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How	  to	  raise	                         	  $US	  1M	  seed	  funds	   from	  Hong	  Kong    	...
Launched	  back	  in	  2009	        “The	  first	  3d	  virtual	  world	  on	  the	  web”                                  ...
Reached:	                               #1	  free	  RPG	  on	  iOS	                               #1	  free	  game	  on	  ...
Tips	  for	  raising	  out	  of	  HK	  (hard	  learned	  lessons)	  
Make	  something	  people	  want	  	  (and	  get	  some	  revenues)	  
Increase	  your	  runway!	  	  
It’s	  a	  full	  Wme	  job	  
Do	  you	  know…	    1/	  What	  is	  a	  full	  ratchet	  clause?	    2/	  Does	  a	  converWble	  note	  convert	  in	  ...
Study	  Up	  
Prep	  well	  for	  possible	  quesWons	   What	  do	  you	  want	  out	  of	  this	  company?	   What	  will	  you	  do	 ...
SERAP	  is	  your	  friend	  
Singapore	  is	  also	  your	  friend	  
AlternaWve	  funding	  sources	                                         *
Finding	  your	  angels	  
Good	  starWng	  points	  in	  HK	  
Groups	  can	  be	  explosive*	  
Angel	  List	  
It’s	  a	  numbers	  game	  
Tip	  #	  –	  CampaignMonitor	  is	  your	  friend	  
Research	  your	  investors	  
Research	  yourself	  
Four	  Key	  Things	  to	  afract	  HK	  angels	  a)	  TracWon	  b)	  Social	  proof	  c)	  A	  carrot	  d)	  Call	  to	  ...
Social	  proof	  
Call	  to	  acWon	  
ABO:	  Always	  Be	  Oversubscribed	  
What	  do	  you	  need	  to	  pitch?	  
You	  will	  need…	   Elevator	  pitch	   Video	   Pitch	  deck	   Expanded	  deck	   1	  page	  teaser	   3	  year	  P&L	...
Elevator	  pitch	  is	  yr	  beaWng	  heart	  “Plukka sells fine designer          “8securities is thejewelry at a fractio...
A	  great	  video	  pitches	  itself	  
Cap	  Table	  
QUIZ	  1/	  What	  is	  the	  likely	  exit	  valuaWon	  for	  your	   company?	  2/	  What	  is	  your	  return	  user	  ...
Hacking	  pitching	  skills                            	  
Watch	  Shark	  Tank	  
PracWce	  your	  pitch	  
Face	  to	  Face	  Wme	  is	  invaluable	  
Time	  your	  round	  with	  your	  momentum	  
Be	  reasonable	  in	  negoWaWons	  
Where	  can	  I	  get	  help	  with	  this	  stuff?	  
Tip	  #	  –	  When	  in	  doubt…	  
Tip	  #	  –	  Get	  advice	  from	  friends	  
Happy	  to	  chat	                   Let	  me	  buy	  you	  coffee
Thanks!	  Twifer	  @simonhk	  Blog
Raising Seed Funds
Raising Seed Funds
Raising Seed Funds
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Raising Seed Funds


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Presentation given at the Internet Society's Startup talk in 2012.

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Raising Seed Funds

  1. 1. How  to  raise    $US  1M  seed  funds   from  Hong  Kong     @simonhk  
  2. 2. Launched  back  in  2009   “The  first  3d  virtual  world  on  the  web”   Press!  Hype!  On  top  of  the  world!  
  3. 3. Reached:   #1  free  RPG  on  iOS   #1  free  game  on  Kindle  Fire Raised  1M  in  new  funding    1  Million  users  in  two  weeks  
  4. 4. Tips  for  raising  out  of  HK  (hard  learned  lessons)  
  5. 5. Make  something  people  want    (and  get  some  revenues)  
  6. 6. Increase  your  runway!    
  7. 7. It’s  a  full  Wme  job  
  8. 8. Do  you  know…   1/  What  is  a  full  ratchet  clause?   2/  Does  a  converWble  note  convert  in  an   acquisiWon?   3/  What  is  the  current  trend  of  note  caps   etc  
  9. 9. Study  Up  
  10. 10. Prep  well  for  possible  quesWons   What  do  you  want  out  of  this  company?   What  will  you  do  with  the  funds?   What’s  to  stop  company  X  doing  that?   How  are  you  going  to  enter  China  market?   etc  
  11. 11. SERAP  is  your  friend  
  12. 12. Singapore  is  also  your  friend  
  13. 13. AlternaWve  funding  sources   *
  14. 14. Finding  your  angels  
  15. 15. Good  starWng  points  in  HK  
  16. 16. Groups  can  be  explosive*  
  17. 17. Angel  List  
  18. 18. It’s  a  numbers  game  
  19. 19. Tip  #  –  CampaignMonitor  is  your  friend  
  20. 20. Research  your  investors  
  21. 21. Research  yourself  
  22. 22. Four  Key  Things  to  afract  HK  angels  a)  TracWon  b)  Social  proof  c)  A  carrot  d)  Call  to  acWon      
  23. 23. TracWon  
  24. 24. Social  proof  
  25. 25. Carrot  
  26. 26. Call  to  acWon  
  27. 27. ABO:  Always  Be  Oversubscribed  
  28. 28. What  do  you  need  to  pitch?  
  29. 29. You  will  need…   Elevator  pitch   Video   Pitch  deck   Expanded  deck   1  page  teaser   3  year  P&L  projecWon   Cap  table  
  30. 30. Elevator  pitch  is  yr  beaWng  heart  “Plukka sells fine designer “8securities is thejewelry at a fraction of worlds smartestthe usual retail price”! online brokerage.”!
  31. 31. A  great  video  pitches  itself  
  32. 32. Cap  Table  
  33. 33. QUIZ  1/  What  is  the  likely  exit  valuaWon  for  your   company?  2/  What  is  your  return  user  rate  amer  a  month?  3/  What  is  the  age  breakdown  of  your  users?  
  34. 34. Hacking  pitching  skills  
  35. 35. Watch  Shark  Tank  
  36. 36. PracWce  your  pitch  
  37. 37. Closing  
  38. 38. Face  to  Face  Wme  is  invaluable  
  39. 39. Time  your  round  with  your  momentum  
  40. 40. Be  reasonable  in  negoWaWons  
  41. 41. Where  can  I  get  help  with  this  stuff?  
  42. 42. Tip  #  –  When  in  doubt…  
  43. 43. Tip  #  –  Get  advice  from  friends  
  44. 44. Happy  to  chat   Let  me  buy  you  coffee
  45. 45. Thanks!  Twifer  @simonhk  Blog