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This presentation is an overview of the what, why, how, and creation of a social media policy. It also discusses the varies types of policies, the various laws and regulations that need to be considered when creating a policy. And finishes with a plethora of checklists, tools, templates, and resources.

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  1. 1. Social Media Governance & Policy Creation Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS
  2. 2. Lessons to Learn ©Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS
  3. 3. What is a Social Media Policy? “A social media policy (also called a social networking policy) is a corporate code of conduct that provides guidelines for employees who post content on the Internet either as part of their job or as a private person.” (SearchCompliance, n.d., para. 1) ©Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS
  4. 4. Why the Need for a SM Policy? • “The goal of a social media policy is to set expectations for appropriate behavior and ensure that an employee's posts will not expose the company to legal problems or public embarrassment.” (SearchCompliance, n.d., para. 2). • Bottom-line: Protection Company, Employees & Customers ©Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS
  5. 5. Types of Social Media Policies • Employee Code of Conduct for Online Communications • Employee Code of Conduct for Company Representation in Online Communications • Employee Blogging Disclosure Policy • Employee Facebook Usage Policy • Employee Personal Blog Policy • Employee Personal Social Network Policy • Employee Personal Twitter Policy • Employee LinkedIn Policy • Corporate Blogging Policy • Corporate Blog Use Policy • Corporate Blog Post Approval Process • Corporate Blog Commenting Policy • Corporate Facebook Brand Page Usage Policy • Corporate Facebook Public • Comment/Messaging Policy • Corporate Twitter Account Policy • Corporate YouTube Policy • Corporate YouTube Public • Comment Policy • Company Password Policy List by: Jason Falls, a Social Media Strategist at Social Media Expert, LLC ©Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS
  6. 6. The 5Rs of Social Media 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. “Reason. Simply put: use reasonable etiquette, the same as you would offline. Represent yourself. Anonymous profiles lend themselves to more negative content. Responsibility. Make sure that what you’re saying is factually correct, and also that it doesn’t violate any legal guidelines that prohibit revealing information that is material to a company’s stock price. Respect. What you say online is a permanent record, so don’t say anything online you wouldn’t feel comfortable saying to the whole office – with a camera rolling. Restraint. Before you hit that send button, pause and reread. If you wouldn’t want that particular thought or contribution forever associated with your name, don’t post it.” (Meister, 2013, para. 15) ©Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS
  7. 7. Know the Laws • National Labor Relations Board: THE NLRB and Social Media • Electronic Communications Privacy Act • FCC Social Media Guidelines - ©Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS
  8. 8. How Do You Create a SM Policy? ©Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS
  9. 9. Now Create a SM Policy? Example of Dell’s SM Policy – Simplistic & to the Point ©Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS
  10. 10. SMPolicy Checklists ©Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS
  11. 11. Advise From The Experts • • • • To Do: Update Company's Social Media Policy ASAP 02/07/to-do-update-companys-social-media-policyasap/ Unsure About An Effective Social Media Policy? Check out This Guide How to Draft a Social Networking Company Policy d=27808 How to Develop a Social Media Policy ndwork/a/social_media_2.htm ©Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS
  13. 13. Templates & Tools • Policy Tool for Social Media • Social Media Governance • Employee Social Media Policy Template - Free Download • Toolkit Café - • Customizable social media policy template ©Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS
  14. 14. Templates & Tools • SHRM’s Social Media Policy Template lmediapolicy.aspx • 57 Social Media Policy Examples and Resources • How to Build Your Social Media Governance Policy FREE eBook • Disclosure Best Practices Toolkit • Social Media Policy Template and Guide ©Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS
  15. 15. Books on the Subject ©Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS
  16. 16. Useful Websites on Laws & Regulations for Social Media • Social Media Laws and Regulations You Should Know • FCC - • FTC - • FDA - • FINRA - • HIPPA - • NLRB - • Legally Social - • - ©Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS
  17. 17. Articles & Blog Posts • • • • • • • How To Develop a Social Media Policy for Your Business How to Write a Social Media Policy - How to Develop a Social Media Policy How to create effective social-media guidelines - How to Draft a Social Networking Company Policy Unsure About An Effective Social Media Policy? Check out This Guide Social media safety for businesses: ten tips for online responsibility from Hallam Internet - ©Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS
  18. 18. Articles & Blog Posts • • • • • • How to Build a Social Media Governance Policy Social Media Law Policies: Do you need them? Is it time to revisit your company’s social media policy? What are best practices for social media use by media companies? 4496341675.txt CIPD: 26% use social media for work purposes Create a social media policy for your nonprofit ©Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS
  19. 19. REFERENCES ©Michelle Post, Ph.D., CSMS
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