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Online Presence Management


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Managing online presence is crucial as it is our identity online. Go and google your name and see what you get out of it.

For business, it is the same too. If you want your customer to start finding you online, pay attention to your online presence because you never know.

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Online Presence Management

  1. 1. Ask anything
  2. 2. Exercises 1Google*your name. What would you like to see as a results? For a person, brand, company?
  3. 3. Before
  4. 4. After
  5. 5. Google PlacesListing for business on Google Maps.Try search "dentist kuala lumpur""coffee house" "steak house" "ikan bakar"
  6. 6. Facebook Page
  7. 7. Search Engine OptimizationHow easy people find you based on their searchengine Google, Yahoo, Bing.- Website- Facebook Page- Google Places- Blog- Mini site- Directories
  8. 8. Google AppsWhat? How?Word, Excel, PowerPointFree!Create document.Share document.Create form.Gather data.
  9. 9. Hoot Suite
  10. 10. Mini Site Main Site DirectorySocial Profile Submission Content Article Marketing How minisite works
  11. 11. Twitter SearchExample: "Kasut Online" "Facebook Marketing E-book"