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I developed this customer ready presentation for Microsoft Corporation. The presentation is based on Office Business Value research I conducted revealed dramatic cost savings from green, sustainable practices that reduce paper use and travel.

This customer-ready presentation includes customer examples available on and developed in partnership with Microsoft environmental team members.

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Microsoft Office 2007 Green

  1. 1. Office 2007 GreenSave Money, Time and Forests
  2. 2. Office 2007– Customer Examples• Paper and Related Costs• Hardware and Communications• Travel• Office space• LicensingSave Money. Cut Costs. Reduce Your Footprint.• Automate manual processes• Minimize Phone Tag, Email• TrainingSave Time. Do more with less.• Data Security• ComplianceReduce Risk.
  3. 3. Paper and Print Costs:“Largest hidden cost in IT today”1“Paper is expensive… document-relatedactivities consume up to 15 percent of acompany’s annual revenue”21CIO Magazine, Oct 2005 Why CIOs Should Care About Rising Printing and Paper Costs2Xerox Global Services, March 2008 Whitepaper - The "Less Paper Office"
  4. 4. “Inclusive costs of paper were estimated to be 13 to 31times the purchasing price … $26 to $62 per ream”.3“Costs suchas printing,copying,storage,and mailingoverwhelmthe paperpurchasecost”.43Citigroup and Environmental Defense Copy Paper Hidden Costs4Cutting Paper, Berkeley National Lab, US Department of EnergyHidden Cost of Paper
  5. 5. Microsoft Training Saves $360,000 byReducing Paper Waste“We needed to get rid of thedusty binders and offer a wayfor managers to tailor their owndevelopment – it needed tobe self driven and integratedwith their work experience”. -Tim Russell, MicrosoftCorporation“Simply put, OneNote 2007helps us gain a bigger costsavings and minimize ourwaste. It is true progresstowards a more cost-effective,paperless environment. “ -Hank Floyd, MicrosoftCorporation
  6. 6. Nypro Saves over $700,000 through Data CollectionEfficiency and Paper Waste Reduction“Although it seems a small thing, usingpaper forms across the company wasexpensive. With InfoPath, we cansignificantly reduce the amount ofpaper we use, saving us up to $2million a year.” - Michael Kilday, NyproNypro has already realizedmore than U.S.$700,000 ofcost savings associatedwith data collectionefficiencies and reducedpaper consumption.Nyrpo implemented a customized solutionbased upon Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007,
  7. 7. Wise Group Reduces Costs, Increases Productivityand Meets Environmental Sustainability Goals byDigitizing Forms“With the Group’s spreadthroughout New Zealand, paperforms were being faxed,couriered and posted all aroundthe country,” says StuartPrendergast, CIO, Wise. “This wascosting us money and inhibitingour ability to stay agile. Weneeded to reduce ourinefficiencies while maintainingrobust systems.”The implementation and nationaldeployment of a customizedMicrosoft Office Forms ServerSolution enabled Wise Group tosave time, increase productivity,improve customer service,reduce waste, and minimize itsenvironmental footprint.
  8. 8.  In OneNote 2007, you can search for text within pictures,and spoken words in audio and video recordings.USCG Training Organization Reduces PrintingCosts and Paper Waste While SimultaneouslyIncreasing Instructor Productivity“It isn’t very often that a piece ofsoftware comes along that actuallyunifies what you’re doing. OneNote2007 takes the Microsoft Office suiteone step closer to being a one-stopshop for training.” Jane Lybecker,USCGOneNote 2007 could save newUSCG instructors one full month intraining and preparationtime…(and for a single class)hundreds, possibly thousands, ofdollars in printing costs.US Coast Guard OneNote Training
  9. 9. Cut Travel Costs. SaveMoney. Reduce CarbonEmissions.Office 2007 includes email, communication,and collaboration capabilities.5 “Government Urged to Move on Telework,” CIO Magazine
  10. 10. By providing easier access formobile and remote users, theMicrosoft solution enabledPrincipal Asset to growsubstantially without having toexpand office space.“We are saving up to $5,000 inmonthly rent and utilities, ontop of the up-front costs ofadding new furniture and ITinfrastructure.”Principle Asset Reduces Physical Office SpaceNeeds by Enabling Remote WorkforceOffice 2007 helps mobile and remote users. Toolsinclude:•Outlook 2007 provides an integrated solutionto help you better manage your time andinformation, while in or out of the office•Office Communicator 2007, you can workremotely and call using only an Internetconnection – it does not require a VPN toconnect to the corporate network
  11. 11. “Because Office Communicator2007 gives executives a crediblealternative to face-to-facemeetings, we (Podravka) expectbusiness travel to drop by 20% .”– Mario Vrhoci, PodravkaIn the future, executives willmake fewer business trips, andinstead use the audio and Webconferencing in OfficeCommunicator 2007.Podravka Saves Millions by Reducing Travel“Over a five-year period,savings from OfficeCommunications Server2007 will reach up to HRK11million (U.S.$2.1 million).” –Mario Vrhoci, Podravka
  12. 12. Microsoft Leverages Microsoft Office RoundTableto Improve Productivity, Reduce Costs andMinimize Its Carbon FootprintMicrosoft Australia analyzed theeffectiveness of using Live Meeting andMicrosoft Office RoundTable to host thecountry’s annual manager meeting.Microsoft Australia found that LiveMeeting and RoundTable:- Saved Microsoft Australia $18,000;- Protected the environment from 4 tons ofCO2 and equivalents [CO2e];- Returned 160 hours of additionalproductivity.
  13. 13. Office 2007 file sizes are 25-50% smaller.Hardware, Network, Bandwidth Savings
  14. 14. Smaller Files Sizes = Bigger Cost SavingsThe compact, XML-basedfile formats of the 2007Microsoft Office releasehave helped HobartService avoid U.S. $50,000per year of additionalbandwidth usage costs.“This means we won’t haveto buy more disk space forsome time to come.” Open XML formats reduce the file sizes ofWord, Excel, and PowerPoint documentsby as much as 25-50%, avoidingbandwidth and hard drive cost increases
  15. 15. Low Cost, High ValueIntegrated suite eliminates need to license single-purpose products
  16. 16. Rx: Save $200,000Ortho Clinical Diagnostics–licensing costsOrtho-Clinical Diagnostics, a Johnson &Johnson company, expects that byeliminating the need for the currentlydeployed business intelligence tools, itwill be able to save more than $200,000per year in licensing costs.Communicate analysiswith greater clarity withdramatic visual effects andintuitive charting tools
  17. 17.  “Built-in PDF output support, so additional products do notneed to be added.” – A Gartner Analyst Report’s List ofBenefits of Office 2007Integrated, low cost suiteSave Honeywell moneyThe 2007 Microsoft Office Add-in allows you to export and saveto the PDF and XPS formats . Italso allows you to send as e-mail attachment in the PDF andXPS formats.Honeywell Aerospace isexperiencing higher efficiencyand reduced costs due to theSave As PDF add-in for the 2007Microsoft Office programs.
  18. 18. Ending the Paper ChaseBT Financial Saves A$540,000BearingPoint foundstreamlined processesenabled by Office 2007would save BT FinancialGroup nearly A$540,000 (US$350,000) each year“The new system takes all themanual processes out ofchasing people for informationand copying it from othersystems. This gives people timeto focus on work that addsmore value to the company.”
  19. 19. Remove business process traffic jams.Automate people and paper workflowOffice 2007. Familiar tools. Enterprise power.
  20. 20. Spotting Bottlenecks = Happy customersSaving Banco de Venezuela $3 millionTo address complianceneeds and improveefficiency of its internalclaims managementprocesses, Banco deVenezuela deployed OfficeVisio. With its improvedprocesses and capabilities,the bank expects to savenearly U.S.$3 million peryear, cut claims processingand resolution time.
  21. 21. Remove speed limits with OpenXMLShave minutes of time with automatic documentdevelopmentTGE Engineering uses adocument managementsolution based on OpenXML Formats thatautomatically integratesexisting content with thecorrect templates.“We managed to reduce theaverage time it takes to lay outa document ... from 8 minutesto 17 seconds. ... At an averageengineering rate of 80 euros[U.S.$109] per hour, the savingsquickly amount to thousands.”
  22. 22. Dell – record breaking speedlimits and ROITime & Labor – example 4Dell developed an OBAthat will enable businessusers to maintain their owntemplates andautomatically populate thetemplates with data fromback-end systems.The solution will help “moreeffectively serve customers”and “was developed withhalf the resources requiredto maintain the status quo,which will make for a rapidreturn on investment”OBAs utilize the already familiarMicrosoft Office 2007 interface,increasing adoption.
  23. 23.  The Office 2007 user interface makes it easier to discover newfeatures and spend less time searching for commands.Help for the HelpdeskLowering Citrix Support requests 10%“I expect at least a 10 percentreduction in user supportrequests, thanks to therevamped interface and bettercross-program integration withinMicrosoft Office Professional2007.”Ribbon replacesmenus and toolbarsClean, unclutteredworkspaceCommand Tabsorganized by activity
  24. 24. Save marketing dollars and express yourcreativity with great-looking Office 2007templates.
  25. 25. Simply Beautiful SavingsSave marketing dollarsIn PowerPoint or Word, enter asimple bullet point list.Sophisticated special effectsare now just a click away“The new SmartArt graphicshelp me create apresentation in a fraction ofthe time it used to take.”
  26. 26. Marketing and Advertisingsave $10,000 to produce materials“By not having to enlist anoutside marketing-communications firm, we’llsave an anticipated $10,000yearly even as we reachout to thousands ofadditional businessopportunities.”
  27. 27. Best of Both Worlds:User Flexibility + IT GovernanceReduce IT Support Costs and Improve End User Productivity
  28. 28.  The Office 2007 user interface makes it easier to discover newfeatures and spend less time searching for commands.Help for the HelpdeskLowering Citrix Support requests 10%“I expect at least a 10 percentreduction in user support requests,thanks to the revamped interface andbetter cross-program integration withinMicrosoft Office Professional 2007.”Ribbon replacesmenus and toolbarsClean, unclutteredworkspaceCommand Tabsorganized by activity
  29. 29. Reduce Risk
  30. 30.  Office Groove 2007 makes it simple to create, customize, organize,and work in workspaces without IT assistanceOn the Fly WorkspacesSpeed FAA Investigations and Improve air safety“In many situations, project teams(at Federal Aviation Authority) canuse Groove 2007 and not need apricey IT staff person devoted totheir project. Anyone with manager-level access can create a Groove2007 virtual workspace on the fly,with no programming knowledge.”