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Vermachtnis Transition B


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Vermachtnis Transition B

  1. 1. Transitions Part B - Vermachtnis Legacy By fraulineTaube (originally posted on the Exchange) The Vermachtnis kids finally finish college and Darcy returns to the house to continue the legacy.
  2. 2. Welcome back! This is part B of the Transitions chapter of the Vermachtnis legacy! Unlike the last chapter, where a lot happened but it wasn't terribly important, not a lot happens in this chapter, but we're finally progressing in the legacy. Come along for the ride! But first, let's recap!
  3. 3. Darcy, the gen 2 heiress to Asher Vermachtnis, was upset because her fiance, Pao Mellon, had broken up with her.
  4. 4. However, she found solace in the arms of Leo Larrea, a downtown bartender and "the other man" that caused her breakup with Pao. Besides a high level of attraction between Darcy and Leo, Leo was in the running for legacy mate for his stunning good looks. (Okay, not *stunning*, but in comparison to Pao?)
  5. 5. Dallas Vermachtnis was, like his siblings, in college. He had finally settled down (somewhat) with a young lady named Angel Hurt. They spent lots of quality time together, studying for exams and serious college stuff like that.
  6. 6. Pao was a broken man, longing for a true love and betrayed by Darcy. Lee Vermachtnis, one of Christy's adopted lifetime-want-fulfilling children, is not happy at having to listen to his tale of woe.
  7. 7. And Jan, an ex-possible spouse for Devon, then ex-possible spouse for Dallas, was living at the Vermachtnis house, trying to figure out her purpose in life. She was a Romance Sim looking for enlightenment beyond the endless pursuit of woohoo.
  8. 8. Devon, Darcy's twin, was living the vampire life, and a mighty strange one at that. Devon is a family Sim and is not totally convinved being a vampire is the totally cool thing that it is. Totally.
  9. 9. However, his family wants are currently being satisfied by his fellow vampire, the beautiful, hamburger-loving Laci Tsomethingorother.
  10. 10. And generation 1 of the Vermachtnis family were enjoying their golden years - Asher, the Sim who started it all, and Christy, his loving wife. Now on to current events!
  11. 11. Dallas finally proposed to Angel, and, despite the look on her face, she happily accepted. Angel is not the sharpest crayon in the box.
  12. 12. They celebrated their engagement with a public woohoo that was, embarassingly enough, enthusiastically attended by Dallas's mother.
  13. 13. The dorm with Dallas, Darcy, and Devon was terribly hard to manage. Dallas, despite having 9 points of logic, was for some reason unable to meditate. Meditation is the main way I get Sims through college - influence to write paper, simultaneously write paper, do a few assignments, energize, meditate, final exam, rinse, repeat. With Dallas unable to follow this formula, college was taking forever which is part of the reason I had so much trouble finishing the last chapter. Gallantly, Dallas volunteered to move to his own place on campus for a while until I decided whether he was going to stay in college for the full four years, but on one condition . . .
  14. 14. He wanted his gorgeous fiance to live there too!
  15. 15. Meanwhile, back at the Vermachtnis house, big things were afoot for Pao and Jan. No longer a potential part of the legacy, popularity-oriented Pao and romance-loving Jan were free to switch aspirations and follow their real dreams. Pao became knowledge and Jan family. They had a 3-bolt attraction to each other, and with a little 'face' time (ha, get it?) their love, previously suppressed, was in full bloom.
  16. 16. They moved into their own place, bought a car, and uh, christened it. Things were looking up for these two!
  17. 17. They said their vows at a small home ceremony attended by close friends, including Christy Vermachtnis.
  18. 18. Inviting Christy turned out to be a good idea because Darcy came by earlier in the evening to kick over the garbage can like the classy young lady she is.
  19. 19. This is how every woman dreams of celebrating her wedding night, and how a suprising lot of them spend it in my game. What can I say? I get hasty.
  20. 20. Sorry for the plumbob, but I just barely caught this picture. Pao, a permanent sneerer, is still madly in love with Jan, and she likewise. Despite their romantic ups and downs with the Vermachtnis kids, these two finally found their perfect partner. They eagerly awaited the birth of the baby.
  21. 21. But it wasn't one baby, it was two babies! Perhaps influenced by the Vermachtnis family, Jan and Pao decided more really is better! This picture is an illustration of why twins are not always as great as everyone thinks. That's two stinky babies, four rotten bottles, and one exhausted father who has to leave for work in that picture.
  22. 22. The twins grew into identical toddlers, named Christopher and Cameron. Too cute.
  23. 23. But Jan soon discovered she was pregnant again.
  24. 24. After some mishaps with the nanny (nanny + twins = problems, big problems) I decided to do my first act of sim murder.
  25. 25. After some agonizing hours, I chickened out though and let Calista leave.
  26. 26. Soon after, Jan gave birth . . .
  27. 27. To a beautiful little girl. For now, that's all the play Jan and Pao will get, but at least I think I made it up to them.
  28. 28. Observation: When I get bored with my Sims, I just let them run around autonomously for a while. They never fail to amuse me. Darcy moved into a little house, started a Greek chapter, and pledged her brother. Their final semester was at hand.
  29. 29. "Gee, it feels wet in here. I wonder why?"
  30. 30. Finally graduation arrived! Both Darcy and Dev got 4.0's, Darcy in mathematics and Devon in drama. Time for a grad party! Darcy invited her sister, best friend, and soon to be arch-nemesis, Daisy, aka Captain Hero.
  31. 31. Also invited was Leo, Darcy's intended, who discovered a common bond with Devon.
  32. 32. Darcy, a fortune Sim with no sense for saving, desired a bartender, and this *lovely* (gag) cheerleader also showed up and refused to leave. Just like in real life, cheerleaders have nothing better to do than crash parties at the dorkiest house on campus so they can stuff their faces.
  33. 33. Darcy perpetually spins up wants to hustle pool, despite having never owned a table. For a graduation present, I bought her one, and allowed her to try to hustle Daisy.
  34. 34. It didn't go over well.
  35. 35. Darcy: "Leo, I'm about to turn into an adult." Leo: "Why the long face then, Dar?" Darcy: "I just, I've done so well in college. When I get back home I'll have to be so responsible. There's a lot riding on my shoulders." Leo: "Yeah, but when you get home you'll actually have enough money to buy 15 dining chairs, 2 guitars, and 5 new sets of clothes per day."
  36. 36. "Well, in that case, sign me up! Here I gooooooo . . ."
  37. 37. Shazam! Adult. Darcy even dresses the part of her fortune-loving self.
  38. 38. As a graduation present to Darcy, I finally turned up the resolution and stuff on the game. And, oh my goodness, it made Darcy look about a million times better. Except for the diabolical grin. Well, what do you expect from someone who aspires to be a criminal mastermind?
  39. 39. Devon. Well, even resolution changes can't fix all things, I suppose.
  40. 40. "Alright, listen up. I'm going to take the cab home, and I hope you're ready for Queen Darcy, because I will rule with an iron fist. An iron first encrusted with diamonds and $800 dinner tables, ooh and maybe a living chair."
  41. 41. Devon, alone in the frat house except for the nominal pledge to keep the house open, gets ready to grow into a stinky adult.
  42. 42. The blinding flash nicely illuminates the problem with the higher resolution on Dev: the full extent of his horrible nose is now vividly visible.
  43. 43. "And I'm an adult! Oops, but its daytime, time to run to the cab and hope I don't die and make the controller curse because I'm probably not good enough friends with the pledge that he could save me from death." Luckily, this fear was not realized, and Devon made it safely to the cab.
  44. 44. Back at the Vermachtnis house, it was time to get on with this legacy already! Darcy: "Okay, everyone, ready for my fabulous wedding? I hope you brought presents!" Christy: "Wait, wait, not yet!"
  45. 45. Christy: "I, Christy Stratton nee Vermachtnis, supreme family Sim and current matriarch of this house, sanction this marriage, but only on the condition that it produces lots and lots of grandbabies." Darcy: "Fat chance, mom, now get out of the picture." Leo, thinking to himself: "Must . . . look . . . serious. Momentous . . . occasion."
  46. 46. Beautiful! Our first wedding with actual fingers on which to place the rings!
  47. 47. The ceremony was followed by a completely normal celebration. All of this was autonomous, by the way. Sim personalities are so interesting sometimes.
  48. 48. Darcy and Leo celebrate with their first connubial woohoo in the new 'adult' bedroom.
  49. 49. And so let's meet the couple that makes up generation 2. Darcy Vermachtnis is an extremely outgoing fortune Sim with high neatness and niceness and medium to low everything else. She has a lifetime want to be a criminal mastermind, which, thanks to her summa cum laude degree and related major, she had very nearly reached her first day of adulthood. Darcy, a former lieutenant of a nefarious nose-related organization in her childhood, has matured quite nicely. However, she still harbors megalomaniacal tendencies that remain latent beneath her hard-working demeanor. Is incapable of saving, unless there was something you could buy that would save for you.
  50. 50. Leo Vermachtnis, formerly Larrea, is a family Sim with a lifetime want to reach his golden anniversary, the only thing saving him from a life of cheese. He is playful, active, nice, somewhat outgoing and not at all neat. Leo arrived with only 467 simoleans to his name, but a fair sprinkling of skills. He is currently climbing the Law enforcement career, oblivous to his wife's oppositional pursuits. Leo is a very loving Sim who wants only to interact and autonomously pampers his wife. However, he is a bit of a weirdling, and quite accomplished at making faces. Leo marches to the beat of his own drummer.
  51. 51. And that folks, is your introduction to the Sims who will be continuing the legacy that Asher started so many Sim-days ago.
  52. 52. "You're kidding, right? Do you really think they're capable of this?"
  53. 53. "Hey old man, I'm capable of anything I say I am. And if not, I'm sure I can smuggle in some capability somewhere. Or maybe I could buy it. Say, capability would go nicely with a microwave . . . hmmm . . ."
  54. 54. "I am Darcy. I reign supreme. Look into my eyes and worship me. . . . Besides, you guys have to be nice to me. I think I have a bun in the oven."
  55. 55. "What's that mean, dear? We're already eating dinner, we don't need more bread."
  56. 56. "Oh, wifey, its like, you know, you start with the kissies and the muah muah smoochies and then . . ."
  57. 57. "Heh heh heh." Asher, creepy much?
  58. 58. Christy: "I still don't get it." Asher: "Christy, for a family Sim you don't get much about families."
  59. 59. "I'm Christy, dur dur dur, how are babies made?"
  60. 60. Devon worked his way up the show biz career, and got a face lift, making him infintely more likely to be played.
  61. 61. Devon moved in his fiance Laci and wed her in the dark of night, like a proper vampire.
  62. 62. Scary. That's all.
  63. 63. Dallas and Angel dropped out of college, moved into their own lot and got married quietly. Does anyone else think there's something appropriate about a girl with big blond hair and a cowboy shirt marrying a guy named Dallas? No, just me? Well, okay then.
  64. 64. Thanks to Christy demanding grandchildren all the freakin' time, Dallas and Angel got right to work, despite not even having a house. That's their bathroom there in the background. Ah, flashbacks to the good ol' days.
  65. 65. They eventually built a small house and Devon and Laci moved in too. Here the two family brothers could live together happily, producing many grandchildren with their family wives.
  66. 66. Meanwhile, Asher finally reached Chief of Staff, rendering him eternally platinum.
  67. 67. Leo: "Ooh, Darcy that's a great funny face you're making, but I bet I can do a better one!" Darcy: "Leo, I'm not making a face, I'm experiencing a sensation." Leo: "What's it feel like?" Darcy: "It feels sad and yet happy at the same time, like putting my career on hold, but being indulged with lots of new furniture to keep me happy and skilling endlessly despite being exhausted. In short, it feels like . . . "
  68. 68. "PREGNANCY!"
  69. 69. "But how could this have happened? I just don't understand."
  70. 70. Leo: "Aww, Christy, you know, we started with the kissies . . ."
  71. 71. Darcy: "And, uh, next thing you know the stork told me I was pregnant. Leo, she doesn't need to know about that."
  72. 72. "You tattle about our woohoo life, I'll ice ya, y'hear?" Leo, whispering: "I'll explain it to you later, kay?"
  73. 73. Leo is very cute, I think. He's also very "special", and this outfit just seemed to fit him to a T.
  74. 74. "Ah, Darcy, my loving wife. Sometimes you go a little crazy and threaten to sic your goons on people or to do away with the pigs who are snooping around your operation, but I love you so much." "Ah, Leo, my darling husband. You are always making weird faces. In fact, we had to take this picture six times to get one without you totally contorting your face. But you did, and I'm so proud of you. I love you too."
  75. 75. Leo Vermachtnis: A maid's worst nightmare. Incidentally, this maid is also a lot of other people's worst nightmare.
  76. 76. Christy, mumbling: "So that's how she got pregnant. I'm glad Leo told me. It makes so much sense now . . . I wonder if Asher would like to run some experiments on this new idea with me."
  77. 77. Leo can not keep his hands off Darcy, and is so excited to have a little baby. Darcy could really care less. She just wants to skill, buy, and work.
  78. 78. Leo: "Hey there little lump that will be a baby, I'm your daddy. You're gonna make kooky faces just like me, aren't you, yes you are, oh snooky baby."
  79. 79. "See, baby, like this one, this is a good one to make. What's that baby, you can't see my face? Oh, aren't you just precious."
  80. 80. Darcy: "Ow ow ow. This feels like a bad return on my investment!"
  81. 81. Darcy: "Mom, I had a baby!" Christy: "Ohhhh, I know. Oh, man!" Darcy: "Why so upset?" Christy: "I was hoping for twins or something. I want 20 grandchildren you know. Next time could you have septuplets? For me? Pretty please?"
  82. 82. And the next heiress to the Vermachtnis name is born - little Gabriella, Gabi for short.
  83. 83. She looks to be a beauty with her dad's hair and her mom's eyes.
  84. 84. You know, maybe Asher isn't ignoring his family during births and birthdays. Maybe he's just socially inept and making beds and cleaning toilets is his way of expressing joy.
  85. 85. Darcy wanted a bar. And who was the first to try it out? The good Doctor Asher, that's who! By the way, in case you wanted to know, Asher likes poured drinks.
  86. 86. Hmm, well, okay. See, everything we need to explain this predicament is here in this picture. Christy got another horrible chance card that caused us to lose the family fortune (after building expenses it was only around $15,000 - but still!) so when she came home she quickly retired and started writing novels instead. I thought all was once again well and good, but the maid finished his duties around the house and did not like it when Christy decided to offer him a hug instead of payment. So he took our candles. Yep. The male maid in the pink frilly shirt with the bouncy golden afro looked around the whole house for something that would make up the inequity to him, and settled on purple candles. Okay.
  87. 87. What is this? Bizarro Elder Horn Practice? Couldn't you guys have held your rehearsal at the community center or something?
  88. 88. Oh, wait, its just Gabi's birthday. Leo always has an ecstatic look on his face when he's with Gabi, and he desires to hold, play with, and cuddle her constantly.
  89. 89. "Here ya go, sparkle baby!" C'mon good genes! Please let some of Leo besides the blond hair be present in Gabi!
  90. 90. Poof! That's one good-lookin' toddler.
  91. 91. I don't know exactly how a goof like Leo managed, but he completely turned the direction the Vermachtnis genes were headed around 180 degrees. Gabi is gorgeous! She also has a fun personality - high everything except neatness (thanks, Leo!) - but her sloppiness can be encouraged away later by all the neat freaks running around the house.
  92. 92. Elsewhere in Pleasantview, Lee Vermachtnis, a very poor man with marital troubles, suffered his SECOND abduction. Say it with me now: NOOOOOOO. WHY NOW? Things like twins and abductions never happen to me unless they're really, really inconvienent.
  93. 93. "And stay on Earth this time. We mean it! Oh, but we left you a surprise. Its in your belly. Good luck getting it unwrapped in three or so days!"
  94. 94. Cue dramatic music . . . Cue inner monologue . . . "In Pleasantview lives a man, a man like no other. A man who is not afraid of a garrishly pink room, or of dirty diapers, or of telling his mother-in-law about woohoo. An intrepid man, charged with the task of raising a family. That man, that extremely handsome man, is me, Leo Vermachtnis, SUPER DAD!"
  95. 95. He really is, though! Leo has got to be the sweetest Sim parent I've ever seen. Even Christy, another family Sim, thought only about having kids. Leo thinks and wants all the time to actually take care of and interact with his kid. By the time Gabi was a toddler, though, he was starting to think about maybe having another.
  96. 96. Darcy, meanwhile, was focusing on her career and reached the top of the criminal track, satisfying her lifetime want. Darcy hardly seems to know she has a daughter, but partially that's because everyone in the house takes turns spoiling Gabi. When she turned toddler, Asher, Christy, and Leo spun up lots and lots of teaching wants - yes, even Asher, who is a knoweledge Sim! Darcy just spun up wants to buy more stuff and max skills.
  97. 97. Boy, Asher, don't you think you're hitting the juice a little hard there? "These aren't all for me. We're having a golden anniversary party." Still, though, two trays of drinks . . . you might want to see someone about that little juice problem.
  98. 98. This was what they did almost the entire party. Daisy, the other guest, is in another room catching up with Darcy.
  99. 99. Time for family night at the Vermachtnis house, although, unlike most of the time, only one person is improperly dressed. But wait! Let's take a closer look at what is going on in this picture. Gabi: "I wish mom didn't work so much." Darcy: "And then I said to my hit man, hey, Carl . . ."
  100. 100. Asher: "So you see, Gabi, pretty soon you'll be all grown up and an adult. Things are going to be a bit different then. You'll have responsibilites, but those responsibilites come with a lot of rewards too. Its a hard job and a great job being the heiress. Just wanted to let you know what was in your future." Christy: "But the really great part is you get to meet people, new friends for promotions, and maybe a nice hubby - make me a great-grandmother, wha'd'you say? C'mon honey, you were supposed to be septuplets."
  101. 101. Gabi: "I say you two need an eye exam. Hello, toddler here? Lay off the heavy talk and make funny faces at me like Daddy."
  102. 102. Ah, finally mother and daughter get to spend some quality time together. Unless Darcy ate some spoiled food, it looks like Leo may get his wish for a spare.
  103. 103. Well. Crap. I hate you maid. You know we *have* to buy lots and lots of clothes and we get horrible chance cards. Couldn't you take an IOU? And seriously, what is up with the things you want? First candles and now a potty chair? I've got one word for you: issues. And here's two bonus words: deep-seated.
  104. 104. Here we go again! Darcy wants to go to work as soon as she is unable. This woman apparently loves being a criminal. To get the reward though, I had her change to Natural Scientist. Her new lifetime want is to be Chief of Staff like her dad. Totally doable - two lifetime wants, coming right up!
  105. 105. I . . . I can't even begin to explain what is going on in this conversation.
  106. 106. Oh, Leo, Super Dad, strikes again - protecting his darling daughter from the flames. But wait, who started that fire? Let's rewind the tape.
  107. 107. Aha! The culprit. Time for more cooking skills, Leo.
  108. 108. "And this face I call Goof #37, version 5.62. Yeah, that's good, but your eyelids need to go up further. Way up, up to the ceiling! Good, good, dear, that's excellent! Oh, Daddy's so proud of you!"
  109. 109. When they're not being spazzes, these two are gorgeous. Thanks for joining the legacy, Leo. "My pleasure."
  110. 110. Hmm, looks like birthday time. Y'know, having a house big enough for everyone to stand in really makes a difference for these sorts of things.
  111. 111. Leo: "Heh, dear, no touch fire, remember? Fire is ouchy!" Asher: "Yeah, you're the expert, Mr. Chile con Charcoal."
  112. 112. And a very happy party was had by nearly all. Now, let's see if our good fortune with Gabi continues.
  113. 113. Affirmative, Houston, we have a looker.
  114. 114. I am just in awe. Thinking of the pictures of Darcy when she was young, and Gabi now. Well, there's a little hope for all of you that end up with an ugly generation or two - it can be turned around!
  115. 115. Is it a good idea to let the third trimester pregnant woman fix the computer when she's nearly starving? No. Did I get away with it this time? Yes.
  116. 116. Asher teaches Gabi homework skills. I'm still waiting to see Gabi's personality really come out. So far she just kind of goes with the flow. One thing, though, this sweet blond little angel is a champion belcher, thanks to the two points of neatness she inherited from her dad. That can be remedied, however.
  117. 117. Autonomous! He really is a super-dad.
  118. 118. Hey, uh, mailman guy and Melissa Fancey. What are you guys doing walking around the back of the garage? "Shh, secret tryst. Tell no one! You saw nothing!" Right, okay then . . .
  119. 119. "Ohhhhh-weeee! Baby time! Okay, Leo? Come quick! Oh wait, Leo's not here. Uh, dad, you around to provide a little comfort to your birthing daughter? No, wait, he's at work, too. Gabi dear (wait, is her name Gabi? that daughter Leo told me about? - yes, I think so) oh Gabi? Darn she's at school. That's means the ony person left to watch my birth is . . . oh shoot."
  120. 120. "Ohh, hello little Gordon Vermachtnis, spare to the third generation. Let's hide you quick before you-know-who finds out . . ."
  121. 121. Darcy: "Oops, too late." Christy: "Nooooooooooooooooo! I need more grandchildren! Curse you and your single births!"
  122. 122. Well Christy, there's another grandchild for you. Happy now? "Temporarily."
  123. 123. And we'll leave you here with a face no elder should ever make. In the next chapter, which will officially be chapter two 'cause my numbering system's all weird like that, we'll see Gabi and Gordon grow up. How will Gabi adjust to her place as the heir? What will Gordon be like when he gets older? How far is the face-making epidemic going to spread? Tune in again, for more of the Vermachtnis Legacy!