Social Media Workshop presentation


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This presentation was prepared for a social media workshop given at Misericordia University on Saturday, June 2, 2012, during Alumni Weekend.

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Social Media Workshop presentation

  1. 1. LET’S GET SOCIAL! Steve Filipiak and Lauren Smith, Marketing Communications Department
  2. 2. Social Media:A Brief Introduction
  3. 3. Social Networks and their uses Facebook (  Sharing photos , videos and other happenings.  Staying connected with family and friends or reconnecting with old friends.  Learning about and connecting with your favorite brands. Twitter (  Share links to content you’re currently interested in—articles, videos, photos, and more.  Find people who are talking about the same topics as you by searching with the hashtag symbol (“#”) to connect or find more information. For example, “#gardening”. You can also find friends by email address.  Each tweet is limited to 140 characters.
  4. 4. Social Networks and their Uses(Cont.) LinkedIn (  Allows users to promote themselves professionally and post a resume online.  Can help you grow your professional network.  With thousands of industry-related groups, you can learn from the top leaders in your field—or establish yourself as one. Pinterest (  The fastest growing social network in recent history.  Highly visual—allows users to “pin” content and images to create virtual “inspiration boards” that are organized by theme, style, or color.  Most heavily used by women, with common inspiration board themes including cooking, design, weddings, and fashion.
  5. 5. Getting Started Email  All social networks will require you to sign up with an email address. Popular free email clients include Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, and AOL  Did you know that you can get a FREE alumni email address for life?! Ask us how! Determine which audiences will have access to your profiles.  Your accounts can be set so that ONLY friends and family can view your information.
  6. 6. Getting Started with Facebook From the Facebook homepage at, enter your information in the boxes below the text “Sign Up”. Once you’ve entered your information, click the green box titled “Sign Up”. You will then be guided through a 3-step process.  This will allow you to personalize your profile and help you locate friends  You are not required to fill out any of this information, however, it may make it easier for friends to find you if you do.
  7. 7. Personalizing your profile The first step will help you find your friends and family on facebook.  When you enter your email address, Facebook checks to see if any of your email contacts already have an account and invites them to connect with you. The second step asks for basic information including high school, college or university, and employer.
  8. 8. Personalizing your profile (cont.) The third step allows you to upload or take a photo of yourself with your webcam.  Click on “Upload a photo”  You will then see a prompt with a “choose file” button that will allow you to select a photo that is saved on your computer.
  9. 9. Success! You will be taken to your newly-created facebook account, where you will be prompted to login to your email and confirm your account.
  10. 10. Setting your privacy controls To keep your account restricted to friends and family, it is essential to set your preferred privacy settings.  Go to the top right-hand corner of your facebook profile and click the arrow next to “Home”.  From there, select “privacy settings”.  You can set your profile to be open to the public, only to friends, or to a custom setting that you select yourself.
  11. 11. Setting your privacy controls(cont.) You will also have the option to:  Limit the accessibility of others to your profile  Block specific individuals  Control if you are searchable  Limit who can send you messages  Along with many other options
  12. 12. Setting your privacy controls(cont.) You can even customize the privacy of each status that you post.
  13. 13. Ready to go! Your news feed will show you what other people are posting The message box is used to send private messages to other users You can invite friends to events you are organizing through the events calendar There are many other beneficial features as well Now that we’ve hit the basics, you’re ready to start your facebook experience!
  14. 14. Twitter Enter to go to Twitter’s homepage to create a new account. Look for the section labeled “sign up”  Fill in your e-mail and other required info
  15. 15. Twitter (cont.) If you’ve entered all of your information correctly, you’ll see a yellow button titled “Create my account”.
  16. 16. Tweeting Tweets are instant messages that have 140 or less characters  They are posted on your twitter network  Your followers can view your tweets  Links and photos can be attached to a tweet
  17. 17. Tweeting Hashtags “#”  Used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet  A way to categorize messages Connect “@”  Used to reply to another Tweet or to draw someone’s attention to your Tweet Direct Message (“d” followed by the person’s name)  Add this before your tweet to send a private message to someone’s inbox. They will need to be following you first in order to send them a private message. Retweet (“RT” followed by the person’s name)  This allows you to post another person’s Tweet on your page.  Example: RT@MisericordiaU: We hope alumni are having a great time at Alumni Weekend!”
  18. 18. Personalize, socialize andfinalize. Add a photo Include a brief, 160 character bio with your interests, location or profession. Similar to Facebook, you can have Twitter search your email contacts to find friends and family with accounts for you to follow their tweets. Choose whether you’d like your profile to be public or private. Don’t forget to login to your email to confirm your new Twitter account to get started!
  19. 19. Start tweeting!  Follow friends, family, favorite celebrities, and brands.  Let people know what you’re doing, what interests you right now, or get the latest news on the topics that are most important to you!  Find out what others are saying about your favorite brands, products and celebrities!  Don’t forget to follow @MisericordiAlum and @MisericordiaU for the latest Misericordia and Alumni news!
  20. 20. Socialize with us! QUESTIONS??