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Natural forms spider diagram

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Natural forms spider diagram

  1. 1. Natural Forms Year 10
  2. 2. • Natural forms are objects in nature in their original form. • Examples:- What are Natural Forms?
  3. 3. What are Natural Forms? • Natural form is an objects in nature in its original form. • Examples:- • Leaves, flowers, pine cones, sea weed, shells, bones, insects, stones, fossils, crystals, feathers, birds, fish, animals – in fact anything you can find in nature – complete or part of it.
  4. 4. Some key words... Composition Form. Pattern Tone Contrast Texture Nature
  5. 5. Your Sketchbook
  6. 6. Beginning to work in your Sketchbook Your sketchbook is a place for collecting visual notes and for experimenting with all your artistic ideas. Your sketchbook should include such things as quick observations, notes, Artist copies and research. You will also document different types of art processes you have used.
  7. 7. Brain Web On the next page of your sketchbook create a Brain Web considering all the different things that link to the title ‘Natural Forms’. This can include different forms, colours, textures, Artists etc. Keep it broad and put as many ideas as you think of on the page. Think about presentation. Add colour to the background and possibly a few images.
  8. 8. Key words to get you started with your spider diagram 1.Landscape 2.Humans 3.Animals 4.Plants Place these four words around your spider diagram and think about all the different things that link to these titles. Fill the WHOLE double page.

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