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Top 10 tech tools

  1. 1. My Top Ten TechToolsStephen SchawalderZest for TechFrostburg University
  2. 2. Clickers• Create review games• Easy import from Exam View• Students can type in short answer responses• Use as a pre-assessment• Give short quizzes during a unit to determine if students are understanding the content
  3. 3. Prezi• Free for teachers• Vocabulary review• Can show how concepts relate to each other• Rotate, zoom in, and zoom out• Students can work together at the same time on the same Prezi
  4. 4. Google Sites• Created a class site with tons of resources for my students• Post review activities for important exams• Post important announcements• Assignment calendar with all homework, tests, and quizzes listed
  5. 5. Google Earth• Take virtual field trips around the world• Explore and learn about other cultures• View 360 degree panoramic images of many sites
  6. 6. Quizlet• Free flash card and vocabulary games• Sets take minutes to create• Add pictures to your vocabulary review• Multiple mobile apps to study Quizlet cards
  7. 7. Voice Thread• Practice communication skills in a second language• Students can upload images, documents, and videos and then talk about them• Students can leave comments through text, audio files, webcams, microphone, or telephone• Works on most computers, plus there is a free app
  8. 8. Google Drive/Docs• Free• Can be used on nearly any computer• Easy for students to start at school and finish at home• Students can work together and collaborate on the same document at the same time
  9. 9. Edmodo• Collect student work • 100% paperless in my business education classes• Provide instant feedback• Conduct class polls• Online discussions
  10. 10. iCloud• Last year, I went paperless with my lessons thanks to iCloud and my iPad• I type my lessons in Microsoft Word or Pages and then upload them into iCloud• The documents are immediately sent to my iPad and I do not have to keep a paper copy
  11. 11. iPad• Favorite Accessories • Favorite Apps • Smart Cover • TeacherPal • Keyboard • Pages • VGA Adapter • Keynote • Google Earth • Remote • Pearson eText • ShowMe
  12. 12. TeacherPal• Free app that lets you keep track of grades, attendance, and student behavior• Fully customizable attendance codes
  13. 13. Pages• Keep digital copies of lessons on Pages
  14. 14. Keynote• Keep a copy of PowerPoints on my iPad and never have to worry about searching different computers and USB drives for them
  15. 15. Remote• Control iTunes from an iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone
  16. 16. Pearson eText• Electronic copy of my Spanish textbook• Includes all video and audio files• Open it to the correct page and display on LCD projector
  17. 17. ShowMe• Record whiteboard tutorials and share them online• Great for absent students
  18. 18. Questions?• Steve Schawalder • • Facebook • Linked In