#3RdTT_What is social media management?


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This presentation will teach you the what, the why, the how, and how to apply of the concepts of what is social media management. Learn how to create a social media management plan using a variety of tools.

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#3RdTT_What is social media management?

  1. 1. What is Social Media Management? Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS
  2. 2. Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS
  3. 3. Lessons to Learn • My Teaching Technique - W.W.H.A. • What is Social Media Management (SMM)? • Why do you need to understand SMM? • Review: Social Media Strategy • Review: Social Media Strategy – Created • How to create a Social Media Management Plan – The Steps • Apply: Take Action – Create a Social Media Management Plan • Tools for Social Media Management • Cheat Sheets, Tools, & Resources • References
  4. 4. My Teaching Technique for Understanding Social Media & You • What – What is your company, your product(s), your message, your story – Your Brand • Why – Why are you in business, selling a product, telling a message, sharing your story – Your Purpose • How – Will you share your purpose, your company, your product, your message, your story – The Strategy • Apply (Take Action) – Making it all happen through strategy, tactics, and tools (social media) – The Doing
  5. 5. What is Social Media Management (SMM)? “Just what it sounds like. It’s organizing all of your accounts, allowing you to create coherent, consistent messaging across all platforms, giving your customers a reliable voice to answer their inquiries. Social media management is about taking the random aspects of each of those platforms and streamlining them in a way that makes sense to your audience.” (Messina, 2013, para. 2)
  6. 6. Why do you need to Understand SMM? • A social media management plan can . . . – Streamline your social media tasks – Save time – Keep you organized – Increase efficiency – Improve effectiveness – Decrease frustration – Improve social media influence
  7. 7. Review: @MichellePost – Social Media Strategy
  8. 8. Review: Social Media Strategy Created Social Media Strategy 1. Audit 2. Goals & Align 3. Audience 4. Platforms 5. Listen 6. Engage 7. Measure
  9. 9. How to create a Social Media Management Plan – The Steps 1. Create a Campaign 2. Take a Base Measurement 3. Decide on the Content Theme & Types 4. Decide the Frequency for each Platform 5. Create Content 6. Create a Content Calendar 7. Publish & Engage 8. Monitor & Measure
  10. 10. Take Action: Create a SMM Plan 1. Create a Campaign – Example: Brand Awareness • Goal: Increase Twitter followers by 500, by the end of October 31, 2013 • Metrics to Monitor / Measure: Decide on the specific metrics to monitor and measure for the campaign – Example: For the campaign of increasing Twitter followers, the metric to be measured is the number of followers, but also the level of influence of the followers, & if they are real 2. Measure Current Social Media – Example: To measure current Twitter status, I could use Twitonomy [http://www.twitonomy.com] 3. Decide on Content Theme & Type – Example: For the month of September, my theme was Social Media Management, Upcoming Training, & Quotes on Service – The type of content will consist of blogs, video, infographics & quotes 4. Create Content – Example: Use Google Alerts to seek out information (news, blogs, video, discussions, and/or books). – Search query: “social media management” – Review content and determine what should be shared
  11. 11. Take Action: Create a SMM Plan 5. Decide on the Frequency for each SM Platform – Example: I will use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ – I will publish on TW & FB 8 times a day, LI once a day, Pinterest once a week and Google+ once a week 6. Create a Content Calendar – Example: Use Google Calendar to create a calendar just for social media engagement and create events on the calendar 7. Publish & Engage – Example: Using the information from the Google Alerts in Step 4, share the selected information on the specific social media platforms and at the frequency determined 8. Monitor & Measure – Example: At the end of the campaign use the same tool to take a baseline measurement to remeasure to see if the campaign worked – One of the best ways to manage a social media is to use a social media management suite like HootSuite
  12. 12. Tools for SMM • URL Shortner • Content Finders • Photo Editors • Video Creators • Screen Captures • Content Calendars • SMM Suites
  14. 14. SMM Cheat Sheet
  15. 15. SMM Takes Time
  16. 16. File Location: http://bit.ly/166uAyl
  17. 17. SMM Tools • Google Alerts - http://www.google.com/alerts • Downloadable Social Media Content Calendar - http://www.populatedigital.com/social-media-tools/downloadable-social-media- content-calendar/ • IFTTT (If This Then That) - https://ifttt.com/recipes • 10 Best Social Media Management Tools - http://dashburst.com/best-social- media-management-tools/ • Best Tools for Social Media Management - http://binkd.com/social-media/best- tools-for-social-media-management/ • 5 Social Media Management Tools You Should Consider - http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/5-social-media-management-tools-you- should-consider/ • Social Media Management Tools: What’s the Right Tool for Your Business? - http://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2013/05/23/social-media-management- tools • Tracking down the right social media management tool - http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/social-media-in-the-enterprise/tracking-down- the-right-social-media-management-tool/
  18. 18. SMM Resources • How to Rock Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day [INFOGRAPHIC] - http://socialmediatoday.com/brianna5mith/1373116/how-rock- social-media-30-minutes-day-infographic • Social Media Management 101: A Complete Guide for Businesses - http://www.4hoteliers.com/features/article/7889 • How Much Time Does Social Media Marketing Really Take? - http://www.wickedlocal.com/sandwich/blogs/mobileghmne/x1287 053947/How-Much-Time-Does-Social-Media-Marketing-Really-Take • Social Media Management and the Myth that "Anyone Can Do It“ - http://socialmediatoday.com/ubersocialmedia/1411936/social- media-management-and-belief-anyone-can-do-it-myth • A Strategy for Managing Social Media Proliferation - http://www.slideshare.net/jeremiah_owyang/smms-report- 010412finaldraft
  19. 19. SMM Resources • 10 Steps on How to Create an Effective Content Calendar for Social Media - http://zerobudgetmarketingideas.blogspot.com/2013/06/10- steps-on-how-to-create-effective.html • 6 Steps to a Small Business Social Media Strategy - http://socialmediatoday.com/stephanie-winans/1045366/6-steps- small-business-social-media-strategy • 6 Clever Tricks for Social Media Managers - http://mashable.com/2013/06/21/social-media-manager-tricks/ • What is a Social Media Manager - http://socialmediatoday.com/lauren-mikov/1502686/what-social- media-manager • Social Media Strategy in 7 Steps [Image file] - http://tendenci.com/media/files/page/social-media-strategy-in-7- steps-SMW.png
  20. 20. SMM Resources • Taking the Headache Out of Social Media: Tools to Help You Plan and Share Great Content - https://www.arkovi.com/2013/09/taking-the- headache-out-of-social-media-tools-to-help-you- plan-and-share-great-content/ • Google Alerts Tutorial - http://www.slideshare.net/mpostphd/google- alerts-for-research-12611374 • 7 Key Factors for Successful Social Media Management - http://onlinecrimelab.com/7-key- factors-successful-social-media-management/
  21. 21. REFERENCES
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