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Agile - the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Many people are struggling with Agile Adoption either as internal champions or external coaches. Agile is such a great thing, why doesn't it work everywhere? In this talk, Michael will discuss why Agile is more like a mind-shift than a process and the role culture plays in inhibiting or supporting adoption. As usual, there will be hands-on activities as well as zen-style presentation so buckle in for a talk that will forever change the way you think about Agile and eliminate the blindspot that is limiting your success. (Ya, I know you don't think you have a blindspot - that's why it's called a blindspot).

Read more about the topic at Michael's blog:

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Agile - the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

  1. Agile – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly<br />How to Survive in a Wild World<br />Photo Courtesy:<br />
  2. About Michael<br />16 years IT<br />10 years Agile<br />LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® <br />
  3.  The Ugly<br />Photo Courtesy:<br />
  4. Quick Survey – What Agile Adoption Success have you seen?<br />On the count of three, raise your hand:<br />5 Fingers = Every time a success<br />...<br />0 Fingers (Fist) = Every time a failure<br />Photo CC<br />
  5. Copyright VersionOne 2010<br />
  6. Agile is an idea not a process<br />Graphic © JurgenAppelo<br />
  7. Companies want a product<br />
  8. Copyright VersionOne 2010<br />
  9. Agile & Culture: Square Peg in a Round Hole<br />CC<br />
  10. Your turn to play<br />In groups of 4-5 people:<br />Draw Culture Grid on flipchart<br />Pick a manifesto<br />Write stickies for each concept and post in a quadrant.<br />Take turns<br />Discuss and prepare 30 second summary<br />
  11.  The Bad<br />Photo Courtesy:<br />
  12. Agile Is Not Enough<br />Agile Skills Project!<br />
  13.  The Good<br />Photo Courtesy:<br />
  14. Kanban is Like an Oreo Cookie!<br />Outside: Crunchy Control<br />Inside: Sweet White Agile Goodness (collaboration, cultivation and craftsmanship)<br />
  15. Craftsmanship as a starting place<br />
  16. Change your thinking to change your results<br />My main focus is to stop companies from doing Agile.<br />Agile is about people, and as such they will tend to be largest obstacles, we will need to have serious conversations at some point if we really want to go Agile.<br />Pascal Van Cauwenberghe<br /><br />Johnny Scarborough<br />Photos© and The Innovation Games Company<br />
  17. Transforming the World of Work<br />
  18. What’s your game plan?<br />Grab an index card<br />Write down:<br />Biggest ah-ha moment<br />Actions for next week<br />
  19. Feedback<br />Grab an index card<br />Recommendation Rating (1..10)<br />What you liked.<br />What you recommend to improve.<br />Feed my brain!<br />
  20. Thank You<br />