Finding a job using social media


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I used this deck at the end of 2011 in a workshop to illustrate how you can use social media to find work.

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  • ‘What can I give’ rather than ‘what can I get’
  • Finding a job using social media

    1. 1. Finding a job using social media Tuesday 20 December 2011
    2. 2. Today‟s workshop WiFi: BTBusinessHub-573: 8267301519 IFNET: socialmedia Break: 10.45 End: 12.30 Link to slide deck will be emailed Facilities Fire exit Name plates Feedback form
    3. 3. Getting jobs via social media (US)18,500,00010,200,000 8,000,000
    4. 4. “Search and be found.”
    5. 5. Benefits of using social media to find a job• Reach large numbers of people• Get others to market you and your skills• Remove the gatekeeper• Find jobs that aren‟t advertised• Quick and efficient communication• Your content is always up to date• Demonstrate as well as display your skills• You can make yourself stand out from the crowd• Create your own personal brand
    6. 6. How to use Facebook?1. Add professional info into About Me2. List current and past employers3. Link to all your other profiles/blogs/websites4. Check your privacy settings5. Set your vanity URL6. Build your professional network7. Use Lists to separate friends/family/business8. Ask your friends and family to spread word9. Post Notes – Profile/Notes/Write a note10.Like Pages of companies you want to work for
    7. 7. What is LinkedIn?
    8. 8. Why use LinkedIn?• Online CV• Helps you build your network• Raise your profile and develop personal brandHow to use LinkedIn• Optimise your profile• Obtain recommendations• Use Find a job• Use Advanced Search• Join LinkedIn Groups• Use LinkedIn Answers
    9. 9. Setting up Sign up at Complete your profile: • Profile pic, title, summary, experience, education, recommendations, URL, skills Import existing connections Check Colleagues, Classmates and People You May Know
    10. 10. “Be found”Optimise profile with keyword/s:1. Headline2. Current work experience3. Past work experience4. Websites5. Summary6. Specialities7. Skills8. Unique personal URL
    11. 11. Using Groups Focus on Groups related to your sector See Groups You May Like Get noticed by adding value to discussions Set the frequency of Group digest emails
    12. 12. Using Answers Identify categories of expertise Ask and answer at least one question a week Connect with experts and those whose questions you answer Answer in depth questions via email/blog
    13. 13. Understand Tweets Followers Following/Friends Retweets (RT) Mentions/@ Messages Direct Messages (DMs) Hashtags # Lists Favorites TrendingSee Glossary for more info
    14. 14. Optimal setup Add name Add location URL…that works Twitter name State your skills/looking for work in Bio Professional human photo Customised background Make yourself memorable!
    15. 15. How to use Twitter to find work1. Follow companies you want to work for2. Engage with social influencers3. Use Advanced Search to find vacancies4. Download Tweet Deck and setup columns5. Network with industry professionals6. Follow local lists: • Cheltenham tweeters (from @intranetfuture) and 2 • Glosbiz (from @glosjobs) and 2, 3, 4
    16. 16. .
    17. 17. Accounts to follow Recruitment agencies/sites @randstadchelt @glosjobs @jobscheltenham @gbsolutions @cheltenhamJCP @enjoy_your_job
    18. 18. Why use Google+?• Target your jobs search using Circles• Video interviews using Hangouts• Add Google+ Pages to your CirclesWhy use YouTube?• Make yourself stand out• Easily shared• Employees get to see the real „you‟
    19. 19. Example of video CV
    20. 20. Tools• TweetDeck• Tweet Spinner• Bitly• Buffer• Facebook Search• LinkedIn Search• Twitter Search• Social Mention• Google Alerts
    21. 21. HomeworkGeneral• Check out Can Facebook get you a job?• Download Tweet Deck and setup columns• Optimise profiles and check privacy settingsFacebook• Set up Lists• Post notesTwitter• Follow companies you‟d like to work for• NetworkLinkedIn• Search jobs regularly• Get involved in Groups/Answers
    22. 22. Questions?
    23. 23. Connect01242 on Profile and Page