grants read or edit permissions. With online sharing, you can easily manage a single version of your presentation. Reply comment: Debate and easily track comments right next to the relevant text or graphics. You can see who replied to whom and when, so you can have helpful conversations where they matter. Comments pane: The new comments pane makes it easier to review all the comments and conversations in a given slide.
  27. 27. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 23 PowerPoint Web App Coauthoring: Co-authoring comes to the PowerPoint Web App. When you're online, you and your team can work together on the same presentation at the same time from the desktop or free via the PowerPoint Web App on SkyDrive. Resume Reading: PowerPoint automatically bookmarks your last position in a presentation. When you reopen a presentation, you can pick up right where you left off, even on a different device when signed into SkyDrive. Present Online: You can share your presentation with anyone, even if they don't have PowerPoint. Send them a link, and when you are online they can follow you in their browser as you advance through the presentation on your screen.
  28. 28. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 24 Outlook
  29. 29. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 25 Manage your emails, schedules, contacts and to-dos Outlook empowers you to take control of your day. It's the place to go to communicate, manage your schedule and to-do list, and find the information you need to get your work done quickly. With Outlook, you can send emails and files from all your email accounts and quickly find messages and attachments with the information you're looking for. It's also more social than ever—improved connection with LinkedIn and Facebook give you access to more of your contacts from one place.
  30. 30. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 26 Communicate Quickly connect and share files with the people and groups that matter most. Inline replies: Reply to email in one click, and check quick replies off your list so you can focus on the important stuff. Animation: Smooth transitions between email, calendar and tasks intuitively help you understand context. Navigation bar: Get easy access to email, calendar, people and tasks with a navigation bar that takes up less space. Ribbon: See the Ribbon when you need it, and hide it when you don't. Social connectors: See social updates from the people you're in contact with. LinkedIn, Facebook and other updates are incorporated automatically so you have the right context to start, add toor change the conversation. Exchange ActiveSync support: Connect Outlook using Exchange ActiveSync and access push-based email, appointments and contacts across many popular email servers and services. Site mailboxes: Create a single folder, calendar and task list for everyone on your team. Using the combined power of Outlook, Exchange and SharePoint, you can assign an email folder to a team project, and give everyone on the team access to that folder. Store team emails and links to supporting documents, and manage team communication as you go. Manage Take control of your email and schedule with tools that help you more easily organize your life. Peeks: Take a peek at your schedule, a specific appointment or details about the person you're emailing with, without moving screens or losing context. People Card: Multiple contacts are transparently joined into one view, reducing distracting duplicates and offering social context. Multiple email accounts: See, create and respond to all your email in one place, just like you do on your phone, including Hotmail and third-party webmail. You don't have to download anything or install add- ons; Outlook can now connect directly with your other email and calendars. Share your calendar: Make your calendar available for others to see so meeting scheduling becomes a snap. Exchange Fast Access: See new email fasterwith Outlook powered by Exchange. Sync slider: Control your disk space usage with an easy way to choose how much email is stored on your hard drive. Office sidebyside: DeployOutlook 2013 side by side with your previous version of Outlook so pilot testing doesn't impact your current plugins and experiences.
  31. 31. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 27 Peeks show you important information without leaving your current view. Find Find the important information that you need so you can make the right decision fast. Search: Find the information you need fast. Search is available for email, attachments, calendar appointments and contacts so you can find the information you need fast. MailTips: Find out important information before you send your email. MailTips lets you know if someone is out of the office, if you forgot an attachment, if you are sending information outside your organization and much more before you ever send the message. MailTips saves you time, helps you avoid mistakes and enables you to find the right contact for your email quickly. Conversation view quickly shows you all thread-related messages.
  32. 32. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 28 Policy tips: Easily be reminded of company information policies before you might make a mistake. Policy tips notify you when there is information in your email that might be tied to a policy so you can make informed decisions about what you are sending. (New, requires Exchange.) Fast filters and context commands: Get one-click context: Instantly see what's happening today, next week or next year. View emails by who sent them, or whether you've responded, or go straight to what you haven't read. Easily file, flag or delete emails. Clear view: See more of your information with a clean, clear viewing area. Weather bar: See the weather while you ponder your calendar, for easy planning of your day or next trip.
  33. 33. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 29 OneNote
  34. 34. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 30 Take notes and have them where you want when you need them OneNote is your digital notebook that holds your notes, pictures, Web pages and media. Access your information wherever you go, using your favorite devices. 2 Create notes, sketch a diagram and record a lecture and connect them to related presentation files, photos, videos, Web links, charts and more right in your notes. Everything you capture is saved and searchable without having to do anything extra. With OneNote, your notes travel seamlessly with you. Download the OneNote app so you can access your latest OneNote notebooks from your favorite devices including Windows Phone, Windows 8, iPhone, iPad and Android phones. OneNote is also available through your browser using the OneNote Web App. You don't have to remember, because OneNote's got it. Capture Have your ideas in one spot: Keep all your notes, links, Web pages and media together. Take notes, sketch a diagram or record a presentation, all in OneNote. Embed files: Add a presentation file, document, spreadsheet, Web link, video file or other media right into your notes. You'll always have the information you need right at hand. 2 App availability varies by device and country/region. See for details.
  35. 35. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 31 Auto-Updating File Views: When you embed Excel and Visio files, you'll be able to see content previews from within your notebook. Made a change? The preview will automatically update. You'll be able to see the information you care about right next to your notes. Tables: Do more with tables. OneNote now has more powerful table tools, which allow you to make headers and quickly move around rows and columns. Want to create data visualizations or do more advanced data work? With one click, you can convert tables in your notes into embedded Excel spreadsheets. Inking: OneNote's improved inking allows you to draw, erase and edit seamlessly, whether using your finger, stylusor mouse. Like writing instead of typing? OneNote also converts handwriting into text. Meetings (with Outlook): Connect your notes with corresponding meetings scheduled through Outlook. Go to your meeting, and pull up the corresponding notes on the given topic. Embed a presentation for a meeting, pull it up during the meeting, and make your notes right alongside every slide. Linking/audio: Go back and hear just what was said. Record audio right in your notes. Type while you're recording. Your notes will link with the specific part of the audio recorded while you were typing. Find your note, hit playand listen to what was said. Snip photos: Add cropped screenshot images from any type of file or image to your notes. Snip anything from your screen and add it to your notes.
  36. 36. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 32 Find In OneNote, your notes are automatically saved and searchable. You can even find the words you're looking for in audio and pictures. You don't have to remember where you put anything—OneNote's got it. Auto-save: OneNote saves as you go (just like a paper notebook) so you never need to remember to hit the "save" button. Of course, you can still save as a new version or under a new name. Search: You can search the notes and files you've added to find anything you've captured—a page in a presentation, text in a picture or a comment in an audio clip—just type in a keyword or phrase. Simplified sharing: Your notes are saved to the cloud by default when you're online. You can share and collaborate just by sending a link. Manage and track only one version of your notebook, all from within OneNote. And, when it's in the cloud, it's backed up, so you don't have to worry about losing your work. FullPage View: Have the tools you want when you need them. When you want just your notes, full screen mode will hide the Ribbon and page navigation so you have no distractions. Need to go to a different page or access the Ribbon? They're just a click away. Go OneNote is your digital notebook that travels with you. Download the OneNote app so you can access your latest OneNote notebooks from your favorite devices, 3 including Windows Phone, Windows 8, iPhone, iPad and Android phones. OneNoteon Windows 8: Draw, type, click and swipe: OneNote is reimagined for Windows 8. Your notes are saved and searchable, and sync to OneNote apps on your other devices. Touch: Get in touch with OneNote. Use your fingers and hands to move through your pages and notes when you don't have a keyboard. Desktop Touch In sync:OneNote syncs with SkyDrive and SharePoint, so you know you always have the latest on all your devices. You can find what you need, or add more from the OneNote client or from SkyDrive/SharePoint. On your devices: There will be OneNote apps available 3 on Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Android ™ phones, and Nokia Symbian phones. If you have a supported browser, you'll have the free OneNote Web Application. OneNote is there. 3 App availability varies by device and country/region. See for details.
  37. 37. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 33 Publisher
  38. 38. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 34 Create professional and impactful publications Use familiar, simple tools to create professional-looking publications that make an impact. With the unique layout and print capabilities in Publisher, you can easily and quickly make brochures, newsletters, calendars, posters, flyers and more. Publisher makes it easy to grab the attention of your audience with simple personalization tools so you can customize names, photos and links. And, you can easily share publications in the way that suits your audience the best. Impact Make an impact in a highly visual world overloaded with content. Publisher has simple tools that make it easy to stand out and grab attention. Swap picture: Import all your pictures to a single canvas in Publisher, and swap them in and out of your design with a simple drag and drop. Experiment to find the right image without wasting time. Effects: Use professional-looking effects for text, shapes and pictures, including softer shadows, reflections and OpenType features such as ligatures and stylistic alternates. These effects are familiar to use because they work like the effects in other Office applications that support them. Start: The new Start experience gives you easy access to inspiration, with new, compelling templates, as well as a list of your recently viewed documents, so you can get back to where you were in no time. Picture background: Use your photos as high-resolution page backgrounds, and make your publications look professional and polished. Online pictures: When online, you can use Publisher to search your online albums on Flickr and other services and add pictures directly to the document, without having to save them first to your desktop, laptop or tablet.
  39. 39. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 35 Personalize Make your professional publications personal for your audience through text, photos and links. It's simple to customize with Publisher using familiar tools such as mail merge. Mail merge: Include photos and links in the familiar mail merge tools, and boost the personalization of your newsletters, cards and emails. Mailings tab: All your personalization needs are in one place in the Ribbon. Share Share and work easily with others. Email, PDF, XPS or high-quality prints: Publish in the way that suits your audience best. Simplified sharing: Your documents are saved to the cloud by default when you're online and signed in with your Microsoft Account or organizational or school ID. You can share and collaborate just by sending a link. Photo printing: It's now even easier to print your great-looking publications or photo albums at any printshop with the ability to save all your pages to a common picture format, such as JPEG. Email: Share a page as an email or send the entire publication in the email message as HTML. All the pages will be combined into one message for you. PDF and XPS: Save your publications as PDF and XPS, and even send them directly as PDF or XPS attachments without saving them first. Print: The print tab in the backstage view makes it easier to preview your publications and ensure your printing comes out just as you intend.
  40. 40. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 36 Visio
  41. 41. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 37 Simplify complex information with professional diagrams Visio 2013 provides new features to help you create diagrams more easily—including new and updated shapes and stencils, improved themes and effects, and options to make teamwork simpler. You can also make your diagrams more dynamic by linking shapes to real-time data and then sharing them through a browser with others—even if they don't have Visio—using Visio Services in SharePoint. Create professional diagrams quickly Visio 2013 adds all-new features that make it easy and intuitive to create professional diagrams in just a few clicks. Quickly customize the look and feel of your diagram: Use new and updated shapes and apply themes and effects to quickly make your diagrams look professional and engaging with just a few clicks. Create great-looking organization charts more easily: Take advantage of several new organization chart styles and the option to import people's photos. Create your organization chart quickly by importing information from Outlook, Exchange or a spreadsheet. Change shapes without affecting your diagram layout: Replace shapes in your diagrams with new ones without having to re-do the layout or losing any information you've added to the shapes. Get started with ease and polish: When opening Visio, immediately be presented with a collection of compelling stencils to get started, and a list of my most recently used documents.
  42. 42. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 38 Collaborate with your team Visio 2013 makes it easier than ever for teams to work together on diagrams and share their information. Work together on a single diagram at the same time: Work on a diagram at the same time as your colleagues without having to worry about merging multiple versions or managing version conflicts. See who else is working on different parts of the diagram, get notifications on what has changed, and choose when to merge those changes with the version you are working in. View diagrams through a browser on any PC and virtually any device: Save your diagrams to Office 365 or SharePoint so that others can view them through a browser on virtually any device, even if they don't have Visio installed. Share feedback with improved commenting: Add and reply to comments in diagrams through either Visio 2013 or in your browser using Visio Services. See when diagram authors are online and get real-time feedback from them through an instant messaging conversation—which you can initiate right from within Visio. (Presence integration requires a compliant IM application, such as Lync 2013.) Link diagrams to dynamic data With Visio 2013, you can use the shapes in your diagram to show real-time data. Link diagram shapes to data with a simple wizard: Make complex information easier to understand by linking your shapes to data that stays up to date. Use formatting and data graphics—icons, symbols and bar charts—that automatically adjust when your data changes to make patterns in the data evident at a glance. Use a range of common data sources: Link to business data from common data sources, including Excel, Excel Services, SQL Server, SQL Azure and SharePoint External Lists. Create no-code dashboards with SharePoint: Create powerful dashboards without writing any code by saving your data-linked diagrams to Office 365 or SharePoint 2013. Use a powerful diagramming platform Visio 2013 provides an extensible, flexible and fully up-to-date platform for creating powerful diagrams and solutions. Get support for updated diagramming standards: Create diagrams that comply with the BPMN 2.0 standard while continuing to open and update diagrams that use older versions of BPMN. Plus, create diagrams that comply with UML 2.4. Validate diagrams to make sure they make follow business rules: Use a built-in validation engine to make sure that BPMN diagrams have all required elements. The validation engine may also be extended for other types of diagrams using XML. Create visual workflows and publish them to SharePoint: Take advantage of updated support for Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0 (including support for stages and steps) and better integration with SharePoint Designer to visually create and publish workflows.
  43. 43. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 39 Improve governance and control in Project2013: Create visual workflows in Visio for demand management in Project 2013and Project Online. Extend Visio through a rich application programming interface (API): Create add-ins to help users visualize data from other business systems through Visio diagrams. Maintain IT control: Use Group Policy to control what users can do in both Visio 2013 and Visio Services in SharePoint.
  44. 44. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 40 Project
  45. 45. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 41 Project Project offers flexible online and on-premises solutions for project portfolio management (PPM) and everyday work, enabling you to effectively execute and achieve strategic priorities. Tools for project management • Project Pro for Office 365: Effectively plan, manage and collaborate with others from virtually anywhere to deliver winning projects. Offered as a subscription so you always have the most up-to-date version on your PC or other devices. • Project Professional 2013: Easily collaborate with others to quickly start and deliver winning projects. Offered with a perpetual license. • Project Standard 2013: Keep your project organized and on track. Offered with a perpetual license. Tools for PPM • Project Online: An online PPM and everyday work solution for team members, project participants and business decision-makers. • Project Online with Project Pro for Office 365: An online PPM and everyday work solution for project managers and business decision-makers. • Project Server 2013: An on-premises PPM and everyday work solution. An overview of the new Project cloud offerings (Project Online and Project Pro for Office 365) is provided below. Project Pro for Office 365: A new project management subscription Microsoft introduces Project Pro for Office 365, a project management subscription that offers flexible plans and simplified IT management. Improved functionality between Project Pro for Office 365 and SharePoint Online makes project collaboration fast and easy for nearby or geographically distributed teams. Project Pro for Office 365 works seamlessly with Office 365 to help you share project details and effectively communicate progress without having to reformat or re-do work. And because Project Pro for Office 365 supports lightweight and more robust project management systems for small teams and departments, you can more reliably and successfully deliver projects.
  46. 46. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 42 Stay organized Give your teams a better way to stay organized with simple and engaging ways to get started, quickly plan and easily keep projects on track. • Offering simple and straightforward ways to get started, Project Pro for Office 365 enables you to easily begin planning and managing your projects. • The enhanced visual experience in Project Pro for Office 365 helps you quickly focus on what matters, select actions to take and browse functions. • New project templates in Project Pro for Office 365 help guide you to create your best plan, and Project Pro for Office 365 makes it easy to quickly find recent files every time you get started. Deliver projects successfully Avoid costly breakdowns in teamwork with effective ways to see and share the data you want to present to team members and executives. • Project Pro for Office 365 provides the ability to visualize and print project reports beautifully, helping you easily and effectively share and discuss progress. • Powerful, out-of-the-box reporting tools in Project Pro for Office 365 delivered within a familiar Excel- like experience help you quickly and easily measure progress and resource allocation. • Project Pro for Office 365 provides enhanced tools for “what-if” scenario planning, helping you see potential problems and make changes to assess impact, without re-creating your entire project plan. Improve everyday collaboration Effectively track status, receive changes and use more out-of-the-box features that work seamlessly with other Microsoft applications to improve team collaboration. • Project Pro for Office 365 is designed to work with Office 365, SharePoint Online and Lync Online, creating a complete collaborative project management system. • Improved list synchronization between SharePoint Online and Project Pro for Office 365 helps you deliver project information, effectively track status and receive changes from virtually anywhere. • The social capabilities of SharePoint Online are designed to work with your project site to facilitate discussions and facilitate information sharing so you can get projects and everyday work done. • The search capabilities of SharePoint Online enable you to find the right information in the right context to execute everyday work and projects effectively. Project Online: A new online PPM solution Microsoft introduces Project Online, a flexible, online PPM solution to achieve strategic priorities as well as manage tactical project execution and everyday work. Built on SharePoint Online, Project Online provides new choices for teams, departments and large organizations to adopt lightweight or rigorous approaches to PPM. Delivered through Office 365, Project Online increases agility and control while helping all types of organizations to get started—to define and prioritize project portfolio investments and deliver the intended business value.
  47. 47. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 43 Take action Complete your work from virtually anywhere on almost any device. • Get started quickly. Visual tiles identify important steps and provide a simple guide for you and your organization to begin (or hone) PPM capabilities. • Focus on what matters most.Project Online aggregates everyday work, project tasks, important details and timelines in a visually rich and contextual user interface. • Extend your PPM experience to smartphones and stay uptodate while you're on the go with an interface suited to small formfactors. Project Online also works on popular browsers. Flexible PPM Achieve strategic goals with a flexible PPM solution that enables you and your team to effectively set priorities, execute projects and complete everyday work. • Capture all demand to accurately measure capacity — even when your people are managing everyday work or adhoc projects in SharePoint Online task lists. • Evaluate portfolio investment and select optimal project portfolios for your organization by analyzing constraints, demand and dynamic resources. • Enable your people to effectively manage the tactical details of execution and delivery, while ensuring alignment with business priorities. Strengthen everyday collaboration Avoid costly breakdowns in teamwork with new ways to collaborate and act quickly. • Project Online is designed to work with Lync Online, enabling your people to have real-time conversations and IMs from within their projects. • Project Online uses the social, search and collaborative capabilities of SharePoint Online to help your people facilitate discussions and find and share the information they need. You can better manage your project pipeline and more effectively measure your team's ideas. • Enable business decision-makers and analysts to quickly mine and aggregate project and portfolio data to understand risk and align long-term planning and short-term execution needs with business priorities. Increase agility and control Take advantage of the online platform that combines agility, control, robust security features and reliability. • Project Online uses industry standards such as Open Data Protocol (OData) for data mining and business intelligence. • Project Online and SharePoint Online offer an integrated administrative experience that simplifies IT management. • Project Online enables you to bring together different disciplines such as Application Lifecycle Management, New Product Development and Innovation Process Managementthrough a connected and scalable PPM platform.
  48. 48. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 44 Get Started
  49. 49. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 45 Getting started with the new Office Getting your Office 365 Preview up and running is simple. Just follow these steps. Step 1 Choose the Office 365 description that suits your needs. Step 2 Click Get Started to begin your preview.
  50. 50. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 46 Step 3 Sign in with your Microsoft Account or organizational or school ID. Step 4 Click Continue to activate your account. Step 5 Your account will be ready in minutes.
  51. 51. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 47 Step 6 Install Office on your devices, access SkyDriveand manage your Office 365 subscription from the My Account page.
  52. 52. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 48 Top New andImproved Features of Office Servers
  53. 53. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 49 Top 10 New andImproved Features of Exchange  Helps keep your organization safer: The new Data Loss Prevention features in Exchange help identify, monitor and protect sensitive data through deep content analysis.  Easier eDiscovery: Compliance officers can use the new Exchange eDiscovery Center to discover and analyze Exchange, SharePoint and Lync data stored in Exchange from a single interface.  Keep your data in one place: Large mailboxes and in-place archiving enable you to manage storage needs and compliance in cost-effective ways.  Manage team and project communications more easily: Allow users to see old communications on a project as soon as they join, have access to the current versions of their team documents, and access all that information right from within Outlook.  Unified user experience: Co-authoring, document storage and versioning are provided by SharePoint while messaging is handled by Exchange with a complete user experience within Outlook.  Touch-enabled inbox: The same thoughtful design in the Outlook desktop interface has been applied to both the browser and mobile interfaces.  Move to the cloud on your terms: Onboard to the cloud overnight, move in stages, or maintain a hybrid deployment with mailboxes on-premises and online to meet your business needs.  Simplify management: Do it all from the Exchange Administration Center— a single, easy-to-use Web-based administration interface.  Web content in Outlook: Customize Exchange by incorporating relevant, Web- based Office Apps into the desktop and browser-based Outlook experiences with robust security.  Unified contacts: Enable users to bring contacts in from other networks. Exchange automatically consolidates duplicates into one contact card.
  54. 54. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 50 Top 10 New andImproved Features of Lync  Stay in touch anywhere: Lync enables users to communicate with robust security anywhere they have network connectivity and automatically adapts to network conditions.  Unified client: Lync integrates voice and video calls, Lync meetings, presence and instant messaging in one easy-to-use client.  Consistent experience: Lync makes communicating easier with a consistent and familiar experience that's optimized for the device, OS or browser being used, including Windows 7 and Windows 8, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android smartphones.  Connect with the outside world: Lync Federation extends unified communications with robust security over the Internet to customers, suppliers and partners across the most common messaging platforms, including Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, AOL Instant Messengerand Google Talk.  Take notes in OneNote: OneNote Share allows users to create and share OneNote digital meeting notes within Lync meetings.  Hold virtual conferences or ad-hoc conversations with interactive video: See multiple video streams simultaneously and see the active speaker automatically.  Adaptive videoconferencing: Lync uses open standards including H.264 SVCto enable video compression, which adapts to bandwidth for a high-quality experience for everyone.  Click to join: Joining a Lync meeting requires only a single click or touch on PCs and mobile devices.  Browser-based access: The Lync Web App allows PC and Mac users to join a Lync meeting from a browser and delivers a full LyncMeeting experience, including IM, voice, multiview video, data collaboration and sharing. Hold highly interactive videoconference calls. Communicate in multiple ways with one easy-to-use Lync app.
  55. 55. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 51  Quickly and intuitively find the best way to communicate: Quick Lync is a menu that appears over a contact in the Lync contact list and shows available communication modes.
  56. 56. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 52 Top 10 New andImproved Features of SharePoint  A new and simplified user experience:Drag and drop content into document libraries, see live previews of your content, edit lists inline and create sites in a few simple clicks. SharePoint puts you in control.  Put social to work: New social features let you share what you’re working on, ask questions and keep track of what your colleagues are doing. SharePoint puts social to work.  Grow your network:New search profile features help you connect with people across your organization and easily discover interests, past projects and documents they’ve worked on. SharePoint helps you find answers to questions and discover experts you never knew.  Store and sync your documents:SkyDrive Pro sync’s your content in SharePoint to your desktop, so if you’re working remotely or about to jump on a plane your docs are just a mouse click away. SharePoint keeps your content in sync from virtually anywhere.  Share your stuff:Share documents from Office or SkyDrive Pro with people inside and outside of your organization puts working together with anyone just a couple of clicks away. SharePoint helps you get stuff done.  Keep your teams in sync:Set up a new team site in minutes with wizards built into SharePoint to help you set permissions, track meeting notes and bring together all your team’s email and documents in one place. SharePoint 2013 makes teamwork easy.  Keep your projects on track:Organize your projects and tasks giving you a view into upcoming deliverables across SharePoint, Outlook and Microsoft Project. SharePoint helps you prioritize and get stuff done. Store, share and manage all your documents in one place with SharePoint. Easily find the expertise you need with SharePoint people search.
  57. 57. Office Reviewers Guide PAGE | 53  Find what you’re looking for:Quickly customize and narrow your search to deliver more relevant results, and also provides recommendations on people and documents to follow. SharePoint makes it easy to discover answers and take action.  Take SharePoint with you on the go:If you’re running from meetings or out of the office you can share documents, or update your activity feed from your mobile phone or tablet. SharePoint keeps you connected from virtually anywhere.  Do more with SharePoint apps:The SharePoint store is an online marketplace to discover and install apps that’s designed to work with SharePoint. If you need a specific business solution to help you get even more out of SharePoint the store is just a click away.