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The Davis Legacy: Chapter Five


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Published in: Education, Sports
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The Davis Legacy: Chapter Five

  1. 1. Welcome back to the Davis legacy! Im sorry I didnt have this chapter out sooner.Im also sorry this chapter isnt my best writing, I dont really like writing the college chaptersbecause they all end up the same.
  2. 2. Our last chapter was a spares update, and you also found out that our heiress for generationtwo, aka the RENT generation, was Joanne Davis. So lets get on with this chapter shall we?
  3. 3. The first thing Joanne did upon moving into the dorm was call up her mothers greek house andpledge.
  4. 4. Lainey Custer, the greek house placeholder, came by right away to pledge Joanne in. It took awhile but soon they had a high enough relationship for Joanne to move into her mothers greekhouse.
  5. 5. So she quickly called a cab to come pick her up and take her to her new home.
  6. 6. Upon the arrival of Joanne, Lainey promptly moved out and awaited her time to join the familyagain.
  7. 7. Then, Joanne comes upstairs and gets on the computer to declare a major of mathematics sinceit helps out with her lifetime want to become city planner.
  8. 8. She then gets started on her first of eight term papers.
  9. 9. Time flew by quickly and soon she completed her first semester of college.
  10. 10. After a quick nap and a shower, Joanne comes upstairs to work on her second termpaper.
  11. 11. Meet Justin Do. Joanne has been talking to him on the phone for a few hours every night andsoon their relationship is high enough for Justin to go on a date with Joanne.
  12. 12. They got along fantastically, even though it may not look like it in this picture.
  13. 13. It didnt take very long, but soon the two were sharing their very first kiss together on thesidewalk in front of the Davis greek house.
  14. 14. These two are just moving really fast arent they? Lol.
  15. 15. Soon their date is over and they fall in love as they are saying goodbye.
  16. 16. Being in such a good mood after her date still, Joanne maxes out her mechanical skill.
  17. 17. Later that evening, Justin brings by a DJ booth, which she then sells for some extra money.
  18. 18. The next day she completes her freshman year with a 4.0 average.
  19. 19. She then writes her third termpaper.
  20. 20. Joanne has been spending most of her time painting lately, and shes soon maxed out her arts &crafts enthusiasm and her creativity skill.
  21. 21. Just in time to finish her first semester of sophomore year.
  22. 22. The next morning Joanne writes her next paper, shes halfway done with all of her termpapers!
  23. 23. I bought her this excercising bike, and I swear she is always on it now! Which is slightly goodbecause shes maxed out her body skill now.
  24. 24. She completes her sophomore year with another 4.0 average. I wasnt able to get the picturewith the performance thing above her because she went to the snowman right away.
  25. 25. Now its time to write her first termpaper as a junior.
  26. 26. Since Ive had the game on high speed I have been forgetting about the bills, and soon the repoman comes.
  27. 27. He takes her bookcase...
  28. 28. ...and the daisies on the table that her mother made.
  29. 29. Despite the disturbances of the day, Joanne is still able to max out her logic skill...
  30. 30. ...and finish the first semester of her junior year. Which means shes almost done with college!
  31. 31. After she finishes this termpaper shell only have two more to write! Which means shes three-fourths done.
  32. 32. Joanne soon has maxed out her cleaning skill.
  33. 33. Joanne is officially in her final year of college.
  34. 34. So she writes her next termpaper in her underwear? Okay then.
  35. 35. Joanne has soon maxed out her cooking skill.
  36. 36. Just one more semester left of college! Im really excited to move her back home so that she cangive birth to the third generation.
  37. 37. Since she was almost done with maxing out her final skill, charisma, I sent her to do that beforeshe wrote her final termpaper.
  38. 38. Which she promptly writes immediately after. Youd think after seven termpapers she wouldntneed to look at the keys as she types.
  39. 39. And just like that she graduates summa cum laude, with a 4.0 grade average.
  40. 40. All that was left for her to do was invite Lainey back over...
  41. 41. ...have her move back in...
  42. 42. ...and give her a better looking make over.
  43. 43. With nothing left for her in college it was time for her to move back home.
  44. 44. She grew up into horrible fitness clothing, but its still better than her everday outfit that she grewup into.
  45. 45. Soon the cab arrives, and Joanne does not look very happy to be leaving college.And this is where Ill be leaving you. Stay tuned for the next chapter! :)