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Exploring technology tools


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Tech Tools Assessment (BLOG)

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Exploring technology tools

  1. 1. EXPLORING TECHNOLOGY TOOLS By: Hazel Q. Reyes ED271-02 Fall 2012 Dr. Cyrus
  2. 2. This technology course has offered so much learning for me.It has introduced me to many tools I can use in the classroomand for my personal use. Though I found some tools easy touse, others took time to explore. I am still learning how to bean efficient technology user.I assessed eight technology tools in which I listed somefeatures of what each tool has to offer. Also included is a briefdescription of my experiences exploring with these tools. Irated the following technology tools using a scale from 1 to 5,five being excellent.
  3. 3. •Communication with instructors and classmates is easily done viaemail or using the Moodle messaging system.•Variety of content from instructors are provided: audio and videolectures, files such as pictures, presentations and links to otherwebsites.•Able to have discussion forums with classmates.•Can upload and submit assignments.•Includes a grade book to check your progress at anytime.This tool provides numerous features to help keep me updated in theclasses I was taking in the university. When changes are made toassignments or class schedules, the Moodle is the best way to getthe information. The only thing you need is a computer and internetconnection.Moodle Rating: 5
  4. 4. •Free web browser•Advanced security•Browsing is easy and efficient•Browse multiple sites at once, each new site appears as a new tab(not a new window)•Features include spell check, private browsing, tabbed browsing, one-click bookmarking and many more•Has a Firefox Support Site if you need assistanceFirefox Rating: 5 I have used web browsers such as Internet Explorerand Google Chrome and I recently tried Safari a few times. It was onlythe latter part of last year that I started using Mozilla Firefox. The bigdifference and probably the most important for me is the speed.Through experience, Firefox has been fast, safe and secure.Firefox Rating: 5
  5. 5. •Can create documents, calendars, presentations and spreadsheets•Share your online documents•Contains blog searches•Contains image searches•For business use: online office tools for any size of business•For educational purposes: tools for educators and students at all levels•For personal use: gmail, calendars and moreThis is one of my favorite tools! I say this because since I enrolled into thistechnology class, I have had the opportunity to learn about this amazing tooland all the extra things it had to offer. I only recently opened a gmail accountbecause it was a requirement for this class. One of my favorite features ofGoogle Apps is the shared document. It took me awhile to learn how tocreate a document, so when I began sharing documents with my groupmembers, I felt a bit of accomplishment. The shared documents proved to behelpful when doing group projects.Google Apps Rating: 5
  6. 6. •Organize resources in a binder•Organize binder by tabs and subtabs•Can edit binders anytime•View links like pages in a book instead of URLs on a page•Saves time and is paperless•FREELivebinders is a great tool for teachers to put their resources togetherin one place. This tool holds important information that can be edited atanytime. One of my first assignments in technology class was to createa livebinder, being a non-technology person I had a difficult time withthis assignment. I had to spend extra time learning how to use this tool.LiveBinders Rating: 4
  7. 7. •Video chat room•Group video up to 12 people•Video call recording•Send video messages•Instant messages•Screen sharing•Send files•Available on desktop and mobile•Some services are free, other services have a feeOovoo is a web conferencing tool that allows people to video chat andsend instant messages at the same time. My group members and I usedthe Oovoo tool to communicate when we were not able to meet face toface. We were able to complete our assignment with the help of Oovoo.On the negative side, we did have connection problems at times. Thepicture and sound were sometimes unclear. Oovoo offers many featuresbut some premium services require a fee.ooVoo Rating: 3.5
  8. 8. •Animation•Effective language tool•Website offers lesson plan ideas•Use as a motivation for learning•Create and customize your own character•Provides fun in learningThe Voki tool lets you create an avatar character using colorful animationand various sounds. Your Voki character can be posted to any blog, website,profile and be used in class presentations. This effective learning tool canmotivate students to participate and help them develop language skills andcomprehension in a fun way. Though Voki includes text to speech in over 25languages, there are some words and names that are pronouncedincorrectly. Features for the Voki classroom management system foreducators include a 15 day free trial.Voki Rating: 4
  9. 9. •Easy to use•Easy to import videos and photos•Easy to share with collaborators and friends•Smooth transitions from slide to slide•FreeSlide Rocket is an online presentation tool that allows you to do greatclass presentations. Though I have not yet used this tool in any of myprojects, I did spend some time exploring this tool. Like any other tool Iexplored, it took me awhile to learn what the rocket can do. Automaticsaving of work done is a plus. On the downside, I did have somedifficulty when I wanted to undo a certain slide. Ill be exploring moreabout this tool because I am considering to use this for an upcomingpresentation at my workplace. Another great feature is its free!Slide Rocket Rating: 3.5
  10. 10. •Website builder•Includes a variety of creative designs and templates•Customizable (style, color, text, background)•Drop and drag editor•User-friendly•Free, secure and reliableWix is a website builder and another great tool for doing presentations.Creating a Wix account is easy if you just follow the given simple steps. Thistool provides a variety of creative designs and templates to choose from. Iwas able to use this free tool for my group presentation. I was able to editmy work and make changes with little difficulty. The steps to add tabs andimages were also easy, a user-friendly tool.Wix Rating: 5