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Social Media for Startups


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How do startups use social media to scale up its businesses? Before you go on creating accounts on various of social media platforms, calm down and think about your priorities, resources and short-term and long - term goals. Tactical execution gets way easier and stressless once the bigger picture has been taken care of.

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Social Media for Startups

  1. 1. Social Media Tips for Startups March 31, 2015 TWF..XQ
  2. 2. Slide Share 433,984  results for social media tips for startups Google Looks like everyone has a tip for you: 35,000,000 results in 0.51 seconds
  3. 3. Over 900 social media channels…
  4. 4. There are many major ones, too…
  5. 5. I am confused…wait. Maybe I am not?
  6. 6. It is a complicated, and ever- changing landscape…
  7. 7. So it is absolutely okay if you have a lots of questions or don’t know where to start.
  8. 8. Some questions I always get: 1.  Hey… do I need a Facebook account for my business? or is Twitter better? – Platform 2.  Hey… we have a lot of professional product images, can we post them on instagram? – Content Management 3.  Should I have a website? What about an app? or something else? Owned, Earned, Paid 4.  My fan base is quite small, how can I quickly build it up? – Fan Base Growth 5.  Should I buy a social ad? How much should I spend on it? – Social ad Spending 6.  Oh…. the engagement rate increased quite a bit after I purchased an ad. Do you think I should put all my resources on this platform? – Resource Allocation 7. Who are the influencers in my industry? How should I engage them? – Influencer Engagement 8. How do I calculate my ROI on social media marketing? How do I allocate my time and resources? Can I just do social media marketing for my startup? – Social Media Marketing vs. Other Channels 8.  I really don’t have time to manage these accounts, I don’t have money to hire people either… What should I do? – Founder Multitasking 9.  Can I just hire a translator to translate my English content and post them on Chinese social media platforms? – Expansion
  9. 9. Don’t rush into finding answers to all these questions, stop and think… Why do I even need to get on social and leverage social platforms? What do I want to achieve?
  10. 10. TIP #1 Think of leveraging social media as part of your overall strategy., It is one important component, but it has to be designed to serve your overall business goal.
  11. 11. Business Goals (Short term) (Long term) Social Media? The Thinking Map Marketing PR & Branding Sales HR Customer service Finance Priority?
  12. 12. Example: If you are an online fashion marketplace, your short- term business goal is to build your brand, increase website traffic by XX% and improve conversion rates by XX%. Q: What is your social media strategy that can help you realize this short term business goal? How do you allocate your resources on social media?
  13. 13. TIP #2 Once you’ve decided on the goals, the next thing is to figure out how social media can help you. Chose your social media strategy before creating social profiles and evaluate social media strategy regularly.
  14. 14.     Platform Content Engagement Measurement Business Goals (Short term) (Long term) Social Media Strategy Marketing PR & Branding Sales HR Customer service Finance
  15. 15. Inform and educate •  Primary focus on demonstrating product capabilities •  Repository for event videos •  Customer testimonials Inform and connect •  Amplification of news, events •  Identify and connect with B2B influencers Network and learn •  Ongoing discussion with professional interest groups Engage and Nurture •  Social hub •  Ongoing dialogue and communication with consumers Share and inspire •  Branding message and engagement •  Launch new products •  Repository for event Photos Platform
  16. 16. Content Content Strategy Target audience   Content inventory Keyword analysis Voice Defini- tion Editorial Calendar Assess & listen
  17. 17. Engagement  
  18. 18. “71% of consumers who experience a quick and effective brand response on social media are more likely to recommend that brand to others. That compares to just 19% of customers who do not receive a quick response” -State of Social Media Service Report
  19. 19. Engagement: It is a matter of effort   1.  Social listening: Monitoring what people are saying on social media about your business and the issues that affect it. This listening allows you to identify opportunities as they happen and reach out immediately. 2.  Many businesses are doing an excellent job of sharing content that attracts and engages new followers and clients. But often these brands neglect the engagement required to retain existing followers a.  Following people back is a great way to show your appreciation b.  Sharing a piece of relevant content from a new follower, be it a Facebook post, Instagram photo or YouTube video, can be a significant moment for that individual. c.  Ask questions to start conversations d.  Celebrate your fans and their lives by re-posting their content. .      
  20. 20. Social Ad: It is not a matter of whether you should buy a social ad, but when and how you spend to reach your goal Tips: 1.  Understand how ads are sold on different platforms; 2.  Use small samples to A/B test your social ads; 3.  Design your ads with smartphones in mind.
  21. 21. Facebook for Business Twitter Ads for Business How Twitter Ads Work work Instagram for Business Social Ad: Resources
  22. 22. Some websites/blogs writing about Social Media Social Media Examiner Hootsuite Blog Google for Entrepreneurs A better Lemonade Stand The Next Web Thomas Crampton Brian Solis Search Engine Land
  23. 23. TIP #3 It is VERY hard to grow a fan base and increase engagement as a new brand on social media, so keep experimenting. Sometimes hosting offline events can be a great way to boost online engagement.
  24. 24. TIP #4 Like any other task, whether the founder does or doesn’t manage social media platforms totally depends on his/her strength and the priorities of different development stages.
  25. 25. Skillsets of a good social media manager: In an ideal world… a social media manager is good at: •  Community Management •  Search Engine Optimization •  Creative Design •  Polished Writer •  Comfortable with Emerging Trends and Technology •  Analytical Mind •  Strategic Vision •  Tactical Awareness •  Presentation Ability •  Leadership
  26. 26. The top four skillsets to get started: 1. Good at Tactical Execution:  Tactical execution is paramount to the success of any social media manager’s day to day job. You need to understand who you need to hire to maintain day to day accurate execution. 2. Writing skills and an understanding of how content works on the social web: •  The art and science of headline writing •  Writing engaging introductions •  Structuring your text for easy reading online. People will be skimming and scanning, so that means subtitles, bullet points and numbering are part of the skillset •  The social media manager needs to know what content works and what doesn’t on social networks. It also means understanding which different media formats such as text (articles), video, images and podcasts resonate with your particular niche 3. Be on top of the latest digital marketing trends and technology. 4. Not scared of figures and data, can generate insights from analyzing data sets.  
  27. 27. Free/Low Cost Tools
  28. 28. Social Media Monitoring Tool Mention – Google Alert Alternative (better) If you’re looking for a tool to crawl the internet looking for key search terms, competitors, or content ideas, this platform is worth a test. Mention is able to search social media networks for a custom set of key terms that you chose, and returns results in real time.
  29. 29. Platform management and engagement tools SocialFlow  :      Social Flow manages and distributes both social content and social advertising to social networks. Its software uses real-time data, along with business rules you set, to determine what and when to publish to your social media properties to ensure maximum reach and engagement. “Help you with the timing and crafting of the message to optimize its reach”
  30. 30. HootSuite HootSuite can help you execute campaigns across multiple social networks from one web-based dashboard, you can also manage social media, track conversations, and measure campaign results. HootSuite also offers a custom built-in analytics system and the capability to schedule posts on all platforms.   Platform management and engagement tools “let you schedule your posts, good for bigger teams”  
  31. 31. Platform management and engagement tools IFTTT is a web based service that “let’s you create powerful connections with one simple statement. Users create a “recipe” which is a combination if a trigger (If “this” happens”) which launches an action (then do “that”). The “this” part of IFTTT is the “trigger” part of the recipe and can be used for things like: “If I am retweeted on Twitter…”, or “If someone tags me your my business on Facebook…” The “that” part of IFTTT is the “action”. So in relation to the triggers above, the corresponding actions could be: “send me a text message” or “favourite the RT”. In the other example, the action could be: “follow them back”, or “like the Post”.
  32. 32. 6 Social Media Analytics Dashboards from the Social Networks Themselves 1.  Facebook Insights 2.  Twitter Analytics 3.  Linkedin Analytics for Individuals 4.  Pinterest Analytics 5.  Iconosquare (Formerly Statigram) 6.  Google Analytics
  33. 33. How Social Media in China is different and how should you adapt?
  34. 34. 81% of Chinese netizens access the internet via a mobile device
  35. 35. China Has its Own Social Media Ecosystem
  36. 36. Chinese  consumers  online  behavior  is  different    
  37. 37. What are Brands Doing on WeChat? Sending Red Envelops to Fans
  38. 38. What are Brands Doing on WeChat? Open Shops on WeChat Platforms
  39. 39. What are Brands Doing on WeChat? Online and Offline Integration
  40. 40. However, the Approach is the Same:   Decide on the goals you want to achieve, then figure out how social media channels can help you; Come up a social media strategy before creating social profiles, evaluate your social media strategy regularly; Decide on your measurement metrics, then monitor performance statistics, evaluate regularly; If you don’t understand the China social media dynamics, delegate it to someone who does; and finally, Don’t afraid to experimenting just because you don’t totally understand it. Start small, fail fast and learn the lessons.        
  41. 41. Online Resources … to Help You Understand Chinese Social Media Ecosystem Social Beta (Chinese) ChatterBox (WeChatBlog) China Internet Watch Tech in Asia
  42. 42. Questions? Contacts: Xie Qing Twitter: @missxq Sina Weibo: @missxq